Arusha Campus News – 15 May 2020

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Friday 15th May 2020

The new face of on-line learning. This week Miss Caremen embarked on the most challengng of prospects – an online PYP Exhibition. And it has been BRILLIANT! Here is a screenshot of Hamza in his exhibition investigating screentime for students.

Dear Parents

The PYP exhibition is all about ‘Student Learning’. It’s a culminating event of a primary students’ education. In the final year of PYP, this exhibition involves students working together to conduct an in-depth inquiry where they identify, investigate and find solutions to real-life issues and problems. This week, Miss Carmen and her P6 students have embarked on the unenviable task of trying to conduct the exhibition on-line. Read on to find out more, and look out for the images that punctuate this newsletter that record each students progress in the exhibition.

There are three students who simply refuse to stay away from school! Cody, Caedmon and Magnus have been working around the clock to make masks for the hospitals in Arusha. The demand for masks in the light of the pandemic has meant that these three enterprising students have been commissioned by the Rotary Club of Arusha and the ALMC Hospital to create masks using the 3-D printer that we have at Arusha Campus. With the support of Dunia Designs these three have written a programme to print the mask holders that enable perspex visors to be worn in comfort in a hands free scenario. The demand is for over 1000 masks, so these three are working long shifts to get this accompished. An amazing effort and great service to the community. Bravo boys!

I have to say that the P6 PYP Exhibition has been a resounding success this week. Miss Carmen and Miss Roseary along with MIss Amanda (PYP Co-ordinator) deserve a huge round of applause for making it happen. Not only di dthey make it happen but it was BRILLIANT! If you missed the live transmissions dont worry as they have been recorded and can be viewed in due course. Miss Carmen will collate them and give us a link next week.

Have a super weekend



Eleanor’s Exhibition investigated the world of Interior Design.

From the Primary and Secondary Schools

We have had an excellent week filled with learning remotely with things falling into place more and more each day in this novel environment. What a pleasure it was to watch some of the online PYP exhibition presentations this week and have a chance to celebrate students’ success along with teachers and their exhibition mentors!

And to expand on our distance learning approaches and encourage even more well-being among students, next Wednesday will be a device- free day in the primary, and more information was sent out through our PYP Coordinator. With the same idea in mind, secondary teachers will assign device- free tasks on that day to complement the regular schedule of device-assisted distance learning weekly plan.

Time is really flying by this quarter and we are already in the process of preparing as a team the M5 and D2 ceremonies remotely, culminating MYP learning experiences for M5, while also thinking about reporting on students progress and achievement during semester 2. More information to follow- thank you for your continued support and stay healthy!

With best regards,

Ibrahim’s Exhibition inquired into the sport of football as a means to live a healthy life!

Samuel’s Exhibition topic was ‘People make connections with domestic animals in their lives’

Sayan’s Exhibition central idea was ‘People have the responsibility to make green lifestyle choices’.

House Challenge

Miss Christy and Mustafa in Superhero Status!

#UWCEAStayUnited Challenge

To help our community stay united, the House Council challenges UWCEA students, staff, and parents to share their spirit!

To participate in the #UWCEAStayUnited Challenge simply follow our House Council Instagram page @uwcea_ahousecouncil and tag our account when you post your challenge pictures/videos. Make sure to identify which House you belong to!

If you don’t use Instagram but want to participate, you can send your entry photos/videos to Ms. Christy and she will post them on the House Council account.

Week Four Challenge Standings so far:
Challenges end on Sunday so there is still time to participate!
#UWCEAKibo – 6 points this week for a total of 52 points so far
#UWCEAMeru – 1 point this week for a total of 23 points so far
#UWCEAMawenzi – 1 point this week for a total of 19 points so far

This Week’s Challenge – Post by Sunday, May 17th!
#UWCEAStayUnited – Share a photo of you with one of your teachers (or if you’re a teacher, share a pic with a student)
#UWCEAStayHealthy – Share a picture of a healthy meal you made (or helped make)
#UWCEAStayFocusedonLearning – Share a book recommendation – take a photo of a favorite book that taught you something interesting
#UWCEAStayFocusedonService – Share a picture of you helping out with chores around the house
#UWCEAStayPlayful – Dress up as your favorite pop star! Share a photo or video of you lip-syncing one of their songs
#UWCEAStayCreative – Are there hidden faces in your house? Find a hidden face, take a picture, then take a picture of you making the same face.

Week 5 Challenge – Post by Sunday, May 24th!
#UWCEAStayUnited – share an old HOUSE team photo with you and your teammates
#UWCEAStayHealthy –  Share a throwback photo or video from a sports team match you participated in (not house games)
#UWCEAStayFocusedonLearning – share a photo of you learning OFFLINE – help us celebrate Technology Free day!
#UWCEAStayFocusedonService – create a Thank You note/card to thank someone who has helped you in some way during Q4 distance learning
#UWCEAStayPlayful – Wacky Hair Day! Share a photo of you with a wacky hairdo
#UWCEAStayCreative – Act out a short scene from your favorite movie or T.V. show and share a short video clip.

The #UWCEAStayUnited Challenge will end on Sunday, May 31st but there is still time to score some points for your House!

Thanks to all who have participated!

Ayaan with a very realistc Michale Jackson impression – points for the challenge!

Brilliant worked on ‘Dancing is a healthy living choice’ as her Exhibition central idea.

Life Skills Reading Challenge Winners

What would Milla do? Milla (P5) in an especially studious mood

Reading a book reduces stress, and puts you in a better mood. When you read, it transports you and your worried mind to another place, so you won’t feel so overwhelmed. For M1 and M3 Life Skills lessons this quarter, students are taking part in a 10 week challenge to read and report on as many books as possible. After every book they read, they are then required to attempt reporting tasks. These tasks afford them the opportunity to reflect, analyse and report on their understanding of the book.

M1 Winners
Wk 1 – Siri
Wk 2 – Eun
Wk 3 – Brenda
Wk 4 – No winner
Wk 5 – Siri

M3 Winners
Wk 1 – No winner 
Wk 2 – Mahen
Wk 3 – Hunter
Wk 4 – Mahen
Wk 5 – Mahen

Jonathan’s central idea was ‘Food is an important part of people’s lives’ for his wonderful Exhibition presentation.

Malaika explored ‘Colours and patterns in clothing fabric can represent who we are’ as her Exhibition central idea.

Counselor’s Corner

We have persevered through another week, and are hopeful you have experienced something new while also finding time to express gratitude. We also hope that you also found a moment to read through this week’s Wellness Wednesday Weekly.

This week, I am grateful for the wonderful meetings I had with students, and some parents, about the D1 Post Secondary Plans that are being shared with me. Our students are staying positive and focused on what the future will hold, while also being realistic about our current circumstances. Their outlook on life keeps me optimistic about what lies ahead of us as we weather this pandemic.

In addition, I remain amazed by the wealth of information that is available at the click of a button due to the ingenuity of those who are seeking new ways to connect and reach out. I am so grateful to all of the organizations and institutions that are providing information and resources via virtual presentations, social media, and enhanced websites as a result of this pandemic. Once again, this leads to a robust array of options for the upcoming weeks. As you review the chart below, please note that I have added links to the items on the left so you can learn more about who is offering a presentation, and for some of the events that have passed I can provide access to information that you may have missed.

I must stress that M5 and D1 students need to access Maia Learning via their school email address to find the details on upcoming events in the College Visits section of their account. Also, thank you to the parents who have completed the survey to request Parent Access to Maia Learning. I am doing a final call for interested parents, and then will send out information about the Maia Learning Parent Access presentation I will be facilitating on 28 May, right after the Arusha Campus Meet and Greet with the new University and Socio-Emotional Counselor. If you have not signed up for parent access to Maia Learning yet, please do so via this link by Monday 18 May:


There is always more, but limited space, so I will end with once again extending the invitation to meet with me via my calendar link

If you, or your student, would like to discuss anything related to university or socio-emotional counseling, please feel free to set up an appointment so that we can talk via Google Meet or Zoom.

Take care and persevere,

Ms. Ford

Free French online language course

?The Rosetta Stone language learning programme is offering a free online French course to students (and parents!) ?who attend a school that is closed in response to COVID-19.  Please click on the link below to register :

?This is a great opportunity to further develop your French skills. ? If you are already learning French at UWCEA, you should register for the ‘Advanced’ or ‘Intermediate’ course.

?Other languages are also available if you wish to learn a new language.