Arusha Campus News – 18 Aug 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 18th August 2019

Diploma students try their hand at path making skills.

Dear Parents

I can’t quite believe that we have got to the end of our first week! Of course, the activities seem to revolve around our new residential students for now. On Friday, the PYP students had a stupendous time playing games with the Diploma students during extended share time. Thanks to our two co-ordinators Mr Anderson and Mrs Bowen for organising such a fun event.

The previous weekend the Residential students were out in force planting trees, flowers, building roads and making paths. All in the name of service to the UWC East Africa Arusha Campus community. Here are some of the students pictured above planting border flowers outside Acacia House.

Whilst there is considerable work still to do on Arusha Campus over the next year or so, much has already been accompished! I wish to take the opportunity in the first newsletter of the year to thank several of the people who have worked tirelssly behind the scenes this summer to ensure that we were ready for our grand opening. Walter (Head of Maintenance) and his whole team, Mezabine (Canteen Manager) and her team, Rajabu (Head Driver), Emmanuel (Head gardener) and his crew, Mary (Housekeeping Manager) and her ladies, Greg and Ibrahim (IT guys), Baltazzari and his sewing machine and of course Caroline (Person in charge of Phil!). Personally I think their collective contributions have been priceless and am very grateful to them indeed.

Here’s to a fabulous year!


A gallery of pictures from Friday afternoon’s Diploma/PYP Fun afternoon!

From the Primary and Secondary Schools

It is with such enthusiasm that we start our first school year as UWC East Africa, in light of our long history of international educational excellence on the African continent and with a new excitement about joining the UWC movement and about the benefits this will bring to the education that we offer to our students.

Existing staff made every effort to ensure that their new colleagues felt at home in these new surroundings and that the preparation days before we started on Tuesday with students were both lucrative and pleasant.

The new residential students are settling in well and existing students are excited about making more friends from around the world. We are planning activities where Diploma students will work with our students in the PYP and are continually working to build a cohesive and engaging learning environment for all students at UWC East Africa.

On Monday there will be an MYP parent information session and I look forward to speaking to those in attendance about how you can use ManageBac to keep informed about your child’s classroom learning from a parent perspective. Please do not hesitate to drop by and say hi and I look forward to a great school year ahead!

With best regards,

PYP News!

Arnold and Stephen enjoy some time out from their PYP studies this week!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you have enjoyed your holiday and are ready to back at school. I am excited to be your new PYP Coordinator and CCA Coordinator. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on Over the next two weeks the class teachers will be inviting you to their classrooms. Please note the following days and times

EC  Wednesday 21st August  8.00-8.30
P1/2 Tuesday 20th August 8.00-8.30.
P2/3 Wednesday 28th August 8.00- 8.30
P4  Friday 23rd  August 8.00-8.30
P5 Friday 30th August 8.00-8.30
P6  Thursday 22nd August  8.00-8.30

MYP Latest

On Monday 19 August, there will be an MYP information session at 2:30 pm in room S22.

The first session (2:30 to 3:00 pm) is specifically for families new to the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

From 3:00 to 3:40 pm, new and returning families will have an opportunity to meet their child’s mentors and teachers.

The last session from 3:40 to 4:00 is specifically for M5 parents and students and will give an overview of the eAssessments ; this will take place in Room S22.  Concurrently there will be in introductory ManageBac session for new families. ManageBac is an online platform that parents can access to view their child’s curriculum, grades and  teachers comments, announcements … The ManageBac session will take place in the secondary IT Lab.

Please find below the schedule for Monday.

Young Scientists of Tanzania

Young Scientists Tanzania exhibition is a competition in which secondary students from all regions in Tanzania showcase their research.  This year two representatives from UWCEA Arusha Campus Angelus and Samwel in D2 (pictured above) represented our school with their technological innovation “Elitek” and proudly got our school the FIRST place award from the annual competition. This was after going through a very competitive two days event in Dar from 31st July to 1st August.  The boys deserved this win as they worked so hard for more than three months to bring “Elitek” into life. When you see them, give them a hongera and feel free to ask them more about their project. You may read more about the Young Scientist Program on their website via this link

Welcome back Mr Lloyd!

I live in extremely lucky times! No sooner had I made the pleasurable acquaintance of former Director Lister Hannah (1976-81) and his wife Dividine, than a second former Director came to visit!

Geoff Lloyd was the Director of the International School Moshi between 1994-2000. I was privileged to walk around the Arusha Campus wth Geoff and his wfe Sue a week or so ago. Geoff was the Director who was in charge when the move to the current Arusha Campus was made and so for him to see the wonderful, mature trees that grace our current site was truly heart warming. He even said that the new residnetial houses development that is currently going on in the northern plot of the campus reminded him of his first days on the Arusha Campus. Well, if the northern plot turns out half as pretty as the current site with all Geoff and Sue’s trees then I shall be very pleased indeed.

Here Geoff is pictured above pointing at the plaque on the library wall that commemorates his opening of the building on 29th June 2000!

Arise Sir Horton…….

…..well not quite, but jolly close. We were thrilled to hear our former Director’s news that his Doctorate had been awarded.

Congratulations indeed to Dr Bob Horton. Here he is pictured above on the day of his graduation.

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Parking Stickers

Please take note that the new UWC East Africa 2019/20 parking stickers are available from Caroline or Phil at Reception.

It is essential that any car that comes to legitimately pick up your child displays this sticker as without it they will be denied access to the Campus.




Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Message from Adam Hoerdt, new teacher on Moshi Campus

Hello everyone! My son, Greg, is a 3rd year university engineering student in Waterloo, Canada. He attends paid co-operative work term placements every other 4 months, and is keen to ‘make a difference in the world’ through his work. Furthermore, he has wanted to come to Africa to work long before I arrived here. If anyone has knowledge or connection with someone who would be willing to take advantage of this opportunity, please reach out to me, and I will put them in touch with Greg.

Asante sana!