Arusha Campus News – 23 Sep 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Friday 23rd September 2022

Our UN special envoy representing Tanzania and UWC East Africa, Emmanuel Msoka (D2) continued his work in New York this week. We can’t wait to hear what he has been doing, when he gets back!

Dear Parents

Does anyone recognise the lady waving at us in this picture. To give you a clue, she is the Outdoor Pursuits Co-ordinator at UWC ISAK in Japan and this picture shows her at the top of the highest peak in Japan. Of course, it is Miss Flo – as active as ever. Lovely to receive this pic from her this week.

The Campus has been as busy as I have ever known it this week due to the multitude of sports teams enjoying the FEASSSA games which we agreed to host at the last minute to help out the organisers. I confess to feeling very sheepish. When we were asked to host the matches and the swimmimg events at the very last minute I grumbled about the lack of thinking ahead on the part of the organisers and could only think of what the event woud cost us in terms of extra security, manpower, equipment and facilities. Not to mention that our basketball court and swimming pool would be inaccessible for our own students for the whole week. I feel sheepish because upon reflection, it has been lovely to host these extraordinary athletes from around East Africa. What a pleasure it has turned out to be. I feel cross that the world we live in at the moment teaches us to be suspicious of peopel we don’t know, and to think that we can’t have strangers on campus because they must be up to no good! So, in retrospect, I feel very pleased that we have gone out of our way as a whole school to make it possible for these students to play their basketball and do their swimming.

Enjoy your weekend.


PYP News

The P2’s (above, and below) held their art gallery this week to showcase their work. They were very confident and presented their art pieces so wonderfully.

I love celebrating learning! At the end of each unit the students celebrate their learning in a variety of ways. The P6 class explained the different types of government through models and posters to the P4/5’s. Personally I was extremely impressed with P6’s understanding of the vocabulary they had learned. The P4/5’s created posters to explain all about different arefeacts, traditions and rituals. The P3’s invited their parents to learn about real life super heroes. Finally the P2’s had an incredible art exhibition which they shared with their parents showing so many different artists.

The end of unit celebrations are such an important part of each unit giving students the chance to reflect on their understanding of the concepts covered.


PYP Inter House Athletics – Save the Date!

Fun Sports Day – Save the Date!

Counselor’s Corner

Exploring a World of Possibilities

Speaking with students about their aspirations, I enjoy hearing their global interests and professional aspirations. Our students come from all around the world, and seek to continue their academic pursuits in a vast array of locations. This is exciting, but also comes with a need to conduct an extensive amount of research to ensure the international destinations will be a good fit for each student. Along with insisting that students  “do their homework” when it comes to learning about their postsecondary options, we continue to encourage families to do the same. In most cases, someone will be making a huge investment in a collegiate education, which makes it worth putting in the time now to ensure there will be a positive return on that investment.

A huge thank you to the parents who participated in the D2 Parent Presentation on “Preparing for the 2022-2023 Admission Cycle.” Your patience with the internet, and questions were greatly appreciated. We have recorded the presentation, and will make it (and the resources shared) available shortly. If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to contact me ( A presentation for D1 parents will take place in November.

Next week, families are invited to participate in two major events to learn more about the options your child can explore for their next campus home.

1. UWC Virtual Fair Days (27 & 29 September – offered twice each day)
Event website:
Registration link:
Prepare for the fair:

2. Study in Canada with University of Calgary (29 September at 7:30 PM EAT)

3. The CIS Africa University Exploration Day platform is still available for you to review the information and resources available on the site. If you registered, you can log on and view the recordings and visits the college/university booths:

Lastly, we recently hosted a very informative and engaging session with Admissions staff and former UWC East Africa students studying at University of Oklahoma, a Davis UWC Partner Institution. The University of Oklahoma has enrolled the most UWC alumni for many years, and our former students made sure current students understand why so many UWC students find success on the Norman, Oklahoma campus. This was an excellent opportunity to interact with an institution of high interest, and many more events are still coming our way that will allow students, and families, to do the same!

UPCOMING College and University Visit Events

27 & 29 September: UWC Partners Virtual Fair 4-6 PM EAT and 8-10 pm EAT
29 September: University of Calgary 7:30-8:30 PM EAT (virtual presentation)
3 October: Methodist University 4:oo & 8:00 PM EAT (virtual presentation)
4 October: 11:30-12:30: Concordia College, St. Olaf College, Earlham College, St. John’s College, Whitman College, AND College of the Atlantic on Arusha campus
18 October: University of Florida 7:30 PM EAT (virtual presentation for UWC EA/WK)
19 October: 3:30 PM EAT Cornell University on Arusha campus
19 October: 7:30 PM EAT Columbia, Cornell, and Princeton Universities for UWC EA/WK)

We are continuing to schedule events every week, so stay tuned!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

Language B department in Diploma

Screenshots from the student videos certainly show the fun that students had in Language B this week!

As part of their unit on Identity, the French B D1 students were asked to create a short video on teenage stereotypes. Students worked in groups and identified a few stereotypes, such as teenagers spending too much time on their devices, procrastinating or sleeping all the time! The result is a selection of videos the students obviously had fun putting these together and all in French of course!

Other work in Language B this term has included writing in French to pen pals on Moshi Campus. (see examples of messages below)

Outdoor Pursuits: Peaks Level 1b North Pare

Excitement. Nervousness. Eagerness.

Our first OP Peaks trip was an emotional and physical roller coaster. Despite the 13 hours of hiking over two days and our aching bodies, the beauty of the North Pare Mountains took our breath away as we explored the area, gained insights about the various forest reserves, immersed ourselves in nature, and met the lovely locals. The wonderful relationships and memories that were made between the D1 students from Arusha and Moshi during this trip will be treasured forever.

Thank you very much!

Nero, D1