Arusha Campus News – 9 Sep 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 10th September 2022

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II pictured with Mwalimu Julius Nyerere in 1979. (photo courtesy of

Dear Parents

I was fortunate enough to play a full round of Arusha Campus’ newest game – petanque – with the P6 Class……and Gardener Nuru! (Pictured above)

The death of Queen Elizabeth II this week gave us an opportunity to reflect on the life of someone who was a leader for over 70 years. She will be remembered as a leader whose integrity, selflessnes and care for others placed her firmly in the same calibre as Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela, to name two examples. One of our UWC East Africa values is to propagate ambition in students to take on leadership roles. Now I reflect upon the wording of that particular value, I wonder whether we should have elaborated more on the type of leadership that we wish our students to adopt. There is a world of difference between the type of leadership offered by the Queen and some of the Prime Ministers with whom she was tasked to collaborate in her life. As we look around the world at the moment, we can see that being a leader can have disastrous consequences if that leader has rotten values.

All of us have a duty to remind ourselves of the values of our institution and live them in the very best way we can. If we do that then we will all make good leaders.

Enjoy the basketball this weekend and then come and join us for the Full Moon Rotary Quiz on the roof of the Cultural Heritage building on Saturday at 6pm.

Have a super weekend


PYP News

One of my favourite events in the PYP calendar is the DP/PYP Meet up, which is exactly what we did today. The D1 and primary students got to know each other through games on the field. We have such a great diversity of nationalities and languages in our school that learning to appreciate and understand different perspectives is an essential part of today’s world. The students had a great time. Thanks D1’s.


P2 visit Themi Living Gardens

This week ,P2’s visited Themi Living Garden. The children learnt how to paint African art, enjoyed some music and ate a lovely Swahili lunch.

Miss Alina, P2

P3 – Heroes

When we started our unit (We Look to Heroes to show us who we can be) Dhyan shared his understanding of heroes as being people who fight for justice.  Then later in our unit, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Takeh and Nelly, both prosecutors at the UN Tribunal & real-life ‘superheroes’, who spoke to P3 about their roles helping deliver justice in court. They  answered heaps of questions from eager P3s (whilst dressed in their real-life superhero costumes of course!)

Mr Jonny, P3 Teacher

Counselor Corner – The Importance of Connections

This week officially kicked off our in person college visits, and I was thrilled to hear from students how much these interactions meant to them.  Through creating connections, and engaging directly with professionals at the institutions they are considering applying to, our students are more likely to make the most of their post secondary pursuits right from the start. Parents and guardians are an essential part of the process, and it is vital that you are aware of the connections that you can make as well throughout your child’s post secondary planning process.

Although we are thrilled with in person visits, we still enjoy special virtual presentations. On Thursday we were treated to a deep dive into the arts by the international representative from Ringling College of Art and Design. She shared some of the amazing work that their students are creating using a variety of formats, as well as career opportunities in the arts that span many different disciplines.

As mentioned previously, we encourage parents/guardians to start/continue connecting with institutions. One way to do that is to participate in upcoming events. Please take a look at the events below, and consider ways that you can start making connections to help prepare for your child’s application process and post secondary career. 

UPCOMING College and University Visit Events

14 September: The University of Oklahoma 7:30 PM EAT (virtual presentation)
19 September:  2:30 PM Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University, and Dartmouth College on Arusha campus
20 September: 12:00 – 3:00PM CIS Africa University Exploration Day – Registration now open for students and parents/guardians:
22 September: 10:00 AM &  7:30 PM EAT: D2 Parent/Guardian presentation about the 2022-2023 College/University Admission cycle (More information coming soon for virtual meeting access)
27 & 29 September: UWC Partners College Fair 4-6 pm EAT and 8-10 pm EAT
29 September: University of Calgary 7:30-8:30 pm EAT (virtual presentation)
4 October: 11:30-12:30: Concordia College, St. Olaf College, Earlham College, St. John’s College, Whitman College, AND College of the Atlantic on Arusha campus

Even more coming your way so stay tuned and connected!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

What is the 24 Hour Run?

For those of you who don’t know, the 24 Hour Run is a team and community fundraising event in which as many people as possible with at least one person from each team on the move at all times. Participants can choose to walk, jog, run and even dance on the field (pretty much anything you can think of is allowed, as long as you’re having fun!).

What is the purpose of the 24 Hour Run?

The UWC East Africa 24 Hour Run brings the community together to raise funds for the school’s scholarship fund which offers opportunities for students to do the IB Diploma Programme at UWC East Africa. This year, we are fundraising for the school’s scholarship fund.

In the past years, this fund has been vital to our community since 75% of IB Diploma students of UWCEA receive a scholarship to complete the program, which makes this service event very personal to everyone involved: we want to give back the opportunity we have received. This year, our fundraising goal is a fee for one full academic year of $29,000. We will also have our partners at Shelby-Davis match the money we raised with their ‘Dare to Dream’ grant to help provide the school fees for another student to study and receive their IB Diploma with us.

About fundraising:

We are sending out an online pledge form designed to collect information from individual donors from outside of Tanzania about the amount of money they are willing to donate and the method of payment that works best for them. This pledge form is only for those who are going to donate online (for in-person donations there is a hard copy form that you can give to your donors to fill out). Also attached below is more information on fundraising including a guide on how best to ask for donations. Once again, this information should be forwarded or given to any people you think would be interested!

Something we want to emphasize is that while our goal is $29,000, this money does not have to be raised at this single event. Fundraising is open for the entire academic year, so any future contributions will be accepted (and are very much appreciated) even after the 24 Hour Run. Reminders will be sent out throughout the year so that we can keep this goal in mind.

Link to the online pledge form:

Signing up for the event:

Finally, if you want to form a group and participate in the 24 Hour Run, please select 1-2 captains to be the primary point of contact.
If you do not have a team, individual registrations are welcome! However, we will be allocating you in a team and you would still be required to fundraise a minimum of 20,000 Tshs prior to the event.
Link to register to participate with your own group or individually:

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE is on Saturday, September 10th by 11:59pm

The 24 Hour Run Organisation Committee is very invested in planning an event that will bring the community together through a healthy, fun and engaging activity. We hope to receive your support both in terms of participation and reaching out to donors!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more updates: 


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Model United Nations (MUN)

The UWCEA MUN Executive Committee invites youth 15+ to register for Arusha Campus’ first Model United Nations Conference. Please visit: to register and UWCEA MUN Website for more information.

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