Arusha Campus News – 22 Sep 18

22 Sep 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter 22nd September 2018

Apologies for the editor getting his way and making this week’s newsletter a ‘sport’ newsletter! Here is a picture of Alma striking the ball at last week’s NTAA toutrnament in Moshi, with Kilimanjaro towering behind. Thanks to Hala Linck for the amazing photo!

A Tale of Two Mountains!

The U-9 Medley team (Ella, Carice, Bella and Billy)……with Meru in the background!

Dear Parents

The victorious Under 11 Grls Football team proudly showing off their medals. From left, Siri, Linnea, Jessie, Maja, Eleanor and Sally. Miss Erica and Miss Liz in the back row. (Apologies to one missing team member, Anisa, who left just before this photo was taken!)

On Friday this week we celebrated the International Day of Peace, which also happens to be UWC Day. Due to technical difficulties during our Primary Assembly we were unable to watch a short video about Peace in 2018. As promised, here is the link to that short film.

There was not much ‘peace’ in evidence on Arusha Campous this morning as we hosted the second round of the NTAA Football and Basketball tournaments! Just fierce comeptition and excellent sportsmanship.  The campus was prepared to perfection by Mr Ratsakatika and his team and the tournament was a model of splendid organisation. ISMAC competed superbly in all disciplines. The U-19 Girls drew both of their matches with Mia scoring two goals, The U-19 Boys won one and drew one. Sholto scoring two fabulous goals which were quite out of this world for sheer skill. The U-15 Basketball boys won one and lost one in their games. They lost to Orkeeswa by just a single point, 36-37.

Our U-9 and U-11 teams were in action at St Constantine’s where they played equally impressively. The U-11 Girls ran out Tournament Champions! Congrtatulations to them and a special mention to the Mama Zaras (Miss Liz and Miss Erica) for their coaching.

Our U-13 team played at Braeburn and whilst they didn’t win, their performance made us proud and provided plenty of evidence of potential. Thank you to Mr Raphael for coaching those boys.

Finally, to celebrate all this peace and the wonderful sport, I have pleasure in sharing a video all about ‘Positivity’ which was made by Ellesmere and Noemi.

I think its wonderful. Hope you enjoy it too.

Have a lovely weekend.


PTA AGM Notice – Confirmation of time


Tuesday 2nd October @ 8am

From the Primary and Secondary Schools

Another busy week and one week closer to the end of the first quarter of the year. We have been carrying out MAP tests in Secondary, with M1 to M3 taking their Maths, Language and Reading tests; due to power issues our schedule was altered and the last M3 test for Science will take place on Monday. I would like to thank all the students for their patience and efforts during these tests.

This afternoon, the PYP Share Time crowd was wowed by a new rap crew: “The ISM Posse”. Ms Liz and the PYP staff were joined by Mr Phil in a rousing rendition of RESPECT. Linking with Peace Day, this assembly focused on the theme of respect between all. Well done to our rappers! We also took the occasion to say goodbye to Riley Prinsloo who will sadly be leaving us this week. (see pic left) Best of luck Riley!

P5/6 have been away on their cross-campus camp with Moshi students. A great trip was had by all. On Monday our M2 students will leave Arusha to travel to Pangani with the M2 from Moshi, for their Maths/I&S joint trip. We wish them all well.

CCAs will end for Quarter One on Thursday 27 September. I would like to thank all our CCA leaders and Mr Ratsakatika for all their efforts over the past weeks.

On Friday 28 September, ISM Arusha will host Inter-House Athletics for P3-P6. Parents are welcome to come and support the teams from 12.20.

In the last week of the quarter, on Wednesday 3 October, we will be holding 3-way conferences for all PYP students across EC to P6, parents should have received appointment times from their class teachers. Please note that there will be no normal classes for PYP students on this day and they should only come in with parents for the 15 minute appointment. MYP and DP classes will run as normal.

Have a great weekend,


Making Healthy Choices – the P2 way!

This week a P2 class taught a very unhealthy friend how to make healthy choices.  In the pictures you some creative healthy meals to get unhealthy Harry excited about healthy food.

P4/5 Visit Ujamaa Children’s Home

The P4/5-ers on their visit to Ujamaa Children’s Home.

M4/5 Art Field Trip

The M4/5 Art students traveled to the Cultural Heritage Centre on Monday as part of the art unit on storytelling and identity. We looked through the main gallery and drew a sketch of one of the pieces. On the way back we stopped by Shanga to further investigate how identity and storytelling are present in a different art setting. It was wonderful to see students engaging with a variety of artwork in two very different contexts.

Swimming Clinic at Kennedy House

Last weekend, some of our swimmers limbered up at a special seim clinic at Kennedy House. Surprise of the tournament were Avalon and Indya (pictured above) taking first place in the medley relay, doing 2 legs each! Lots of good fun in the pool!

Diploma Corner – An in-depth look at the Extended Essay

Some of you might be wondering what exactly the Extended Essay or EE is? This is arguably one of the biggest pieces of writing that your son or daughter will do in their high school career. This is a 4,000 word essay that all DP students will complete during D1 and D2.  Some of you might feel that this is massive undertaking for a high school student but this is used to prepare students for university papers that can be upwards of 10,000 to 15,000 words.

Like the Personal Project, students are able to write their Extended Essay on any topic of their choice. This can be chosen from any subject they would like, even if they are not taking that subject in the Diploma Programme.

Students have to come up with a question and then answer that question. Some of the past EE questions have included:

·      How does Walt Whitman use nature in his poems Song of Myself and Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking?

·      To what extent are local farmers in and around Arusha implementing sustainable agricultural techniques for long-term soil structure and fertility?

·      To what extent did British actions in 1947, before the partition of India, create political and social instability – resulting in communal violence – between Muslins, Hindus and Sikhs after the partition?

As you can see these questions are extremely specific and have a clear focus. Students will need to do extensive research on their specific topic and in some cases this means going out into the field and collecting primary data.  All students will have a supervisor who is there to help guide them through this process.

This is a very exciting undertaking for all students and is a chance for them to research something that is of particular interest to them. 

If you have any further questions about the Extended Essay please do not hesitate to contact me.

Reed Anderson

Piano Lessons for your child?

My name is Gabriel Kalamata.I offer piano lesson at ISM as part time teacher.
Parents who are interested to develop talent of their children in piano can can call at 0753341076 or email
For the new academic year, the following times are available for your child.
One lesson for thirty minutes is Tshs 20000,[paid at the beginning of the term]..
Karibuni nyote,


So you think you can DANCE!

Buy your fresh greens at ISMAC

Mesula Organic Fruit and Vegetables are regular vendors at our Friday Market at ISMAC. The good news is that Mesula have agreed to come to ISMAC EVERY MONDAY and Friday with fruit and veg. Please come along and purchase your greens for the week from 1.30pm on the grass at the front of school. This new service starts Monday 20th August.
Karibuni Wote.