Arusha Campus News – 22 Feb 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter 23rd February 2019

The ISM Rhinos launch an attack into the heart of opposition territory at the Early Childhood World Cup this week. 

Dear Parents

Dr Jane Goodall addresses her welcoming committee on arrival at ISMAC last week

Those that were here on Thrusday will forever remember the evening with Dr Jane Goodall, who spoke to us for over an hour. The usual anecdotes of chimpanzees and her research were there but perhaps it was the words of hope for humanity that will linger longest in our memories. The cuddly ape that Dr Jane is seen holding up (photo left) was a gift from a 22 year-old blind man who went on to accomplish a life-time of ambitions including scuba diving and sky diving, simply because he never gave up on his will to try his best. A sobering lesson for all of us. One was left with the impression that if we all demonstrated an iota of the reluctance of Dr Jane to give up on her environmental hopes, then we would all have a better planet for our children, and for our grandchildren to look forward to.

As I write this, the Campus is packed with young students from all around Arusha who have attended the Rotary Young Leaders Awards (see image below). The connection to Dr Jane’s words is clear. We need to nurture responsible leadership in our young people in order for all of us to look ahead to a brighter future.



From the Primary and Secondary Schools

Mama Julia (above) shares a story in Italian

This last week has been one of variety: we have celebrated the diversity of our languages in the PYP, had art trips across MYP and PYP, demonstrated great artist ability, shown emerging talent on the football pitch with the EC football tournament and come together as houses in secondary to test our collective knowledge.

Many thanks to all the parents who came and shared their linguistic skills with our PYP students on Wednesday. We had a great variety of languages including Dutch, Albanian, Swahili, Danish, Spanish, Hehe, French and sign, to name but a few. A great morning was had by all.

Friday saw P2 welcome parents to visit their gallery, where they showcased their artistic talents. They then visited Sable Square to look at artwork and speak with an artist. This was great way to get into the mind of an artist, ask about technique and investigate style and motivation. M2 also visited Sable to speak with the artist.

Our EC football stars travelled to Braeburn on Friday for the annual Football Extravaganza. Ms Liz took a squad of nine to play against six other schools, some of whom had squads of up to thirty students. They battled hard and showed great talent, gaining certificates for their participation.

Also on Friday, M1 through D2 took part in a jeopardy house quiz. Staff also joined in to aid their houses in amassing points. Well done to the secondary student council, ably led by Desire, for organising the event.

Next week, M1 travel to Lake Eyasi on Tuesday for their three day IDU trip. On Thursday and Friday, P4-5 travel to Karatu for their annual camp and on Saturday and Sunday ISM Arusha hosts a parkour workshop.

Busy, busy busy.

Have a great weekend,


P5/6 present Body Systems to M4

P5/6 shared their learning on body systems with the M4 students today. They had made science experiments about the respiratory system, integumentary system, digestive system, excretory system and other body systems. The M4 class were very complimentary even saying they had learned new information.

P1 Camp Out and Share Time

to on

It was a busy week for P1. Not only did Miss Alley’s class have a class camp out .. for the day! (see picture above) but they also presented the most heroic share time in which they dressed up as members of the school community (see below). Five Star entertainment!

P3 Swahili

Tree Planting with Dr Goodall

We joined a few other schools in Arusha when we represented ISMAC  at the Jane Goodall’s root and shoot ceremony at the Arusha Coffee Lodge on Thursday. Miss Caroline, Siri, Jessica and Haitham were our ambassadors (see photo above).

During the ceremony we got a chance to get a brief history from Jane Goodall about her work in Gombe Tanzania and a talk fro Erwin Kinsey from Echo about the importance of planting indigenous trees to save tree species that are endangered.

In the end we were presented with some indigenous trees to plant around school

Who do you think you know?

Photos by Dana Zvulun (M5)


Gervas has worked at ISM for longer than anyone remembers! We could only find Mr Leandry who had been here longer. You wouldn’t know it, because when a precarious branch at the top of a tree needs cutting down or a big snake needs disposing of then there is only one candidate for the dangerous jobs – Mr Gervas!


Asha too has been here for years and years! You will all know Asha as she is always the lady who volunteers to help with Mama Ngao at all our evening events. She was there at the Jane Goodall talk – in fact Asha confided in me that this is her third Jane Goodall talk!

Prize for the first person who tells me (Mr Phil) on Monday morning what Asha and Gervas (above) have in common!

Want to try Parkour?