Arusha Campus News – 2 Apr 2021

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Friday 2nd April 2021

At least two important religious festivals this week – today of course is Good Friday whilst the Hindu Festival of Holi, also known as the “Festival of Love”, the “Festival of Colours”, and the “Festival of Spring”. The festival celebrates the eternal and divine love of Radha and Krishna. Our old friend and teacher Olivier is pictured below celebrating the colours in Thailand earlier this week!


Dear Parents

The Diploma 2 students enjoy a light hearted photo opportunity at the end of Wednesday’s assembly.

We shared a super assembly at the end of the day on Wednesday this week. Some wonderful music and dance contributions as well as some sincere acknowledgements of achievement – notably Cody and Magnus (D1) receiving their AISA Award for Community Service for their work to make masks for medical staff in Arusha during the Covid pandemic. Cody also picked up his Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze Award. We heard from Ali and Lydia about the latest progress with their Young Aurora Elephant and Bee Hive project in northern Tanzania.

Read about the PYP Exhiition Retreat later in this newsletter and spare a thought for our Diploma 2 students (pictured above) who will now take a well earned holdiay before the final push to their final examinations in May.

Have a restful holiday everyone and see you back in School on Monday 12th April.

Happy Easter


Chloe (P2/3) performs (above) on the piano under the watchful eye of Mr Gabriel..

..while the Sendze family (below) were outstanding with their beautiful songs.

Updated Behaviour Policies for Primary and Secondary

UWC East Africa regards clear behaviour procedures as fundamental to effective teaching and learning as well as collective safety and wellbeing. Moshi and Arusha leadership teams recently approved newly updated behaviour policies for both the Primary and Secondary sections of our school. These have been rolled out to staff and have already been used to help us determine appropriate responses to some recent behaviour incidents. We hope that these improved policies will help us react more quickly and consistently when issues arise.  

In the secondary school, the policy includes both commendations for positive behaviours and consequences for instances when behaviour does not meet community expectations.

Commendations for positive behaviours will involve a newly designed House Point system that will be implemented in the 4th Quarter. House Points are intended to support student development of positive and healthy habits, celebrate student success, and strengthen the House system. The house point system is designed to only reward positive behaviour rather than a system where points can be deducted for negative behaviour.

Behaviours which do not meet community expectations are recognised as either related to an academic or social performance. If the reported behaviour is related to academic performance such as missed work, disrupting class, or poor performance, students may be assigned to a compulsory study period. If the reported behaviour is related to poor social performance, students may be assigned to community service. Both the compulsory study period and community service will take place each Friday from 2-3pm. Parents will be notified by Wednesday afternoon if their child is required to attend so that arrangements for transportation on Friday can be made.

Improved reporting and tracking of both positive and negative behaviours through ManageBac will allow us to see patterns of behaviour that may require additional actions or support.

Thanks to Mr. Khalid, Ms. Jessica P. and Ms. Amy for their assistance in developing the House Point and Compulsory Study procedures.

If you have any questions regarding the updated policies, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Ms. Christy
Deputy Head of Campus

PYP News

This week, the P6 Class organised a retreat complete with sleepover in tents on the field where they spent dedicated time preparing themselves for their P6 Exhibition. So what exactly is the ‘Exhibition’ and what does it look like?

Goal: Following official PYP guidelines students will stage an exhibition demonstrating their understanding of the PYP.

Role: Each student will contribute to the exhibition and make a presentation.

Audience: All members of the school community and parents, donors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Situation: Students decide what action to take to solve an identifiable local problem that also related to the bigger world.

Product or performance: PYP Exhibition (the opportunity for students to share their message with the community and world!)

Enduring Understanding: Have the children made a difference in the community and/or world and shown an understanding of the PYP essential elements?

Enjoy Miss Carmen’s portfolio of images that recorded the current P6 Class preoparing for their own Exhibition!


Secondary Music Opportunity Open to all MYP/DP

Ms. Elizabeth will start a fun, student-led campus band/choir for MYP/DP students which will practice one afternoon a week outside of the CCA schedule at 4.30pm.

Join for the opportunity to perform in concerts and (Covid-depending) off-campus gigs. Already in a band? Come rehearse during this time anyway to get support! Need more CAS or SA activities? This will count towards your Creative activities.

Student leadership opportunities:
The band/choir will need at least one student director who will help assisting with selecting music and coordinating with other students. As a member of the ensemble you can suggest songs or even how you want to perform (concerts, gigs, musical plays, etc)

If interested in joining or being a student director, please reply and provide a suggestion for which day would be best to meet.


MYP Student-Led Conferences

Earlier this week the MYP Students came to School – nothing strange in that – with their parents! An opportunity for all our MYP students to share their academic progress with mums and dads. Pictured above is Kayla with a happy mum and dad. Below, Manu with dad and then Yannick with mum! And (bottom picture) Valerie goes through her maths with her mum too.

Books to Succeed in South Sudan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who donated books for the “books to succeed” project. The world will be in better condition if we always come together as one. I have received a lot of books which need to be transported to Juba, South Sudan. Therefore, I am creating a fundraising campaign to raise money for transporting the books. In addition, you can still donate books and anything that can lead to the success of the library.
There is no limit on how much one can donate, just as there is no limit in reading a book. South Sudan needs me!
South Sudan needs you!
Together we can

Jube, D2

NB This camp is for UWC East Africa Arusha Campus students, parents and staff members only


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