Arusha Campus News – 26 Jan 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter 26th January 2019

ISM is organising the second Khanga Gala at Moshi Campus to raise funds for the ISM Scholarship Program. We need your help!

The Scholarship Program has made it possible for many exceptional Tanzanian students to do the IB Diploma at ISM and proceed to achieve great things. We intend on continuing this tradition, but we need your help to make it bigger and better! Please contact Mwegelo Kapinga ( if you would like to be part of the planning team or offer your skills and time to make this a successful fundraising event.

Dear Parents

For me, collaboration has been the theme of the week. The image above captures perfectly the mood of collaborative learning as some younger students gather around Malaika to share her video on ‘Memories of ISM’

We formed a collaborative partnership this week with two sports teams. On Thursday evening over 100 Arusha Development Rugby players ‘invaded’ the pitch where they were coached by a visiting group of Irish Rugby Union Players who were visiting Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. Ex-Irish Internationals Stephen Ferris and Mike McCarthy were in their number. (see pic below)

We also shared our pitch with Mbuni FC on several evenings this week. Mbuni are the Tanzanian Military Football Team and we wish them luck as they prepare to defend their status as Arusha’s premier Tanzanian Football League team.

Finally, I was pleased that a group of our students will have the chance to contribute to the design of our new student residential houses. Read more about this exciting initiative in the news item below this article.


The Arusha Rugby Development Club with Irish Internationals

Arusha Student Residential House Update

The Residential houses are progressing at a cracking rate and the image above shows the exciting central recreational building going up. The finished building will look like a lone flat topped acacia tree and is spoecially designed to capture rainwater before passing the collected water down a central collection pipe.

This week, architects Sune and Alexis invited ISM students to join a competition to design a floor and bathrrom wall in the student quarters. The deadline for entries is looming so watch this space for the winning designs!


Alexis briefs the budding ISM students about the remit for design.

From the Primary and Secondary Schools

Miss Amanda’s Class sing ‘Supercalafragilisticespialodocious’ in yesterday’s sharetime.

Can you believe we have now completed three weeks of Semester Two and next week is February? The old saying of ‘time flies when you are having fun’ really does apply to ISM!

This past week we have packed so much in, again, to activities within all sections of the school: OP Level 2 to the Usambaras, CCAs, treasure hunts, projects, design competitions and much much more.

This weekend our U11 cricketers will be travelling to Kennedy House and we wish them well in the heat.

Next week we host a university fair visiting from Canada, with sixteen universities coming to talk to our students and those from neighbouring international schools. Any parents are welcome to join us on Thursday from 08.30; M5 and D1 students will be involved in this event.

Linked to this, our M5s are now thinking about their choices for courses for next year. On Monday this process will begin with a parent and student meeting regarding option choices and next steps, at 15.00.

Next week our next OP trip will go out to the summit of Meru and we will also have sports teams in action: U9 & U11 Hockey at SCIS, U13 Basketball Braeburn and U15 Football & U19 Basketball at ISM Arusha. We wish everyone well.

Have a great weekend,


P6 Exhibition Retreat

Students from P6 Arusha met with P6 Moshi for the Exhibition Retreat. They learned about action, academic honesty, the essential elements and had fun getting to know each other and working together. We look forward to seeing their exhibitions in May.

IB Diploma 2019/20?

I would like to invite all M5 parents and students to meet on Monday afternoon at 15:00  in my classroom, to discuss your son or daughters subject choices as they move into the Diploma Programme. I will be discussing how the students should select their classes and what they should consider when selecting their classes. This is a process that I take very seriously, as it sets the students up for what they will do when they complete the Diploma Programme. I will explain to all parents and students how the DP works and what the expectations are.

I would also like to hear from parents and students about what some of your concerns are as we move forward as a school. This is something that a number of you have mentioned to me in passing and I would like to have some of these concerns vocalized so that we know how we can help/ move forward.

A number of you have emailed me stating that you can attend which is great.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mr Anderson (DP Co-ordinator)

Student Council Trade Sale

M5 eAssessments

At the end of Quarter 2, M5 students had on-screen exam practice sessions in Sciences, Mathematics, English, I&S and Interdisciplinary. This quarter, M5s are working on their ePortfolios in Design, PHE, French, Swahili, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. It is an extremely busy quarter as students will also complete their Personal Project and present their work at the Personal Project Exhibition on March 12. eAssessments dates are posted on ManageBac.

Outdoor Pursuits 2019

Usambara mountains: OP level 2 trip (above)

We are looking forward to a fantastic range of outdoor pursuit trips available to our secondary students. A new trip this semester is the OP Level 2 trip mountain biking trip in Moshi area as we endeavor to develop a full OP mountain biking programme. Please note that the differing prices for Tanzanian and expatriate students reflect differing charges from the National Parks.

Trip Level Available for: Dates Under 16
Cost in TSH Over 16
Cost in TSH Under 16 Resident
Cost in TSH Over 16 Resident
Cost in TSH
South Pare Mountains
  1B M1-D1 Feb 9-11 276 000  276 000  276 000  276 000
Usambara mountains 2 M2-D1 who completed Level 1 or 1B Jan 24-27 470 000 470 000  470 000  470 000
NEW! Mountain biking – Moshi area 2 Students who completed Level 1 MTB May 17-19 150 000 150 000  150 000  150 000
Mt Hanang 3 Not offered this semester
Mt Meru summit 4 Altitude trip for over 16 students who completed Level 3 Feb 1-4 N/A 677 000  N/A 1 152 000
Mt Kilimanjaro summit 5 Altitude trip for over 16 students who completed Level 4 Dates TBC – either June or August 2019. Please see Ms Larpent if you are interested in this trip and over 16 by May 2019.

Please do encourage your son/daughter to take this opportunity to experience the wonderful environment here in Tanzania. Our trips for this semester are as follows:

International Schools Theatre Association

We are delighted to announce that ISMAC will be hosting an International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) festival from 10th-12th May, 2019. ISTA is a fantastic organisation which brings professional actors and directors to work with students over three days to create a final performance. Schools will be coming from all over the world. If your son/daughter is interested in drama and theatre, this is an opportunity which should not be missed!

Please see the website for more details: There is also a video available, which gives more insight, here:

We are hosting a middle school festival which will be aimed at 10-14 year olds. The cost for participating students from our school will be approximately 600,000tsh, which includes all of the workshops, transportation to and from trips, and food, plus a t-shirt. We will also require students who take part to host two students from visiting schools. This will most likely be from 9th-12th May. During this time, some of their meals will be provided by school but some will need to be provided by their host families, as well as transportation to and from school for rehearsals (which your own child will also be attending).

We have 20-30 places available and these will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to register your child(ren), please email Miss Arora at .

We are so excited about this amazing opportunity!

Piano Lessons for your child?

My name is Gabriel Kalamata with many years of
experience. I follow the ABRSM (The Exam Board of the Royal School of Music) My curriculum from the UK whereby students can learn music theory and  practical piano lessons from grades 1-8.
Piano students can take part in ABRSM exams once a year.
This is not compulsory – its up to the student/parent if they wish to take the exams. .Here are the times available for piano lessons:

Monday 3;00-3;30pm
Tuesday 12;-1;00 and 3;00-4;00pm

One lesson lasts for 30 minutes and  is Tsh 20000. One hour lessons vcan be arranged at 40000 (payable at beginning of the term).

Parents who are interested to develop the talent of their children in piano and music theory can call me on 0753 341076,0786 250265 or email