Arusha Campus News – 26 Oct 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter 26th October 2018

Graham Mrema (orange trousers), pictured in a typical pose with his thumbs up on an OP Trip to Rongai whilst he was in M3. Graham sadly died last week at the age of just 22 years. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Dear Parents

The tragic news of the death of Graham has cast a shadow over all the brighter news this week. Graham was fndly remembered by staff and family friends here at Arusha Campus. May he rest in peace.

Our leaders are scattered far and wide as I write this newsletter. Director Anna has travelled to Armenia in the company of our Board Chairperson, Tine Hemelings. Anna and Tine are our standard bearers at the UWC International Board Meeting where they will present our case with a view to gain Preliminary Approval to become a UWC. Fingers crossed and best of luck to the ladies in their quest on Sunday. We are all rooting for you.

Darren is swimming his way around Emapakai Crater, I imagine, as he accompanies our OP students on their Level Four trip. Look out for some spectacular photos in next week’s newsletter. We hope that the rain eases for the troops as this hike takes place in breathtaking landscapes. Pictured above are the OP’ers as they set out from a very soggy Arusha Campus on Thursday afternoon.

As for me, I am writing this from Landour in the foothills of the Himalayas where I am Chairing a CIS Accreditation visit to a boarding school near the Tibetan border. I am secretly getting some tips about boarding schools, now that the foundations for the Arusha Boarding house are being poured (see pictures below).

Finally, please come along to our Hallowe’en event next week which is organised by our new PTA. Look for the details in the poster below.

Have a great weekend


From the Primary and Secondary Schools

Welcome back to the new quarter, which has begun with a busy week.

We have welcomed Miss Marja Strid as our new P3 teacher; thank you to all those parents who attended the meet and greet on Friday morning.

In secondary we hosted out Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. These were extremely well attended, with nearly 350 individual meetings taking place over the two afternoons. I would like to thank all those parents who attended and the teachers for their time (and voices).

By the time you read this newsletter I will be in Ngorongoro with eight of our MYP students and students from Moshi campus. We will be beginning a five day OP trek, which will take us from the Ngorongoro crater to the shores of Lake Natron. Hopefully the rains will hold off for us and I can return with some pictures to share with you in the newsletter next week.

Also this weekend, our students will be travelling to Kennedy House for U13 netball. We wish them all well.

I wish you all a great weekend,



Mix-It-Up Lunch

Not everyone finds it easy to make friends, especially when you are new to a school. Therefore, the Student Council brainwave to organise a mix-it-up lunch whereby a seating plan based upon birth months was BRILLIANT! The children loved the experience and enjoyed sitting next to people who they may not normally think of sitting next to! Well done Mrs Haske and the Student Council!

Potential and Kinetic Energy in P5/6

P5/6 and P2 buddies had a superb afternoon exploring the potential and kinetic energy experiments that the P5/6 class made earlier in the day.

Maridadi Canteen Ladies!

The Canteen Ladies show off their brand new uniforms this week. Very smart indeed!


Yoga Commitment

The P4/5’s enjoying their yoga this week

The School continues to work with the expertise of Marion (Mama Hunter) as we put our students through the yoga exercises in the drama room this week. The children were so inspired, that Zarine and Kasia (pictured left) even made their teacher, Miss Shaheen, a mandala during their lunch break. Thank you Miss Marion for teaching us yoga.

Basic First Aid course for students

On Saturday 17 November, a basic First Aid course will be running on Arusha Campus for students interested in getting certified in basic First Aid. The course is provided by DAT Emergency Response and covers basic emergency life saving skills (initial response, primary survey, CPR, airway management, recover position, dealing with cuts, bleeding, burns …).

It is a 6 hour course and costs 70 000 Tsh.

If you are interested or would like to sign-up for this course, please contact Florence Larpent: