Arusha Campus News – 4 May 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter 4th May 2019

Siri makes chick pea fries as part of her PYP Exhibition Action component.

Dear Parents

The Primary students look on in customary bemusement at Miss Liz’s Friday impromptu production of Little Red Reading Hood – Miss Alley under attack from the bad wolf!

We concluded our NTAA rugby season with a splendid outing for all our teams at SCIS thsi morning. Some outstanding performances, particularly from the Under 15 girls and the Under 13 mixed team who scored some great tries. Many thanks to all our coaches and players who represented the school in such good light.

Please may I take the opportunity in this weeks newsletter to mention the dreaded fee payment reminder. As you all know, our school is carefully managed financially and to that end I would like to remind all parents who have outstandng fees to kindly settle this amount by the end of next week. This will enable us to make the best possible preparations for next year, and keep your school in the style that you have become accustomed.

A reminder too of an important event coming up. The annual International Festival on Friday 31st May. This year we have decided to incorporate a theme into our festival. This year’s theme will be ‘Innovation’. We hope that countries will not be put off by the theme and instead use the theme to showcase great innovations from their countries, where possible.

Thanks for your support



From the Primary and Secondary Schools

This week has seen us celebrate success. In PYP share time, Miss Liz awarded students across EC to P6 with their swimming certificates (see above). These document the achievement of the students over the past two semesters, with regards to their progress in swimming: a vital skill. Well done to all those who received their award.

Share time was also an opportunity for imagination, with Miss Liz leading the teachers in an improvised acting out of “Little Red Reading Hood”; who would would have guessed that Mr Phil would be such a scary wolf, Miss Alley such an avid reader, Miss Carmen such a strict mother and Miss Amanda such a cupboard kicking librarian. Thanks to everyone for their willingness to share their acting talent.

This week was also the beginning of the ‘Juma & Friends’ rehearsals. We are very excited about this PYP musical extravaganza, which will involve all students from EC through P6. Save the date: Tuesday 11 June. More details to follow. Prepare to be amazed!

Please remember that next week is the PYP Exhibition: 17.00, Wednesday 8 May. Come and celebrate the achievements of the P6 students. This newsletter is punctuated with images of the P6 students getting ready for the big day!

Have a great weekend,


their robot

Julius and Ibrahim show off their robot that they made as part of Tristan’s PYP Exhibition Action component.

Meet the New Teachers

A warm welcome to the ISM community for Hamid Rezayi and his wife Parisa. Hamid will be coming to Atusha Campus to teach English Language and English Literature. Hamid is from Iran where he has accumulated over ten years of experience teaching and translating into English. Hamid describes himself as an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who is committed to acting not only as a teacher but as a mentor to his students. He provides positive learning experiences and has the ability to listen to students’ and parents’ concerns and finding solutions that ensure students are learning to the best of their abilities.

Hamid is looking forward to a new challenge here in Tanzania!

Please support our P6 students who are almost ready to present their PYP Exhibition

Jessica explains to Laura what kinds of birds you might see around Arusha Campus as part of her PYP Exhibition Action component.

M5 on-screen exams

We wish the M5 class all the best as they prepare for their on-screen examinations on May 14-24. During that time, M5 students will have a modified timetable where all ePortfolio classes will be used as Study Blocks to prepare for exams. Please note that for examinations taking place in a morning session, students have an ‘Early release’ option where they can decide to go back home for independent study from 10:20 am onwards. There is also a ‘Late start’ option on the last day of exams where students can come at 12:45 pm if they wish to review at home in the morning. Alternatively, there will be Study Block sessions at school where students will do independent revision supervised by a teacher. If you would like your child to take the ‘Early release/ Late start’ option, please email Florence Larpent ( to give permission and confirm transport arrangements.

Diploma Student Orientation August 2019

Dear Students of M5,

As you will know by now, both campuses are making preparations to welcome a significant number of new students into our Diploma programme in August 2019. These students will be coming from literally all four corners of the globe and may find Tanzania a very different place to live.

To that end, our plans for a really successful Diploma Orientation programme depend on involvement from all stakeholders. You, as current school members entering the Diploma Programme, will be pivotal to the success of the programme.

The 2019 DP Orientation for all D1 students, incoming and renewing, starts on Wednesday 7th August. Full details of the programme will be shared in due course. If you would like to suggest activities for the programme please feel free to make these suggestions to your Diploma Co-ordinator.

Outdoor Pursuits: new trip!

We continue to expand the OP programme by offering a new Level 2 mountain biking trip in Moshi area. This will be a 3 day trip on flat and rolling hills terrain. Students who have completed a Level 1 mountain bike trip are eligible to sign-up.  For students who don’t have their own cycling equipment, mountain bikes and helmets are available for rent from the Arusha Bicycle Centre. Feel free to contact Hans Harisson, the manager of ABC for more information (+ 255 76 752 0790) or check their website:

To confirm a spot on this OP trip, please finalize payment (150 000 Tsh) at the accounts department.

UWC Short-Course

ISM is excited to host the second edition of the Umoja UWC short course in Tanzania. The course will bring together 24 young individuals from all around the world under the theme “Coming Together to Build Community”.