Arusha Campus News – 14 Jan 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 14th January 2023

An odd picture to grace the front of our newsletter this week but a show of the feverish activity that is taking place on Arusha Campus in readiness for the AISA GISS Summit next week. This will be our stage banner being made from recycled materials and soon to have ‘The Future is Now’ lettering made from kitenge off cuts! Thanks to Alina and Walter for their work this Saturday morning!

Dear Parents

During the holiday period Julius (P6, pictured above) and his little sister Chloe (P4/5) scaled the terrifically challenging Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano. What an accomplishment? Bring on the OP Programme!

A big welcome back to everyone at the start of 2023 and best wishes for a prosperous new year.

We have a big week ahead on Arusha Campus with AISA GISS 2023 ‘The Future is Now’ starting on Thursday. The AISA-Global Issues Service Summit (AISA-GISS) is a three-day annual summit hosted by an AISA member school.

AISA-GISS motivates and encourages students to learn about local and global issues – as well as sustainable solutions and equitable, inclusive action – alongside delegates and changemakers from AISA member schools across Africa.

Student delegates from across the continent of Africa will spend three days presenting, learning, sharing and discussing important issues and solutions during the summit. They will also engage in a hands-on service learning day in the community around our school.

AISA-GISS provides delegates with opportunities to connect, learn, lead and act, and students take what they glean from the conference back to their own schools and communities to amplify change-making efforts across the continent.

The summit follows a tried and trusted formula which has proven successful, however we have tried to be different and where possible, set an example of sustainablity in organising the event. For example, instead of peparing the usual conference gift bag, we have shared the WhatsApp numbers of local traders who will make a personalised gift for the delegates – a gift that they can choose, get to know the creator and that is made locally. The event will be catered for with a vegetarian based menu. Our keynote speakers will be travelling from within Tanzania rather than on international flights….

I cannot overemphasise that whatever we stand for as a UWC or as a member of AISA, the example must start with us as individuals. None of us are perfect in that respect but we can plan with an intention to do our best to create a sustainable world.

Enjoy the newsletter.


Zayed Sustainability Prize Finalists from UWC East Africa!

The Zayed Sustainability Prize is a pioneering global award for sustainability and a tribute to the legacy of the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Established in 2008, this annual award recognises and rewards the achievements of those who are driving impactful, innovative and inspiring sustainability solutions across five distinct categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools.

The fabulous news is that UWC East Africa has a team in the final! Our intrepid project finalists are Team Maji Safi. The team comprises Elias, Roos, Sehra, Yue Kin and Catherine (all D2). They prepared a project to reduce the prevalence of dental & skeletal fluorosis by tackling our community’s drinking water issue: about 50% of spring water sources in Arusha possess fluoride concentrations above WHO’s permissible levels. The aforementioned scholars proposed a project to create sustainable bone char water filters by sanitising locally-sourced animal bones and burning them using biomass from nearby farms’ agricultural residue. Team Maji Safi’s filters will then be distributed to local households and schools to lower fluoride levels by up to 99% in drinking water to prevent long-term exposure to fluoride among Tanzanian youth.

The Maji Safi team were informed that they were among a select band of finalists who would be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony on Monday 16th January in Abu Dhabi. Three members, Sehra, Yue Kin and Roos have been flown there courtesy of the sustainability prize organisers.

We can follow the Awards live by clicking on this link here FIngers crossed!

We will of course share news as we get it but a full report will appear in next week’s newsletter.

PYP News

In PYP Share Time yesterday we presented Miss Ami, a real life author.

Welcome back!

We have started Quarter 3 full of energy and excitement. It is great to welcome new families to UWC East Africa.

During share time the students listened to a story by Zami Christelle. The Ami Series is a book of one-hundred and sixteen pages with four stories. It is available in 7 languages namely English, French, Swahili, Arabic, Zulu, Twi and Ewe. They responded to her story enthusiastically and knowledgeable and I was proud of our students’ knowledge taking take of our environment.

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

P2 Back in the groove!

P2’s are delighted to be back and have been enjoying learning about 3d shapes and relating it to everyday life objects. They also enjoyed playing online games during their ICT lesson.

UWC East Africa Career Symposium 2023

How do you fancy a career as Formula 1 racing car technical engineer? One of our career symposium speakers last year was just that! Do you have a career that you can give a 20 minute talk about?

Career and Skills Symposium Volunteers Needed

We are excited to begin planning the annual Career and Skills Symposium event for the upcoming third quarter. We are looking for alumni, parents, and friends of UWC East Africa in our community (and abroad) to give of your time to speak with  M5-D1 students about your career path/job and/or skills that are important to develop to be ready for employment and life. We will have in-person AND virtual presentation sessions available (large group), networking sessions (small group), and panel sessions. These events will take place 29-30 March. 

We want to expose our students to as many careers as possible. We are also open to having college students give insight into what they are learning in a particular field.

Please keep watch on this newsletter, social media, and email communication regarding the date of the event and available volunteer signups.

Counselor’s Corner

College and Career Readiness

Preparing for life after secondary school takes time, exposure, and a willingness to engage in a series of activities that lead to self-discovery. This work happens throughout a young person’s academic career, but starts to become more focused in high school. Our M4 students are gaining skills that will be critical for their success throughout high school, and the D2 students are finalizing their applications for the next chapter in their lives. The December break was a perfect opportunity to reflect and explore options that will help create a clearer vision of what the future could hold.

Here is a list of grade level specific ideas to ponder as we begin the new year:

M4 and M5
● Reflect on the first semester: What went well? What can be improved?
● What new skills have been developed that have helped you succeed?
● What would you like to learn more about?
● What ideas do you have for what you want life to look like after high school?

● What have you learned about yourself, and how will you use this new insight to begin a successful second semester?
● What activities will you start, stop, or continue?
● Consider summer and specialty programs that you may want to enroll, or start seeking volunteer/internship opportunities that could enhance your skills
● Continue to learn about colleges and universities that interest you and the programs that they offer (Also, are visits possible for you and your family?)
● Learn about college testing and consider your plan (we will have a presentation on this in January)

● Work on your Post-Secondary Plan

● Finalize applications/post-secondary plan (Review the Application Checklist)
● Celebrate submitted applications and check your portals or organize all materials needed to submit
● Update the outcome from any early application(s)
● Self-assess and prepare to make the most of this last semester

Additional college and career readiness tips for each of these grade levels can be found on this website:

Also, please take a look at this recent blog by Georgia Tech’s Dean of Admissions where he explains how to increase your college choices based on recommendations for students in grades M4-D2:

Thank you to the D1 families who were able to participate in the College and Career Readiness presentation last month, or watched the recording that was shared on Tuesday. If you have not received the recording, please feel free to email me. One of the major topics of the presentation was an introduction to Maia Learning, and providing access to parents. If you have not had a chance to review the platform, or sign up for parent access, please see the links below for more information:

Link to Maia Learning Overview:

Maia Learning website:

Link to sign up for parent access to Maia Learning (D1 and D2 parents only):

UPCOMING College and University Events

15 December (event recorded): 5:45 PM EAT F-1 Student Visa and Enrollment in the US – Part of the 15 on the 15th series by fifteen liberal arts colleges in the US (ten of the 15 are UWC Davis Scholar partner institutions)
Link to recordings of all of the helpful 15 minute sessions from last year:

9-13 January: Karibu tena ISM/UWC East Africa Alumni Week
7:30 PM Virtual Panels with former students
*12 January: 4:00 PM Carleton College to Medical School with ISM Arusha alumunus Mehdi Shahid

Keep exploring options and enjoying the journey.

Cassandra Ford, College and Career Counselor

DP Corner

First week back, tick!

This week the D1 have officially been introduced to the Extended Essay (EE) during their Diploma Success Skills session. The EE is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper and is compulsory for any students taking the full Diploma. In the next few weeks, they will be brainstorming possible topics of research within the subject of their choice. It is very important that the students stick to the internal deadlines to make the process as smooth as possible!
Next Wednesday after school, they will be able to attend the EE fair, which will allow them to discuss potential topics with potential supervisors!

Congratulations to the D2 students who have already received some great news regarding their university applications over the December break. The ones who have applied for regular decisions or outside the US, will be expecting responses from various institutions in the next few months. Coming up, French B, Swahili Ab initio and English B mock orals (23rd-27th January) followed by the mock examinations starting on the 7th February.

Nathalie, Diploma Co-ordinator

MYP News

The iconic school lorry enjoys a break on last year’s M1 Week Without Walls trip to Lake Eyasi

Students and teachers were excited to see each other again on Monday. We are looking forward to a busy quarter and are particularly excited about the MYP Week Without Walls trips that will take place from 13-17 February. During this week, all MYP classes will be off campus for a 4-nights, 5-day camp with their Moshi counterparts.

The trips form part of the curriculum and we expect all students to join their subject teachers for these interdisciplinary learning experiences. More information to follow, for now we are excited to share what we are planning to do:

M1 – Lake Eyasi experiencing the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes lifestyle, then visit Maasai boma to round out their Northern Tanzania tribal experience.

M2 – Learn how land is eroded by the sea, follow ancient Dhow routes along the coast, learn about the history of the Pangani/Tanga region and develop an appreciation for Marine conservation.

M3 – Will develop their cultural understanding of music and Swahili at the Arusha Cultural Arts Centre where they will take part in many activities.

M4 – Will be studying how biomass growth is affected at various altitudes in West Kilimanjaro. They will also be taking part in forest hikes, river swims and other outdoor activities.

M5 – Will look at how altitude affects the human body, measuring the reactions at various altitudes in Mtu wa Mbu. They will also be discovering the area on bike, hikes and other outdoor activities

Some other Q3 dates for the diary:

10 February – M5 Personal Project report writing workshop
13-17 February – Week Without Walls trips
13-17 March – M5 mock exams
17 March – Student led conferences
23 March – M5 Personal Project exhibition
30 March – Art exhibition

Anoek, MYP Co-ordinator

Recycling at Arusha Campus

Here is an interesting graphic that shows how much waste we have recycled over the past year. I don’t know about you but my first reaction to seeing this was ‘How terrific that we are such active recyclers!’. However, my satisfaction rapidly turned to dismay at the thought that we really are not slowing down in our consumption of plastic bottles, cans etc. I wonder if we can improve our purchasing habits in 2023.

Look out for some upcoming refurbishments to our recycling centre which will hopefully make the sorting of our waste a little easier.