Arusha Campus News – 17 Feb 2024

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 17th February 2024

Dr Jane Goodall speaks to an audience on Arusha Campus this morning.

Upcoming dates

Thu 22-27th Feb – Mid Term Break School Closed

Fri 1 March – NTSAA Primary Swim Gala at Arusha Campus

Sat 2 March – NTSAA Secondary Swim Gala at Arusha Campus

Fri 8th March – PTA Cheese and Wine Evening

Dear Parents


Two old ladies of Tanzania!

When Dr Jane Goodall arrived on campus this morning she sat down for a cup of tea and her eyes lit up when she saw Shadow, the immortal office cat. Shadow is as old as the hills and no one really knows how old she is – just that she is very, very old! Well she was given lots of love from Dr Jane thsi morning and of course was none the wiser as to the exalted comapny she was keeping!

Dr Jane Goodall did indeed visit us and delivered another splendid talk full of inspiration and hope for the young listeners in the audience. Thanks to her and her Institute for taking the time to speak to us here in Arusha.

Have a great weekend


PYP News

Valentine's Day is an annual celebration of love, affection and romance. It's also known as St. Valentine's Day, as it relates to the Christian saint by the same name. The holiday has ancient origins dating back to the Roman Empire, but many of the commercial traditions we take part in today date ba

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of love, affection and romance. It’s also known as St. Valentine’s Day, as it relates to the Christian saint by the same name. The holiday has ancient origins dating back to the Roman Empire, but many of the commercial traditions we take part in today date back to the 1800s. In our primary school we celebrate Valentine’s Day by talking about friendship, kindness and being caring. We enjoyed expressing this during our Share Time.

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

P3/4 Reach for the Stars

P3/4 learning about how stars are formed.


Mask Making with Miss Adele

P4/5 made masks as part of their drama unit

M5 Week Without Walls: Migombani, Science and PE

M5 travelled to Migombani Campsite in Mto wa Mu and their interdisciplinary unit focussed on PHE and Science. They conducted all sorts of human physiological experiments such as measuring recovery rates after exercise  and calculating lung capacity. They took some time out to explore the enovironment including this river walk pictured above.

M4 Week Without Walls: Simba Farm, Mathematics and

M4’s made the journey to West Kilimanjaro for the week and whilst staying at Simba Farm they explored mathematical concepts in the real world. An example of which was the calculation of air temperature change against an increase in altitude. They were able to plot a graph using data collected from different altitudes on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro. Here they are pictured above with Mr Adam.

M3 Week Without Walls: Cultural Arts Centre, Makumira Arts and Swahili

e above)

M3’s were lucky enough to make the Cultural Arts Centre in Makumira, just outside Arusha, their home for five days and benefit from the amazing and expert tuition of the CAC instructors. We learned modern and traditional dancing, about music and instruments as well as practical activities such as how to hand make drums from cow hide and steel (see image above).

M2 Week Without Walls: Pangani, Swahili and Individuals and Societies

M2 Spent their week at the beach and most of the photos are of glorious sun drenched beaches as they studied the history of the swahili coast. I like this picture above, of the Amboni Cave exploration which they accomplished on their way.

M1 Week Without Walls: Lake Eyasi, Drama and Art

M1 made the long, hot drive down to Lake Eyasi where they met the Hadza tribe and learned about traditional ways of life for this unique group of people in central northern Tanzania. Pictured above is Vera practising her bow skills.

OP Student-Leader Training Programme (Project Week)

Seven students (pictured above) from both Moshi and Arusha campus took part in an Outdoor Pursuits Student-Leader Training Programme, led by Mr Oli. The purpose of this training is for these D1 students to build leadership skills through the field of outdoor education, in order to allow more support before, during abd between our OP trips. From budgeting to fitness training, food planning to route mapping, the students were challenged this week on all levels: physically, mentally, psychologically and more. Learning to use leadership is not an easy task, but they stood up to the challenge beautifully.

We are actively building up and fine tuning the OP Student-Leader programme, and more news are coming. Speaking of which, the OP SLs are working on an OP Newsletter which will be sent monthly. Articles about past and upcoming trips, pictures, information about sign-up and other procedures, OP skill of the month. Stay tuned!

See the group in the picture starting their 24-hour student-led expedition.

Oli, Experiential Learning Leader

Counselor’s Corner

Preparing for what comes next

As the offers keep coming in for the members of the Class of 2024 (and some members from the Class of 2023 currently on a Gap Year), we are entering a new phase in the post-secondary process that requires organization and reaching out to the experts who are in the best position to assist with the inquiries that arise at this time of year.
Financial aid packages are arriving, which include a lot of information that can be confusing. For many, a conversation with the right person could provide much needed clarity. Please feel free to reach out to the admissions or financial aid office of the institution you have received an offer from if you have questions about the financial aid package and how much of the “Cost of Attendance” it will cover. In addition, many are starting to realize that their Visa process may take some time, and would like some clarity on how the process works. We have scheduled a session with the experts at the US Consulate’s Office in Dar Es Salaam who will provide a webinar for us on 29 February to walk students, and parents, through the US F-1 Student Visa process. We invite you to join, and bring your questions so that the experts can provide you with the information you need to proceed.

Still seeking professionals for our Careers Symposium in March

Speaking of experts, we are still seeking members of our community who are willing to be part of our Careers Symposium in March. Our M5 and D1 students are excited to learn more about a variety of careers from the experts currently in the professional world. If you, or someone you know, is interested in being a part of this important annual event, please complete the form below, and we will follow up with you soon.

Form to complete if interested in participating in the 2024 UWCEA Careers Symposium:

Don’t forget to check out the UWCEA Careers website calendar for other upcoming events including…

UPCOMING College and University Events

18 February: 8PM-1AM EAT NACAC virtual international Fair (first major virtual fair of this year)
20 February: 2:00-4:00 PM EAT Solid Education #19 Universities Education Fair (Australia, Canada, Germany, Poland, UAE, UK, & US reps) Mount Meru Hotel
29 February: 4:00-5:00 PM EAT US Consulate in Tanzania will present an overview of the US F-1 Student Visa process (virtual)
13 March: 7:30 PM EAT Class of 2025 Parent/Guardian meeting: Preparing for the pursuit of post-secondary opportunities (Part I)
21 March: 7:45-10 AM M5/D1 Careers Symposium and D2 Post-Secondary Planning Fair
26 March: 1-4PM CIS University Exploration Fair (Africa) – virtual (advance registration required. Link:

Take care and enjoy your weekend!Cassandra Ford

College and Career Counselor