Arusha Campus News – 23 Feb 2024

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Friday 23rd February 2024

The Rejman family have performed Polish folk songs on Mother Tongue Day EVERY year that I have been here and EVERY year they are even better than the year before. Thank you Rejmans!

Upcoming dates

Thu 22-27th Feb – Mid Term Break School Closed

Fri 1 March – NTSAA Primary Swim Gala at Arusha Campus

Sat 2 March – NTSAA Secondary Swim Gala at Arusha Campus

Thur 7th March – PTA Cheese and Wine Evening

Dear Parents


Mother tongue day was a wonderful event again this year with parents (above) and teachers and students joining in to show off the amazing diversity of our language at UWC East Africa.

I hope everyone is enjoying the school mid-term break. I wonder how Mr Jonny is getting on with our students on the Kilimanjaro ascent attempt that is taking place as I write. Also, on outdoor pursuits this holiday are Mr Olivier and Mr Frank as they walk across the Serengeti Plains with students on Plains Challenge.

Dont forget that we will be back in School on Wednesday 28th February.

Some of you will have received the promotional flyers that we are working on as pictured below. Please encourage any friends or family or work colleagues to come along to Amber Restaurant on 11th March for an Open Evening to find out more about how and why they should enrol their child at our school!

Have a great weekend.


PYP News

Valentine's Day is an annual celebration of love, affection and romance. It's also known as St. Valentine's Day, as it relates to the Christian saint by the same name. The holiday has ancient origins dating back to the Roman Empire, but many of the commercial traditions we take part in today date ba

Thank you to all the PYP families who made this week’s Mother Tongue Day such a memorable day! There were many, many stars of the show including the Elderkin family pictured above.

The action (and dressing up!) doesn’t stop there! On Friday 8th March we will be celebrating World Book Day. Please allow your child to come dressed up as their favourite book character and to bring the book with them. Parents can dress up too!

The parade will take place during Share Time. There will be enough time after lunch for students to change into their costumes.
Happy reading!

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

P2 have their Tanzanite Experience

The P2’s had a wonderful trip to the Tanzanite Experience. See image above. They have been learning  about cycles and got to learn many facts about how rocks are formed.


MYP Round-up

A short but good week for MYP. Fantastic secondary assembly hosted by the M1 and M2 students on Tuesday. This was followed by some amazing performances by and fun activities for MYP students for Mother Tongue day. Also on Wednesday, the M5 class had a productive Personal Project Report writing workshop and this is pictured in the image above.

Anoek, MYP Co-ordinator

Diploma Visit to the United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals

On Monday, Ahmed, a D2 student, organised a trip to the United Nations International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (IRMCT) office in Arusha. A group of 12 students and two teachers (pictured above) joined him. This is what Ahmed has to say:

“The day commenced with a captivating presentation by Ms. Sadida, the Manager of Communication at the IRMCT office. Her comprehensive overview covered the intricate details of the IRMCT’s functions, the legal aspects surrounding the Rwanda genocide, and the broader scope of international law and the International Criminal Court (ICC). The students, keen on understanding the dynamics of the Rwanda genocide, actively participated in the presentation. Ms. Sadida not only elucidated the steps and categories related to IRMCT but also provided valuable insights for those interested in pursuing future opportunities as volunteers or interns with the UN IRMCT. A highlight of the visit was the students’ engagement with the IRMCT courtrooms, where conferences on the Rwanda genocide and international matters were held. Our students seized the opportunity to pose thoughtful questions, gaining valuable insights into the workings of IRMCT in addressing both criminal and political issues. Furthermore, the students explored the extensive UN IRMCT library and admired the park office of justice sessions, immersing themselves in the profound environment that shapes global justice. The day proved to be an exceptional educational experience, fostering a deeper understanding of the crucial role played by the UN IRMCT in addressing and preventing crimes of international concern. As we continue to nurture globally minded individuals at UWC East Africa, such experiences play a vital role in broadening perspectives and inspiring our students to actively engage with international affairs. We extend our gratitude to Ms. Sadida and the entire UN IRMCT team for their warm hospitality and informative sessions.”

Counselor’s Corner

Have you signed up for the Careers Symposium yet?

We are looking forward to having a full and robust event this year, and need your help to make this happen. If you, or a professional you know, are interested in joining us on 21 March, we welcome you to complete this form and more information will be sent soon.

Form to sign up for 2024 Careers Symposium:

Black History Month

During Tuesday’s assembly that was excellently facilitated by the M1s and M2s, we had a chance to learn about Black History Month. Manzi Gatari explained the history of the month, which began as a brainchild of American historian Carter G. Woodson who wanted to make sure that the history of Black people was focused on for at least one week of the year in February. It has since grown to a month celebrated in multiple countries throughout the world, and includes the history of Africa. Kayla graced us with her talents as she did a dramatic reading of the poem “Still I Rise” by Dr. Maya Angelou. This poem highlights the resiliency and creativity of a group of people who have overcome centuries of oppression, and is a source of inspiration in spite of your circumstances. Thank you Kayla and Manzi (pictured on stage, above) for helping to enlighten our community about the significance of Black History this month.

UPCOMING College and University Events

29 February: 4:00-5:00 PM EAT US Consular in Tanzania will present an overview of the US F-1 Visa process (virtual)
13 March: 7:30 PM EAT D1 Parent/Guardian meeting: Preparing for the pursuit of post-secondary opportunities (Part I)
21 March: 7:45-10 AM M5/D1 Careers Symposium and D2 Post-Secondary Planning Fair
26 March: 1-4PM CIS University Exploration Fair (Africa) – virtual (advance registration required. Link:

Kilimanjaro, here they come!
Our most recent group of Kili climbers (above) are on their way. They left early on Wednesday morning with big smiles and enthusiasm about the adventure that lies ahead. We cannot wait to hear about their experiences once they return to campus next week.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor