Arusha Campus Updates – 22 July 2019

Arusha Campus Summer Updates Newsletter 22nd July 2019

The Student Residential House at Arusha Campus nears completion.

Dear Parents

I received a welcome surprise last week as one of our former Directors, Mr Lister Hannah made an impromptu visit to Arusha Campus whilst on a short visit to Tanzania.

Lister was apointed as the Director of ISM in 1976 and his impact on shaping ISM can be read about in this year’s Summit magazine on page 34

It turns out that I have more in common with Lister than expected. We were both born in Mvumi Hospital near Dodoma and lived in the samll town of Kongwa as children before enrolling at Arusha School!

Lister is here to attend the 50 year Alumni Weekend on Moshi Campus which starts on Friday this week. Everyone is welcome and there will be lots of games and entertainment for the children. Details may be found on our website.

See you there if you can be around, if not, carry on enjoying your holidays!




New Teacher Introductions

I am thrilled to introduce you to Miss Alina pictured below with her daughter Anisa. Alina will be our new Head of Early Childhood and takes over from Miss Liz. Alina is a Tanzanian who has lived for long periods in the UK and Iraq.  She brings considerable experience and has already been in school preparing the classroom for an excited bunch in 2019/20!