Arusha Campus News – 6 Jun 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Monday 6th June 2022

The amazing P6 PYP Class celebrating the end of their PYP Exhibition on Wednesday evening with an enormous cake!

Dear Parents

The M5 Class (above) have finished school for this year and on Thursday afternoon they attended a special assembly to see them off before most return for the Diploma Programme in August 2022.

I could not have been prouder of our students at any time this year than at last week’s PYP Exhibition. Amazing knowledge but more importantly the way in which every single student was able to articulate their research and answer questions with confidence. What a super job the students, their parents and Miss Carmen, Mr Greg and Miss Rose have done in P6 this year.

This time of year is not all fun and smiles as June is the time to say goodbye to members of our community who are moving on to pastures new. Families, students, and teachers will be leaving this year and we are very sad to see them go. However, we would never have come here in the first place had we not left somewhere else (if that makes sense!) and so let’s wish our leavers the best of luck in the next stage of their life adventure.! In this newsletter, I have started to introduce the new teachers who will be joining our School from August. A warm welcome to them.

A Monday newsletter this week I am afraid, due to the fact that I was away in Kenya taking part in the Rhino Charge rally over the weekend. The Rhino Charge this year raised in excess of $1million in a single day. And these funds will go to support conservation projects in the region.

Enjoy your week – try to come to the PTA Coffee morning on Wednesday and the Cheese and WIne Evening on Thursday – and let’s hope for a little bit of sunshine on these rainy days!


Dates for the Diary

Wednesday 8th June – 8am PTA Coffee Morning

Thursday 9th June – PTA Cheese and Wine evening

Friday 17th June – Last day of the year

Welcome to the new teachers! Herman and Lisa Kruger – Head of Residential Life

We are the Krugers….Herman (Teacher/ dad/ Boarding parent), Lisa( Mom/ Boarding Parent), Harmon (Super Traveler and driving us mad) and Charlene (Architect in the making).

Here we are (above) seen at a local restaurant in Malaysia, seeking green spaces and waterfalls in the city – that is why we are over excited for our journey to Arusha to start. As a family we have traveled the world and especially Asia and experienced the most interesting and fascinating times. Now, we are returning to what we love – nature, wildlife and friendly people.  Super excited to meet all of you and be part of the wonderful Arusha community.

PYP News

The highlight of this week is of course the P6 PYP Exhibition (see images above and below) What a fantastic 2 days of celebrating the P6 achievements and a splendid showcase of learning.

The stage performances showed their talents in music, French, Swahili and Dance. In the classrooms the different groups of design, music, art, culture and thinking art displayed a wide range of activities that showed their understanding of How We Express Ourselves.

Drama – The group expressed themselves in a fun and interactive way taking action by writing and presenting a play
Music – The group were knowledgeable about different styles and types of music.taking action by composing the music to a song written by the thinking art group.
Thinking Art – The group took action by presenting an exhibition using art to share important messages in a variety of forms.
Design – The design group took action in different ways creating lego models, a motorised BMX bike, one model represented through 5 different media and a reconditioned table from a window.
Culture – The group discussed cooking, Indian culture and fashion related to their cultures taking action through making a dress, creating a recipe book and reading a story about Krishna to EC.

We wish the P6’s all the best next year in middle school


P1 Camping in the Classroom

We had a great time riding bikes, playing games and at dinner time some D1 students also came over to help us set up an obstacle course which was so much fun.

After dinner we went to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and share camp fire stories. After that we wnet back to class for popcorn and a movie. Although there were loads of mosquitoes around, I think everyone had a decent night’s sleep.

Thank you all for supporting our learning adventures.

Miss Nangini

P2/3 Visit Twende

Twende is a local NGO with over five years of running hands-on design training with 1100+ participants from a range of backgrounds. The organisation believes anybody can solve their own problems but some outside advising, tools, and confidence can help. Therefore the role of the organisation is to provide this support for making tech.

This week the P2/3’s went to Twende Innovation centre in Njiro (see above). The children have been learning about inventions. They had a tour of the facility, had a brainstorming session on inventions and learnt how to make a flute.

Miss Alina

P4/5 Cross Campus Camp

Early last week the Arusha P4/5 Class were thrilled with the opportunity to host their counterparts from Moshi Campus. Miss Debbie and Mr Davies from Moshi joined Mr Ali and Miss Esperance to plan and supervise a 24 hours of nature walks, games, exercising and studying. Here they are (above) socialising and learning around the watertower on Arusha Campus.

Welcome to the new teachers! Jonny Pollard – PYP teacher

I’m sure I’m a familiar face to many as I have lived in Tanzania for several years as a teacher at Kennedy House. My wife (Adele) and 5-month-old (Finn) and I are originally from the UK but have been in Tanzania for the past few years. We are really looking forward to joining you at UWC Arusha!

DP Corner

It has been a busy month since my last contribution to the newsletter: first the D2 students tackled their final exams for 3 weeks, before celebrating the end of an era during their Graduation ceremony. All the best to the Class of 2022!

This was then followed by a week of internal exams for the D1 students, before working for 2 days off timetable on the “dreaded” Extended Essay (EE)!

Some really interesting research questions have materialized, such as:
How effective was the Nazi indoctrination through the creation of a “national community” to achieve conformity among the German youth from 1933 to 1943? (History),
How did cultural assimilation as a British colonial policy in the 1850s extinguish Indigenous languages and cultural identity in British Columbia, Canada? (Social and cultural anthropology),
To what extent does the informal dollarization in Venezuela impact the well-being of two families whose income is earned in bolívares (national currency) or American dollars in Caracas? (Economics),
To what extent do the characterization in the 2008 production of RENT help the portrait of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1980s New York? (Theatre),
What complexities does the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) add to the coming of age experience in Fiona Apple’s Tidal and J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye? (English A),
To what extent has the character usage of stereotypical male/female speech in Disney Pixar movies changed over the years? (English B),
What scientific experiments were used to prove the forgery of the portrait of Alexander Mornauer and how do these experiments work on a chemical level? (Chemistry),
How does Mickelene Thomas give women’s bodies a new meaning and reclaim feminine power through the female gaze? (Visual Arts),
To what extent different plant-based foods with high concentration of proteins are good for the body through digestion with pepsin used in comparison with meat protein? (Biology)
…and many more!

Having made a good start with their extended essay, the aim is for the students to come back in August with a full draft of their EE. The EE (as well as the TOK essay) is externally assessed by the IB. The D1 students will then be able to focus on the TOK essay (September) and on their internal assessments, marked by teachers and then moderated by the IB.

The IB Diploma Internal Assessment (IA)

The IA in the Diploma usually accounts for 20%-25% of the final grade in each subject. However if a student does not submit an IA in a subject, the student will automatically fail the subject, therefore the Diploma.

Internal Assessments include:
oral work in languages
fieldwork in geography
laboratory work/fieldwork in the sciences
investigations in mathematics
artistic performances
TOK exhibition

Hence why the D1 students have been collecting data for the investigation part of their ESS and Biology IA a few weeks ago. Each investigation is an individual piece of work based on different data collected or measurements generated. Ideally, students should work on their own when collecting data. In some cases, data collected or measurements made can be from a group experiment provided each student collected his or her own data or made his or her own measurements. In biology, in some cases, group data or measurements may be combined to provide enough for individual analysis. Even in this case, each student should have collected and recorded their own data and they should clearly indicate which data are theirs.

Finally the D1 students will be completing their TOK exhibition on Friday this week (10th June). This will be taking place above the canteen starting at 13.45. The community is invited to come and watch students present the 3 objects of their choice and their real life context, based on one of the prescribed prompts.


IBDP Co-ordinator

Outdoor Pursuits Reefs Level 5

The advanced divers from Moshi and Arusha Campuses converged on Fish Eagle Point near Tanga last weekend to contiue their work in rebuilding the coral reef at that location. Miss Peterson and Mr Marsh from Moshi led the expedition and incredibly important work was accomplished. The highlight for many was a glimpse of a rare Spanish Dancer on one of their dives.

Welcome to the new teachers! Charlie Boodman – English

In the background of the picture above,  is my best friend Doctor Bill.  He taught me to overcome my fear of the water and to learn to love the ocean beneath the waves. Since snorkeling with him for the first time in 2013, I have racked up nearly 800 dives across three continents and counting.  I’m a PADI dive instructor, English teacher, published writer, and a dog guy, although currently, I’m without one. If you need a dog sitter, I am your man. I like to stay up late and play my guitar, so I’m hoping wherever I live I won’t annoy the neighbors.  If they’re down with Pearl Jam, Chirs Cornell, and Neil Young, we’ll be fast friends!

‘Home’ by Widya and Roos (D1)

On Sunday the 12 of June 5 PM EAT the premier of the short film Home will be hosted. The film is produced by a group of students from UWC East Africa in collaboration with a local NGO, Perfect Vision. This NGO is a women’s empowerment group based in Arusha that brings mamas from heartbreaking backgrounds together and gives them the opportunity to start their own life. Home is based on a real story of Tina, who survived a life troubled by HIV, rape, abondenment and extreme poverty. By producing this short film, we hope to bring awareness to the issue of gender-based violence and give more Tanzanian women hope for a better future.

Join us for this premier Sunday 12th of June 5 PM EAT where we will talk to the directors, actors and the mamas from Perfect Vision about the production process of Home. You can also visit Perfect Vision’s website for more information here:

To stay updated on our premier follow us on our instagram thehomeprjct

See you all Sunday the 12 June 5 PM EAT!

Recycling Report May 2022


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