Arusha Campus News – 17 May 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter 17th May 2019

Dear Parents

As I take a moment to reflect upon the week, the business that proccupies everything at the moment is the preparations for UWC. I am very grateful for all the support that the community has offered in this respect. There are too many people to thank individually but please rest assured that I feel very lucky to be part of such a supportive community.

The boarding house development is coming along encouragingly and the facility promises to be spectacular. (see pics above and below) We are planting in earnest now that the rains are here. If anyone has any shrubs, flowers or border plants that they wish to donate to the expanding gardens at ISM Arusha Campus then they would be most gratefully received.

Just a quick reminder on two items. Please can you nake sure that all outstanding fees are paid as soon as possible. Also please ensure that you fill in the leave form available from Caroline if you have pre-planned absences for your children.

Have a super weekend.


From the Primary and Secondary Schools

This week saw the M5 students begin their final on-screen examinations. These will be completed next week – we wish them all success. In the week beginning 27 May, the M5s will be out of school on their ‘Work Week’; this is where they enter the world of work and spend five days in jobs around Arusha and beyond. This is an excellent opportunity to apply the skills they have developed within the MYP in the real world. Thanks to all those parents and members of the community who have agreed to help with this annual initiative.

On Wednesday our P5/6 students travelled to Moshi to attend the P6 PYP Exhibition. This is always a great experience for students of both campus to share in their learning. P6’s from Moshi visited our campus for our dress-rehearsal in the previous week.

This weekend we have a busy day of sport on Saturday, with U9/11/13/15/19 all taking part in the cross country event at Braeburn. We wish everyone well and hope that the rain stays away during the races.

Next week M3 will be taking part in their IDU (Interdisciplinary Unit) trip, bringing together Performing Arts and Swahili. Thanks for Mr Tyler and Mr Gift for all their organisation. We wish them all well for Wednesday through Friday.

Have a great weekend,


P4/5 French Speaking

The P4-5 students have written scripts where they represent, in funny ways, how some natural hazards happen. They have memorized their lines, have practiced in their groups, have performed in the class… Now it is time to show you how they can speak French! Come and join us for a short share time next Friday May 24 at 13:30 to watch these soon-to-be actors in action.

Career Symposium

The focus of the Career Symposium will be to inform students about different careers and the requirements (both academic and beyond) of different fields of work.

We would like to invite parents and the wider community to contribute with short talks about their chosen career paths. We want to try to offer the M4 & M5s a range of different perspectives that are suited to their possible career choices. The morning will last from 08.00 to 11.00.

If you would be available and willing to be guest speaker, please let Darren  know by return of email If you know of anyone else who may be able to contribute, please feel free to forward this message.

Rock-climbing and bouldering at ISMAC

Last week students in the rock-climbing CCA went bouldering to a new venue – this was a nice change from climbing on the school ‘water tower wall’. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial walls, known as boulders, without the use of ropes or harnesses and bouldering mats are used to prevent injuries from falls. Bouldering originally was a method of training for roped climbs and mountaineering, so climbers could practice specific moves at a safe distance from the ground.

Thanks to Mr Anderson and Mika Peterson for welcoming us to their bouldering cave which was a lot of fun, especially climbing the roof upside down!

M5 on-screen exams

M5 students completed their on-screen examinations in I&S, Mathematics and English this week. We wish them well for next week’s exams in Sciences and Interdisciplnary.

Key dates for the rest of Q4
27-31 May: Work experience
3 June: Careers &Skills Symposium + Work experience presentations to M4s
4 June: Service day, Service as Action requirements + preparation for M5 Ceremony
7 June: M5 ceremony. Invatations will be sent shortly

Outdoor Pursuits: Mountain Biking Trip

Due to heavy rains, the Level 2 mountain biking trip has been postponed to June 9-11.  This trip is a 3 day trip on flat and rolling hills terrain. Students who have completed a Level 1 mountain bike trip are eligible to sign-up.  For students who don’t have their own cycling equipment, mountain bikes and helmets are available for rent from the Arusha Bicycle Centre. Feel free to contact Hans Harisson, the manager of ABC for more information (+ 255 76 752 0790) or check their website:

To confirm a spot on this OP trip, please finalize payment (150 000 Tsh) at the accounts department by Monday 3 June.

First Aid Training for Students

We will be running a Basic First Aid course for Secondary students on Saturday 1 June starting at 9 am.  This First Aid course will take place on Arusha Campus for students interested in getting certified in basic First Aid. The course is provided by DAT Emergency Response and covers basic emergency life saving skills (initial response, primary survey, CPR, airway management, recover position, dealing with cuts, bleeding, burns …). It is a 6 hour course and costs 70 000 Tsh. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a First Aid Certificate. If you are interested or would like to sign-up, please contact Florence Larpent.

UWC Short-Course

ISM is excited to host the second edition of the Umoja UWC short course in Tanzania. The course will bring together 24 young individuals from all around the world under the theme “Coming Together to Build Community”.