Arusha Campus News – 1 Sep 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 31st August 2019

The secondary school pose for a photo with Charles Stuart (EU Head of Mission to Tanzania) who is also a celebrated UWC Alumnus!

The revellers (above) at this morning’s breakfast at Acacia House

Dear Parents

Charles Stuart delivers a talk to the Secondary School

It was an absolute privilege to listen to Charlie Stuart (UWC Atlantic College alumnus and current EU Head of Mission to Tanzania) talk to us about his experiences since graduating as a UWC student. He talked about his dislike of maths and his negotiations with angry army generals in places from Afghanistan to Uganda! His overarching message and repeated theme was ‘Communication’. As a UWC graduate his priority was to try and understand other people’s points of view. And this skill has served him well ever since!

Our younger secondary students have just set off on Campcraft. Amidst much excitement they are embarking on the first of many OP trips in this magnificent part of the world.

Breakfast with the residents of Acacia House has also just taken place and that was a hoot. We must thank the PTA for organising this event and providing such scrummy food. Fabulous – we should do it every weekend!

Mr Anderson and Ms Larpent deserve special thanks for organising the first big house event of the year. The culminating event of the day was the tug of war which caused great mirth and illicited whoops of triumph!

Have a great weekend


From the Primary and Secondary Schools

Both the primary and the secondary were buzzing with learning this week and things are settling for both students and teachers. With the CCAs in full swing this week, we noticed lots of student enthusiasm in the many activities on offer!

Ms. Cassandra Ford, University and Socio-Emotional Counselor visited our campus recently from UWCEA Moshi and started working with our Diploma students, both in person and remotely. We are working on a plan to have Ms. Ford come to Arusha and interact with the students on a more regular basis.

I had the pleasure to meet with Sophie Dorothe Lieke, an alumna of our school who would like to be involved in sharing her knowledge and passion about finding localized solutions to plastic pollution with our students. You can find out more about her joint project PLASTIC: Unwrapped here

Have a great week ahead,

PYP News

Approaches to Learning

ATL’s for short are the skills we encourage our students to develop through a variety of activities.  They are grouped into five sets: Thinking, Social, Self Management, Research and Communication. They naturally have growth mindset occurring within them, since they cover many different behaviours, self control as well as thinking and communication strategies.

Thank you for a smooth start to CCA’s. Please remember to pay Grace in accounts if you haven’t already done so.

A date for your diary is Wednesday 2nd October. In Quarter 1 the way we report is through the 3 Way Conference. This is when the Student-Parent-Teacher all meet to discuss the progress of your child. This will be a non-teaching day except for the meeting time, More details will follow nearer the time.


Thoughtbox and our care of student welfare

Here at UWC East Africa (at the end of our dusty road above!) we are constantly involved in conversations about student welfare. One important way of supporting students, arrives in the form of our Life Skills programme, and this in turn is partially supported by Thoughtbox. Thoughtbox is an initative started by a friend called Rachel Musson. In her latest international newsletter, Rachel has written an article about UWC East Africa. To read the article click on the link here:

As you can see, Monsieur Olivier and I had to pay considerable amounts of money to persuade her to write the nice things about us!

Meet our School Counselor

Cassandra Ford  (pictured right) is the new Counselor on Moshi Campus who will be coming to Arusha Campus every week to work with our students here. Here is a picture (above) of her with her family!

Born and bred in the United States, I have worked in public schools for 20 of my 22 years in education. The last Three years ago, I had my first international experience working in Dubai, UAE as a school counselor, where I was exposed to so much that I was hooked. I returned home for a year to continue my status with my suburban Washington, D.C. school district that provided me with the two years of Foreign Leave and to see my two sons (one biological, the other by way of very close friendship) each graduate from university in December 2018. So proud of both of them, but I’m so grateful to return to the world of international education where I can share the excitement of the college planning process in my role as University Counselor and Socio-Emotional Counselor. After visiting Tanzania twice while I worked in Dubai, I am beyond thrilled to be returning to work in this beautiful country. Hope to meet you soon, Cassandra!

Friday Market at Arusha

Our Friday Market (pictured above) was as successful as ever yesterday and this is all down to two of our mums – Nathalie and Maral who do all the organising! If you would like to have a stall at the market, PLEASE contact Nat and Maral in advance (contacts available at the main office) so that they can arrange something for you.

Sholto (and Kibo) huffed…..

….Mr Olivier (and Meru) puffed….

…but Franck (and Mawenzi) pulled the other houses down!

..and so the Housepoint Challenge currently reads…

8am 18th September – AGM of the Arusha Campus PTA

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Arusha Campus PTA is a meeting at which the new PTA Executive Committee is elected. Nominations for candidates for the committee can be received by Phil or Caroline or handed to any current PTA member.

Triathlon time of year!

24 Hour Run

The 24hr run is an event which involves a number of fun activities. The aim of this event is to raise money for scholarship students. Our first event last year was very successful  as we raised almost USD 12,000.Our second 24hr run event will take place in Moshi on 6th -7th September 2019. As we are hoping to beat last year’s record please join us in helping low-income Tanzanian students to benefit from the UWCEA education. There are two ways in which you can help, one is through sponsoring the runners and the other is through participating in the run and ask people to sponsor you. The pledge forms and instructions on how you can collect donations are available at the reception. Feel free to email for more information about the 24hr run.

Tennis anyone?

You might recognise Lembris from TGT in the photo above. We’re very fortunate to have him coach our secondary students every Tuesday from 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

Lembris will now be offering parent/teacher tennis coaching sessions from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. Sessions are open (turn up and play), costing 5,000TSH. All abilities are welcome and will be split into ability groups.

For more information, email Lembris:

Piano Lessons

My name is Gabriel Kalamata with many years of experience of teaching music theory/piano. I follow the ABRSM (The Exam Board of Royal School of Music Curriculum from the UK whereby students  can learn music theory and practical of piano lessons from grade 1-8.

Piano students can take part in ABRSM exams once a year. This is not compulsory. Here are few spaces currently available for piano lessons.

Monday 3;00-3;30 pm and 4;00-5;30
Tuesday 4;00-5;00 pm
Wednesday 3;30-5;30 pm
Thursday 4;00-5;00 pm