Arusha Campus News – 22 May 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Monday 22nd May 2023

The Graduating Class of 2023!

Upcoming dates

Wed 24th May – Swahili Day

Sat 27th May – 10am PTA Car Boot Sale

Sat 27th May – 9am Open Football Tournament

Mon 29th May – MYP MAP Testing Week starts

Dear Parents

The Arusha 2023 Graduation Ceremony in the Performance Area

This weekend was memorable for two lovely graduation ceremonies. On Friday, Bob and his team in Moshi presented the Class of 2023 in warm evening sunlight at a ceremony interspersed with beautiful singing and profound words. A few hours later, in Arusha, the blue sky was the backdrop for a magnificent day and the graduation which was laced with warm gestures and loving statements. One of my favourite aspects of every graduation is the opportunity to meet some of the parents of those graduands. For two years all of the teachers here on Arusha Campus have taken their in-loco-parentis role very seriously and tried to make the best decisions for the students. To finally meet the ‘real’ parents is a joyous occasion and I was bowled over by the comments of support that we received from visiting parents. Thank you very much on behalf of all of my colleagues.

We now look forward to our D1 end of year exams. Hopefully the sadness caused by the exodus of D2’s will be compensated for by the fact that there will be more space and quiet time, not to mention bandwidth(!) for the new ‘senior’ students to go about their business.

M5’s too are nearing the end of their MYP journeys. They completed their on-screen exams last week and now look forward to a week of work experience before preparing for their own early summer holidays!

Plenty more to look forward to, starting this weekend with the PTA Car Boot sale at 10am. If you are able PLEASE could you bring a snack to share for the refreshments table and this will be complemented by coffee and other drinks! 

Finally for the sportspeople amongst you, why not enter the Open Football Tournament organised by the M2 boys! A fundraiser for the Ujamma Children’s Home.

Have a super week.


Moshi Graduation Ceremony was spectacular in every sense including some outstanding singing by Felice!

PYP News

P4/5 and 6 show off their Crazy Hair styles!

The PYP Student Council have decided on a few activities for this quarter.

Spirit days started with Crazy Hair or Hat…… There were definitely some crazy styles around.

Friday 26th May – dress up as a movie star day
Friday 2nd June – twin or zombie day

On Friday 26th May during Share time there will be a dance competition.Students can perform individually, with a partner or small group. They can use break times, lunch times and be helped by their parents at home. Please send any music needed to Miss Amanda by Wednesday 24th March.

Finally on Friday 16th June there will be an inter house Dodgeball. football and netball competition. please wear house t-shirts on this day.

Unit 6 is fully underway with the students enjoying their new inquiries.
P6 have been learning about the life cycles of different animals to lead them into their unit on puberty.

The P1’s had an amazing trip to Arusha Airport. They were met and shown around by a kind lady named Justina. The students were great inquirers as they wanted to know everything about different parts of a plane.

The N/EC1&2 class visited the Sikh temple and had an amazing experience learning to appreciate others beliefs and values.

P2 had a fantastic day at Fun Retreat looking at different inventions and playing on lots of new and exciting play equipment.

The P4/5’s have had a great week making pancakes and designing treasure hunts.

P3 have been researching about explorers and the journeys they made.

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

The M1 Class (above) pose ‘beautifully’ for their class photo!

At the beginning of the year, we took photos of all the students as a fundraiser for our PTA.

Sample photos have been shared with you, please take a look and fill in this form if you would like to purchase the picture. Please proceed with the payments at the accounts office. Each picture is Tsh.10,000. The digital high-resolution photo will then be shared with you.

Thank you!

Emmyrose, Advancement Office

MYP Update

The big news last week was the M3 Science Fair, see the article below this one and the images above.

Our M5 students finished their On-screen Exams last week, and this week head off to conduct their work experience placements. They will return for the following week which will culminate in their M5 Final Day celebration! News to follow.

Anoek, MYP Co-ordinator

M3 Science Fair

Lily explains how dogs react to Rock and Classical music in different ways!

This past Thursday, we had our M3 Science Fair where we showcased all our work from the past 6 weeks. These weeks came with hard work and perseverance to ensure we had good work to show and submit a separate lab report. The day of the Science Fair was successful and fulfilling and gave us the opportunity to explain and visualize our experiments. In the end, I think it was a success and made a lot of people proud.

Eleanor, M3

Eleanor’s experiment was breathtaking!

Jessica explains how media affects plant growth…

..and for Shiven it was a matter of taste!

M5 Head Off to Work Experience

The M5 students have secured their placements and are now gearing up for an exciting Work Experience Week from May 22 to May 26.

Throughout this week, students will gain a firsthand experience of the daily tasks, skills, and qualifications required for their chosen careers. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights into the professional world.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to ensure their safety and well-being throughout the week while emphasising punctuality and professionalism to ensure that students make the most of their transformative work experience and form meaningful connections in the professional world.

We wish all M5 students the very best as they embark on this incredible opportunity and hope that this Work Experience Week will serve as a stepping stone towards their bright and successful futures.

Good luck!

Ms Delphine, Life Skills teacher

Sports Round-up

Our Rhinos rugby players under the expert coaching of Miss Peterson!

This weekend our rugby teams were out in force and performed heroically in the NTSAA Rugby tournament at St Constantine’s. All teams performed and progressed well. As an observer I was extremely impressed by the standard of technical play and even more proud of the fact that the conduct of our rugby players and their attiude to referees and opposition players was exemplary, and an example to everyone at the tournament. They must be very well coached!

The next day a few hardy souls braved the misty early morning to take part in the Maternity Africa Fistula Marathon. Outstanding perfomances from Ahmed Hakrash in the 21kms who finished 4th overall and to our very own Caroline Front Office who came in 2nd in the ladies 10km. Well done evryone for great running for an even greater cause!

Pictured below from left are Caroline, Ahmed, Angela and Abdurahman

Counselor’s Corner

Congratulations graduates, but don’t forget…

This is a time of great joy and celebration, as many years of schooling culminate in a graduation ceremony. Amid all of the celebrating, it is important to remember that although one chapter is closing, another begins (soon). For those students who will be starting their studies at the collegiate level later this year, it is important that graduates are reviewing their university email frequently as this is the primary mode of communication from universities.

Graduates should receive communication about the following:
★ I-20 form (US bound students)
★ Housing selection, deposit, and roommate preferences
★ Meal plan selection
★ Review the list of what to bring to the university (no linen and bedding or toiletries are provided)

Wishing you all the best, and here to help in any way that I can as you prepare for the next exciting phase of your journey through life. This includes Gap Year students, who I will continue to be available to assist if you desire to apply in the next year.

Wednesday Night’s D1 Parent Presentation reminder

Reminder:  D1 Parent Presentation Part II: Application Systems from Around the World. See the details below as you plan to join us for this informative event. Since we will be covering a lot of information in a short period of time, we ask that you submit country specific questions in advance.

When: Wednesday, 24 May @ 7:30-9:00 PM EAT

Where: Zoom link to join: Meeting ID: 409 557 4237

If you have any country specific questions, please email so that we can prepare answers in advance.

IC3 Parent and Student Survey request
This survey is in collaboration with the IC3 Institute as a part of the 2023 Annual Student Quest research in collaboration with Vijaybhoomi University and University of Waterloo with students, parents, and counselors, which includes short reflective surveys for all. This will help us better understand the thinking, choices, preferences, and patterns of students and parents and also identify areas that require training or support to bring quality counseling to every school.
Please take a few minutes to answer the respective surveys by clicking on the relevant link.
Student Survey
Parent Survey

Disclaimer: The IC3 Institute upholds the highest global data integrity standards, with no personal identifying information requested from any participant. The data collected through the survey will be kept confidential and only used for academic research and to make recommendations to relevant stakeholders and government organizations.
We look forward to your active participation, as your thoughts matter to us.

UPCOMING College and University Events

19 May: Deadline to register for 3 June SAT (in Moshi) – Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 SAT tests (visit for more information)

23 May: 7:30 PM IN PERSON Arusha Campus (Performance Assembly) Pomona College, Swarthmore College, and Williams College (Three Davis UWC Partner Institutions highly selective liberal arts colleges and essay writing.)
24 May: 6:30-9:30 PM EAT International College and Universities Virtual Fair Link to register in advance:
24 May: 7:30-8:30 PM EAT Part II: D1 Parent/Guardian Presentation: Preparing for the Global College Application Process
31 May: 2:00-8:00 PM EAT International Colleges and Universities Fair Mount Meru Hotel – Arusha (in person)
3 June: 7:30-11:00 AM EAT SAT in Moshi (See for more information)
9 June: 11:20 AM Arusha (During D1 DSS)  Amherst College in person visit
15 June: 4:45-6:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th: US Liberal Arts Colleges Presentation and mini-virtual fair. June focus: Us Application Essay Writing, making an impact.
Link to register for these events:

Keep celebrating and preparing for what’s next!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

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