Arusha Campus News – 19 Apr 2021

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Monday 19th April 2021

Dear Parents

Apologies for the exceedingly late newsletter this week. As Miss Vignard points out, this has been a very busy week for the Diploma teachers as they mark and upload coursework for the Diploma students. And this will be the students’ last week of school…….ever! What a thought. They still have the small matter of their exams to sit but they all deserve to look back on their school career with pride and satisfaction. Well done!

At the other end of the school, Miss Carmen’s PYP students are launching their PYP Exhibition and the graphic above shows you the exciting Central Ideas that this year’s cohort are exploring.

On a personal level I had the privilege of taking a merry band of students to the Serengeti during the Easter holidays (see picture right). We only went for one full day but were lucky to see cheetah, lion, leopard and several thousand wildebeest!

And then on Friday my faithful Under-19 boys football team welcomed Moshi for a splendid game of football (see picture above) The game and it’s result was incidental – I think the opportunity to see old friends and kick a ball about together was the highlight. We then celebrated in style with a night out at Khan’s Barbeque!

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the Festival of the Arts which incorporated the IB Diploma Art Exhibition. It was magnificent and as good as I have ever known such an event. Many thanks to Mr Tyler, Miss Amy and Miss Kate for such a professional show.

Lots to read about in this edition of the newsletter. So much so that I am only showing one picture of the new restaurant (below) – you will have to wait until next week for the full portfolio!

Have a super week ahead.


From Ms. Christy, Deputy Head of Campus

Welcome to Quarter 4!

In Primary, the P6 class is starting on their Exhibition. In MYP, the M5s are in the final push before their eAssessments. And of course in DP, the D2s have only a week of classes remaining before exams begin.

Join us to celebrate the D2s!
On Friday, April 23rd, the D2s will have their last day of classes. At 12:20 all students and staff will gather along the sidewalks to cheer on the graduating class as they ‘parade’ around the campus. Some students will make posters wishing the D2s well, others may have noisemakers or pom poms to add to the fun. We would love for you to join us.

While you’re on campus at any time, consider stopping into the office to drop off a donation to help D2 Jube. Many of you have been very generous in donating books to help her build a library back in South Sudan – now she needs funding to transport those books. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Ms. Christy
Deputy Head of Campus

PYP News

The new PYP basketball court has proved very popular. Thanks to Walter and his maintenance team for making it!

Please take note of the dates of the events in PYP in Quarter 4. These are subject to alterations.

Swim Events
Tuesday 20th April 11 -12am EC and Nursery FUn Swim
Wednesday 21st April 1.00 – 2.30pm P1-6 Fun Gala

Tuesday 25th May – P5/6 to Visit Moshi P6 Exhibition 
Tuesday 1st June – P6 PYP Exhibition Dress Rehearsal to our school
Wednesday 2nd June – PYP Exhibition to Parents in the evening

Play – My Family went to market
Monday 14th June – Dress rehearsal
Tuesday 15th June- Play

Interhouse Art
Friday 21st May

MAP P4/5
Friday 30th April – Practice session
Mon 3rd – Wed 5th May – Reading, Language and Maths

Sent home on Friday 18th June

Move up lesson
Monday 7th June – P6 to M1
Tuesday 8th June 8.00- 10.00am – P6 to M1 
Tuesday 8th June 9.00 – 9.40am – PYP Move Up session to meet next years teacher


P1/2 Learn about the Solar System

Ali Saber (D1) visited P1/2 to share his knowledge and interest in the solar system. P1/2 are currently studying properties of the solar system as part of their unit inquiring into How the World Works. He prepared a fabulous presentation and patiently answered a plethora of questions. P1/2 thoroughly enjoyed having one of our students guest teach!

U19 Boys Football: UWCEA Arusha v UWCEA Moshi

The two teams enjoy a light hearted moment at the end of the match.

“Jacarandans” were the only names on the scoresheet, but the scoreline should highlight the outstanding team effort that saw Arusha win the derby last Friday

On Friday 16th, the Arusha Rhinos hosted the Moshi Leopards at the UWCEA Arusha Stadium in Kisongo. It was the first UWCEA derby since Sports Weekend last November, and was a good chance for both teams to keep their football skills in shape.

The game kicked off at 3:30pm to a crowd of fifty home supporters, mostly dressed in purple. Five minutes into the game, after a parried save, Anam picked up the rebound and fired it into the net from close range to open the game’s scoring. Four minutes later, Hakim bounded down the right wing, dribbled across the baseline and passed off the ball to John to pounce on and double Arusha’s lead.

Moshi nearly pulled one back in the 13th minute. A well fired free kick from the right side of the box was tipped over the bar at the last minute by Al Logan. Two minutes later, Andrew magically dribbled through the midfield and sparked off a series of well strung passes which ended with Hakim slotting it into the bottom left corner.

The game was balanced for the next 20 minutes, with Tombe and Brandon linking the team together nicely in the midfield. Venezuelan left back Miguel made a couple of solid attacking runs down the left wing, crossing the ball dangerously into the box.

The next breakthrough came in the 32nd minute. Anders found space in the middle of the park, and fired the ball towards the goal for a screamer. Tembo, sporting a “Sergio Ramos” headband, manned the defence terrifically during the first half that he played, and was always in the midst of the defensive action. Collins and Jerry also had superstar performances, Collins notably blocking a cross and shot into the box and Jerry’s numerous interceptions.

The second half began with Beeri taking over the mantle, and he too would keep a clean sheet with tidy goalkeeping.  Through balls over the Arusha defence were cleared away by the pacy Luanga, while Rida was a solid wall in the defensive midfield. Andrew would create many chances, only barely missing out on a goal at the end of them. In the 74th minute, a Ravi corner kick met the head of Franck, who jumped high in the air to put the ball in. Fabrice almost mirrored him a few minutes later, but was unlucky to just graze the outside of the post.

With ten minutes to go, John secured his brace for the day, and could have had his chance for a hat-trick, but was substituted a few minutes later for a crowd-thrilling Assaf cameo. The last action of the day came when Franck hit the crossbar from 15 yards. A special mention must go out to Hakim, Alseny and Ahmed who still managed to play significant minutes on a full pitch despite fasting.

Overall, there was good football played by both teams, and it was nice opportunity for inter-school matches which had been lacking this season.

Tombe (Arusha) and Otto (Moshi) were voted MVPs by their opponent teams. A big thanks to the Moshi squad for making the long drive to Arusha on a Friday afternoon!

Ravi takes on the Moshi defence whilst enjoying the most magnificent playing conditions at the beautiful Arusha pitch.

The DP Corner

In less than a month, the D2 students will be starting their IB Diploma exams!

During the last week of quarter 3, they completed the final component of TOK, the presentation. THe TOK presentation is meant to test their understanding of TOK concepts in relation to a real-life situation. The real-life scenario can be based on a situation in their local community or an issue of broader international scope. From this real-life scenario, they need to develop a knowledge question, which will be the basis of their presentation as they attempt to develop different perspectives to which to answer the question from. The students picked a real life situation from a wide range of topics, such as the Harvey Einstein scandal and “whether the appreciation of his films should be tied to his personal life or should solely be based on the quality of his productions” (“To what extent do reasoning and emotions influence ethical choices?”), the celebration of the Biden administration for embracing scientific innovations which illustrates the power higher authorities have on decision-making (“To what extent do power and progress contribute to ethical decisions”), Nayib Bukele’s selfie on Twitter to illustrate the fact that more people will see the selfie than actually listen to his speech (“To what extent are publications the best approach to share knowledge?”) and many more…

Due to a change in the TOK syllabus, the D1 will be completing a TOK exhibition instead of a presentation next year. Therefore, it was rather appropriate for some of them to help the wonderful M5 Personal Project exhibition this year, as part of their CAS (Service). The D1 also took part in their first UWC Davis Scholar Partner Institutions Virtual Fair last month and were able to listen to the following presentations: The future of standardized testing for US colleges (Karen Bartlett, Middlebury College), Applying early? What you need to know (Francesca Edwards, Bennington College) and finally Securing financial aid as a Davis UWC scholar (Kassy Grosser, Wartburg College).

The Festival of the Arts

Add a title


Model United Nations (MUN) has been impressive this quarter!

MUN is an educational initiative made to teach students all around the world about economic, social, sanitary and military conflicts in the United Nations format of debate. The members learn how to negotiate, debate and make speeches with the aim of attending conferences around the world in the future.
MUN conferences help students meet new people with similar interests, find better opportunities for Universities and make them aware of all the issues the world is going through, which perfectly fits with the UWC values.

In the MUN team we focus on teaching the basics through activities and games, and then we go into debating, improving as we go. We try to make every session fun and engaging.
We’re very happy to say that we received an amazing team willing to learn, who in a short period of time showed understanding and implementation of these skills in our debates. we hope that the pandemic situation in the world can allow us to start competing in conferences and representing the school soon. every student from M5-D2 are welcome to join us next quarter!!

-Miguel and Anders.

Boarding Update

While some D1 and D2 students enjoyed a couple of nights on safari, others had a cooking session in Baobab with Ms V! On the menu: one pot chicken fajita pasta, one pot swedish meatballs pasta, one pot cheesy taco pasta, a pasta salad and another vegetarian pasta sauce recipe created by Sayora and Mihranush! Nothing like pasta to fill you up when you are at university on a tight budget!

Next session, we will focus on sweets with microwave mug cakes! Miam!

Re-usable Sanitary Pad Project at Canaan Children Centre

 Last week on Saturday,  (see picture above) we finished our re-usable pads project in Canaan children centre. After teaching sewing techniques to three girls in our school,  we finished the project by going to Canaan children centre in Kisongo, and we donated two sewing machines; a hand and a pedal sewing machines. In addition, we donated re-usable pads from EPN organisation and having them to teach the girls how to use the re-usable pads. This project has helped to tackle a major issue in the world which is menstrual health hygiene.

Thank everyone for support to the success of the project.

Thank you
Jube, Tamu and Shaheen (D2)

The Duke of Edinburgh

We are deeply saddened by the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, a committed champion of young people and Founder of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, @Intaward. HRH leaves a legacy which continues to inspire millions around the world, including here at UWC East Africa,  to discover their infinite potential. He will be sadly missed, but never forgotten.

Counselor Corner

Planning Ahead

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating break in whatever way you were able to spend the time. Since there is a lot of information in this first newsletter of the fourth quarter, we want to focus on a few key items this week, especially because one is very timely for students and families with questions about applying to international institutions.

On Saturday at 3:00AM EAT, and again at 5:00PM EAT, we invite you to participate in the College Board University Talks (see picture above).  Below is the information about this event, and why we think this will be extremely beneficial for M4-D2 students and families as you explore a world of options.
Participating International Universities are listed below. More will be added.
● Bocconi University – Milan, Italy
● Northeastern University – Boston, Massachusetts, USA
● Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Troy, New York, USA
● The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Hong Kong
● University of British Columbia – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
● University of Calgary – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
● University of Sydney – Sydney, Australia
● University of Wisconsin, Madison – Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Topics will include:
● Exploring Various Higher Education Systems and Opportunities
● Understanding the Role of Coursework
● Decoding Admissions Testing
● Mapping a University Search Plan
● Building a University List
● Writing a Personal Statement
● Securing Letters of Recommendation
● Exploring Financial Aid and Scholarships

Also, we have been invited to a major event taking place over two days with UWC Davis Scholar Partners and other top institutions in the US. Please take a look at the flyer at the foot of this article and feel free to use the QR Codes or the links to register for one of the two days:

In addition, virtual events will continue to be added to the Upcoming Visits List, so please be sure to sign up to attend one or two that interest you. Then talk with your child about what you learned and how this might apply to their post-secondary plans. In addition, if you are the parent of a student in M5-D2 and you do not have access to your child’s Maia Learning  account, please email with your name, your child’s name, and your preferred email address in order to receive access.
Finally, although this final quarter will be full of excitement, it will also be a time when many will experience a rollercoaster of emotions. We welcome you to access resources that we have compiled in the Covid-19 Counselor Resources to support many of the mental health needs that will arise during this time.

Take care and Ramadan Mubarak,

UWCEA School Counseling Team

The New School Bus

Our grand new 40 seater bus now graces the car park – you couldn’t possibly miss it really!

Cycle Helmet Appeal

As we develop our Mountain Bike Outdoor Pursuits Programme, more and more students are taking up cycling as a pastime. To that end we are looking for any second hand or unwanted cycle helmets to bolster our Outdoor Pursuits equipment store. If you have a helmet or two that you dont use, please think about dropping them off at our main reception – they will go to a good home!


Books to Succeed in South Sudan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who donated books for the “books to succeed” project. The world will be in better condition if we always come together as one. I have received a lot of books which need to be transported to Juba, South Sudan. Therefore, I am creating a fundraising campaign to raise money for transporting the books. In addition, you can still donate books and anything that can lead to the success of the library.
There is no limit on how much one can donate, just as there is no limit in reading a book. South Sudan needs me!
South Sudan needs you!
Together we can

Jube, D2


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