Arusha Campus News – 2 Nov 2018

Arusha Campus Newsletter 2 November 2018

OP Level 4 students hike towards Ol Doinyo Lengai, on their way to Lake Natron

Congratulations ISM!

Early this week we received the amazing news that ISM will be opening in August 2019 as the second UWC on the African continent.

ISM Arusha will be hosting a parent meeting with our Director, Dr Anna Marsden, at 07.45 on Wednesday 7 November. Parents are invited to come and discuss the recent decision by the UWC International Board to award ISM Preliminary Approval to join the UWC movement. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and to hear about the next steps in the UWC process.

If you have a question about the UWC which you would like us to answer on Wednesday, why not send the question in advance to

Dear Parents

As we begin to take in the news of our UWC Preliminary Approval we know that we will have to get to work straight away to make preparations for the change. I write this from the chilly Himalayan foothills where I have been visiting Woodstock School as part of a CIS Accreditation Team. The theme of the week at Woodstock has been ‘Hope’ and the poignancy of this theme with our aspirations to become a UWC have not been lost by two of my colleagues here, Satyadeep Srivastava (centre, Head of Residential Life at UWC Maastricht) and Dr Jonathan Long (right, former Principal at UWC Mahindra). Of course ‘hope’ is central to UWC philosophy and the hope for a better world through education.

Don’t forget that ISM Arusha Campus will be hosting the grand NTAA Inter School Athletics competitions this weekend. On Friday it will be Primary and on Saturday we will be hosting the Secondary Schools. These days have presented the School in excellent light in recent years and this year promises to be better than ever. Do come along and watch some super track and field from all our talented schools.

Finally, I was so pleased to hear about our performance in the NTAA Swimming Gala at ISM Moshi last Wednesday, with both boys and girls’ teams performing magnificently. I know that to many of you, the event represented a third sporting trip to Moshi in the space of a few days. Your commitment to ISMAC has made me extremely proud indeed. My sincere thanks to all of you.

Have a pleasant weekend


From the Primary and Secondary Schools

This last weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying twelve students from Arusha and Moshi on an amazing trek across the Ngorongoro highlands to Lake Natron. This trip highlights not only the stunning country in which we live, but also the spirit of adventure and teamwork which the UWC movement have recognised within ISMs bid to become the eighteenth United World College.

This week the PTA organised our annual Halloween ‘Trunk or Treat’ event. This was an amazing evening for our primary (and many secondary) students. Many thanks to the PTA team for all their work and to the parents who decorated their ‘trunks’.

The week drew to a close with the U19 netball girls taking on a staff team, in a very close game. Well done to all those who took part. Pictures later in this newsletter. Also at the end of the week was our PYP sharetime with musical pieces from P4-5, P5-6 and a guest apprearance from M2. Well done to all our musicians and to Mr Tyler for his musical leadership.

I would like to wish all the best to our Duke of Edinburgh International Award students, who this weekend will be treking in the bush to complete their practice hike. Thanks to Mrs Bowen, Mr Olivier and Mr Tyer for supporting them on thier way.

Also this weekend we have U15 netball teams travelling to ISM Moshi campus. Good luck!

Please remember that next week are our NTAA athletic events at ISM Arusha: PYP have their event on Friday and Secondary is on Saturday. More details below.

Wishing you a great weekend


A very wet start on Thursday: Where is the Ngorongoro crater?

Trekking from Empakaai Crater to Lake Natron

The end of the trip at Lake Natron

Decorating bags to collect all the treats in

Jeremy Swanson (P4 parent) and his trunk of treats

Jimmy (P2) gets ready to tackle the slime

P4-5 began our musical sharetime

P5-6 performed an original piece

M2 gave a special guest appearance to round off the PYP Sharetime on Friday

P4/5 – Past Civilisations

P4/5 are enjoying our inquiry into past civilizations. Miss Marion connected her yoga class to our unit with a theme around Native American animals and totem poles.

Zarine and her dad taught us about their visit to Gedi (Ruins of past civilization on the Kenyan coast). The students are really inspired and so interested in learning more!

Miss Shaheen

M3 Drama

On Tuesday, the M3 Drama group had the chance to attend a workshop led by the Canadian make-up artist Marie-Michelle Veillette. Mr Olivier was challenged to stay still and accept a new style while Marie-Michelle was putting make-up on his face. She showed the different techniques for movie making, and focused on how to enhance the characters’ role and representation in front of the camera. The M3s are on the process of creating movie scene, which will be completed before Christmas. Stay tuned!

Mr Olivier

Picture Gallery

Some pictures from an exciting week at ISM Arusha

P2s making paper mache house hats

Dana and Mrs Bowen go head to head in the U19 vs staff netball

Hala drives past, in a very close game

NTAA Athletics – Primary & Secondary

Next week sees ISM Arusha host two major NTAA sporting events:

On Friday 9 November we have the PYP athletcs from 10.15 through to 14.30. Parents are welcome to come and watch and cheer on the ISM team. Specific information will be emailed to parents for those students who are competing. Any questions should be directed to class teachers.

On Saturday 10 November we host the secondary athletics event. Please come along and support our athletes. Events start at 09.00 and should finish by 14.00.

Basic First Aid course for students – Now FULL

On Saturday 17 November, a basic First Aid course will be running on Arusha Campus for students interested in getting certified in basic First Aid.

This course is now FULL.

If you are interested in signing up for a future course, please contact Florence Larpent: