Arusha Campus News – 10 Feb 2024

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 10th February 2024

Our P6 class, above, had a camp out in school with Mr Jonny this week as part of their preparations for their P6 Exhibition. It looks like they also had a lot of fun! 

Upcoming dates

Wed 7th-Fri 16th February – D2 Mock Exams

Mon 12th February – D1 Project week

Mon 12th February – MYP Week Without Walls

Sat 17th February – Jane Goodall at Arusha Campus

Fri 8th March – PTA Cheese and Wine Evening

Dear Parents

Last weekend, Miss Cassandra and Miss Hilary took about 30 Residential Students for a nice dinner out of campus and to try some local food at Tembo Club. After a lovely dinner, the whole crew went to Braeburn to enjoy their school play. Students had a fabulous evening!

From reading this newsletter you will see what a busy week we have had in Arusha. The Diploma Two students will continue into next week with their mock exams whilst the remainder of the Secondary School head out for Week Without Walls (M1-M5) and Project Week (Diploma 1’s). M1 will be heading off to Lake Eyasi, M2 to Pangani at the seaside, M3 to Makumira and the Cultural Arts Centre, M4’s to Simba Farm in West Kilimanjaro whilst M5’s will go to Migombani in Mto wa Mbu! I have the privilege of accompanying M3 to learn about the cultural arts and kiswahili, both of which areas need major improvements in my particular case, so I am looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend


PYP News

The 100th day of school is a great opportunity for students to reflect on their progress and to celebrate their accomplishments. It allows students to see how far they have come since the start of the school year and to appreciate their hard work and effort.  Marking the 100th day is particularly popular in primary classrooms because the students are focused on reinforcing math skills and numbers. Celebrating 100 days with our MYP classes creates friendships between the students and is it is rewarding to see the MYP students supporting the PYP students. We had a great morning!

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

Mini World Cup in Arusha

ho are pictured above.

The mini World Cup matches at Braeburn were such fun. We came in 3rd place. Wonderful commitment and hard work from our team who are pictured above.

P1 learn from their D2 colleagues

This week, P1 visited the D2s’ art lesson to gather inspiration for our own creativity and to observe the type of artwork the older students produce. Pictures from the day are presented above. It was really exciting to hear the P1 discussing the different patterns and styles that the D2s chose for their individual pieces.

P6 Exhibition Retreat

P6 had a fun-packed two days preparing for Exhibition during their Exhibition Retreat this week with an overnight camp at school. The picture above shows dawn breaking over Mt Meru and the P6 tents.

MYP Latest

Through approaches to learning (ATL), students develop skills that have relevance across the curriculum and help them ‘learn how to learn’. As we get ready for the Week Without Walls trips, self-management was the ATL skill of focus for MYP students and teachers. Students had to plan and prepare for their assessments as part of our interdisciplinary units and organised the equipment needed for their WWW trip. We wish all groups a fun and successful trip and look forward to hearing their stories when they return!

Also this week, M5 students could be seen working on their ePortfolio in Physical and Health Education (see image above). For this, they are completing a series of tasks in which they develop, deliver and evaluate a performance improvement plan using a client/coach model. Students are paired with one of their peers and each is to coach their partner in a sport of their choice. Pictured are Agile, Ayinza, Haitham and Eun working on basketball skills and Fabian and Kayla working to improve in tennis. Students are documenting their coach/client journey in an ePortfolio which forms part of their IB MYP eAssessments.

Anoek, MYP Co-ordinator

MYP Life Skills News

The M3 class, pictured above, hard at work on their recent interactive online banking challenge. Their serious faces truly capture their dedication and focus…


M1. Healthy Lifestyle

Health Education has been the focus for the M1 students, they are learning how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. During this week’s lesson, students were engaged in creating posters that demonstrate the various elements that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and the importance of maintaining good sleep habits. These elements encompass their food choices, hydration, and engaging in regular physical activities. Through research and group activities, students found the positive outcomes of adopting a healthy lifestyle, which included boosting energy levels, enhanced mood, and improved physical and mental health.

Apart from their poster-making activities, students examined through case studies the barriers that can prevent individuals from adopting healthy practices and learned practical methods to overcome these obstacles. The next lessons will involve further exploring their ‘healthy blueprints’ and understanding how to manage their schoolwork, hobbies, and personal time while staying focused on their health goals.

M2. Personal Finance Literacy

The M2 students are learning to make informed decisions regarding saving and spending. They have been using online and offline interactive methods to explore different strategies for understanding the basics of saving. The strategies include learning about the various ways to save, the reasons for saving, and how to save effectively. This week, they engaged in activities that enabled them to grasp the challenges and unexpected expenses that can impact their savings. They also gained an understanding of the importance of having emergency funds. For the following lessons, M2 students will continue their financial literacy journey by learning how to manage influences over financial decisions through a series of consumer skills.

M3. Personal Financial Literacy

The M3 students are currently exploring the world of banking. They have been learning about the different aspects of banking and banking accounts, such as opening a bank account, reading bank statements, and navigating through an online banking account. This week, they had a chance to challenge themselves by participating in an interactive online banking activity. During the activity, they paid bills through transfers, managed subscriptions, purchased their needs and wants, and identified banking charges, including ATM fees from the network and non-network ATMs. Students also had to verify the accuracy of their transactions using their analytical skills and finally interpret how they were spending their incomes. In the next lessons, they will continue with banking activities, including writing cheques and exploring online banking security.

Delphine, Life Skills Co-ordinator

MYP Design with Miss Leah

M1’s  (see above) have been preparing for their WWW IDU unit which is Visual Arts and English. Their final project will focus on the tribes they meet during our trip and creating a mood board. To understand more the concept of a mood board and practice using their artistic skills towards one, they have been working hard for the last couple of weeks towards creating one as a Formative. They have really embraced the idea of using a mix of materials as well as 3D objects and drying flowers and leaves. I’m excited to see where their artistic and story telling skills take them after the trip!

Open Mic Night

Last Friday evening we had the first student- organised open mic night at UWC Arusha (see image above); a reoccurring event space where students and can try out performing in a small positive-vibes setting. The variety and emotion in the line-up last week was amazing. Well done to the organising students Astrid, Nathalia, Itay, Anahí and Lilly.

“In Open Mics we give a space for everyone to experiment with music however they want. No pressure, just enjoying music! “

Astrid, D1 , Open Mic Night Team

Diploma History

Our student teacher Mr Gudbrand (pictured above with his class) from Norway led a successful mock trial in the D1 History class. Students took the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to court for not addressing the challenges in post-independent Vietnam effectively.

Anoek, DP History

D2 Mock Exams

The D2’s were busy completing their last Maths paper (above) and their last Biology paper as part of their mock exam this Friday. Next May, students will indeed sit 2 or 3 different papers for each subject, in addition to the internal assessment they complete during their DP programme. Each component holds a different weight on the final grade depending on the subject. For Group 6 subjects (Arts), the students do not sit any exams during the examination session. Instead various components (internally and externally marked) are submitted to the IB.

Nathalie, IBDP Co-ordinator

Counselor’s Corner

Sharing is caring (continued from previous examples )

We have such an amazing community, and I can’t help but celebrate the ways that knowledge is passed from one cohort to another. Last week a group of D2s who applied in the early round this year took the time to meet with the D1s to share their experiences and lessons learned. To hear this group impart their well earned wisdom to the class that follows in their footsteps was invigorating as they touched upon some key areas of preparation for what comes next. Given all that is involved in successfully navigating the post-secondary process, it is so beneficial to not only start early, but be well informed about what to expect over the next year. This is just one wonderful example of the passing of information within our community, and I look forward to celebrating more as we prepare for the D2 Post-Secondary Planning Fair in March, and other opportunities including…

Calling all professionals!!

The Arusha campus Careers Symposium date has been set and will take place on 21 March here on campus. The event will start with a welcoming reception for our guests, and then will involve M5 and D1 students rotating to hear from the experts from 8AM until 9:30. This event works best when we have a wide range of professions present, so the more the merrier. If you would like to hear more about how you, or someone you know, can be involved in this event, please feel free to email me at and I will share more details.

Be sure to check the calendar on the UWCEA Careers website for upcoming events, including these…

UPCOMING College and University Events

29 February: 4:00-5:00 PM EAT US Consular in Tanzania will present an overview of the US F-1 Visa process (virtual)

13 March: 7:30 PM EAT D1 Parent/Guardian meeting: Preparing for the pursuit of post-secondary opportunities (Part I)

21 March: 7:45-10 AM M5/D1 Careers Symposium and D2 Post-Secondary Planning Fair

26 March: 1-4PM CIS University Exploration Fair (Africa) – virtual (advance registration will be necessary)

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Cassandra Ford

College and Career Counselor