Arusha Campus News – 9 March 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter 9th March 2019

Caedmon powers down the ‘pool at the SCIS gala earlier today

Dear Parents

Congratulations to Moshi Campus for their victory in this morning’s NTAA Swim gala at SCIS. Arusha Campus came a commendable third in the rankings. Yesterday our Primary swimmers were in action. Dalida (pictured right) and her team mates performed similary stupendously and ended up in fourth place. Thank you to Coaches Kevin and Jo for their tireless work with our swimmers.

We cannot put a lid on Mis Arora’s theatrical contributions. Actually, Amy would be the first to say that the show we watched on Friday  ‘A View from the Bridge’ was produced entirely by the talented M4 students in her drama class. It was a splendid mini-performance and a real treat for those who were lucky enough to watch it. The mums and dads there should be exceedingly proud of their children. (Almost the entire cast are pictured above).

Darren and I have not known what to report on this week as so much has happened. I shall leave the rest tio him below!

Please don’t forget that there are no CCA’s next week and that there will be an early fnish of 12pm on Friday 15th March.

A last thought for Anna and Tine in chilly Canada – as we bask in glorious sunshine here, spare a thought for our UWC standard bearers in Victoria. Good luck ladies! Just a taste of things to come – on Friday, the building contractors poured the roof of the magnificent ‘tortilis acacia tree’ pavilion in the centre of the new student residence – exciting stuff. (See picture below)

Have a super weekend,


The latest stage of the magnificent new student residence at Arusha Campus (above).

From the Primary and Secondary Schools

The motley ISM Arusha Campus staff in full book day regalia!

This week has been another full week of events and fun. I am sure we will all be ready for the break when it arrives next Friday afternoon.

We started the week with the M3 Science Fair, where the M3s shared their learning and enquiry into topics of their choice. Well done to all those involved and to Miss Ellis for guiding the students through it.

Throughout the week we have had events relating to book week: teachers reading across grade levels, Julia Donaldson themed door competition (won by P4/5), extreme reading photo competition (well done to the winners and participants). On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day with students and teachers dressing up as characters from books – what a range of costumes we had!

Friday saw our 11 and under swimmers compete at St Constantine’s in the NTAA. Well done to all those who took part and for represented ISM Arusha.

Have a great weekend,


The Winning Book Week Door Decoration

The winning door was P4/5! (above) Congratulations! Pictured below, are the other equally impressive designs!

The Primary Classes each decorated their door according to a Julia Donaldson book.

P2 visit Butcher Bram

The P2 class had a very interesting visit to Bram’s butchery in Kisongo. They are learning about the journey of food from farm to the fork. Bram showed us the many different steps and machinery involved in getting various meat products to our dinner table. His number one take home lesson was all animals need to be respected. We also enjoyed a little muddy walk looking for sheep.

M3 Science Fair

This year’s science fair exhibition gave the M3’s the opportunity to showcase the cumulation of their hard work from this quarter. There was a range of projects on show from researching the validity of the Mpemba effect to dissecting Barn Owl Pellets to compare their diets between the UK and Tanzania. There was a buzz around the performance area during the exhibition as students were quizzed by other secondary students, P5/6, parents and teachers.

MYP Multicultural Dinner

Twenty teams, twenty countries represented, dozens of cooks in action… This Friday, all MYP students took part in the Multicultural Lunch which marked the end of the cooking unit they worked on in Life Skills this quarter. They were challenged to come up with traditional food and decoration from the countries that they randomly picked. It was the first edition of an activity, but certainly not the last. The students, or apprenti chefs should we say, surpassed themselves in this competition, to the great surprise and satisfaction of their teachers and parents’… bellies. Congratulations to the UK representatives, Simon, Tony and Alma for earning the most green hearts (best decoration) with their outstanding table! Congratulations also to Ornela, Hala, Bram and Dhruv who were given the most red hearts (most tasty food) for their great Senegalese recipes!

MYP Personal Project Exhibition

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to M5 Personal Project Exhibition on Tuesday 12 March from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the Design Pavilion, Arusha Campus.

Through the Personal Project, M5 students experience the responsibility of completing a significant piece of work over an extended period of time. The PP enables students to engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection. It encourages students to reflect on their learning and the outcomes of their work ; it develops self-management, communication and social skills – key skills that prepare them for success in further study, the workplace and the community. The PP Exhibition gives an opportunity to students to appreciate the process of learning and take pride in their accomplishments. Come and support the M5s next Tuesday during their Personal Project Exhibition!

The ISMAC ‘Tiger’ contests the All Africa Junior Golf Championship

This week, Aliraza Kermalli, will be representing Tanzania at the All Africa Junior Golf tournament in Botswana at the Phakalane Golf course. Aliraza is a member of the Gymkhana golf course here in Arusha and was selected by Golf Tanzania to play in the prestigious tournament. Teams from all over Africa will be participating in Botswana in a 4 day 72 hole tournament. The winner of the All Africa Junior Golf Championships will qualify for the Toyota Junior Golf World Cup in Japan. Last year Aliraza competed in this tournament and was the youngest member on the team. This year he has been named team captain which is a great honour that he is very excited about. The ISMAC community would like to wish Aliraza all the best next week as he takes on the rest of Africa.

ISM Arusha’ Service to Sport in the Community

This morning over 300 young rugby players from in and around Arusha met Arusha Campus for a coaching session offered by some top coaches from the USA. On an adjacent pitch, Mbuni FC, one of our premier Tanzanian Football League teams, continued their Premiership preparations on our facilities. Best of luck from everyone at ISMAC to both teams!