Arusha Campus News – 19 Jun 2021

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 19th June 2021

Mama Christine. 29 years of continuous service at ISM/UWC East Africa. What an achievement!

Dear Parents

Tyler served for our school for 6 years. How lucky we were to have Tyler! All those fabulous musicals and the way he introduced a DIploma Music Programme here for the first time, just to mention two contributions. And yet he did so much more as well. Here he is pictured at one of the checkpoints last weekend during the DofE Adventure. Thank you my friend.

Not for the only time in this newsletter i must offer my apologies. I realise that you haven’t had a newsletter for at least two weeks and my only excuse is that I have been enjoying myself in the Tanzanian wilderness with your children! How fortunate I have been to be away with Diploma students (Biology Fieldtrip), PYP students (Plasterhouse Tarangire) and then MYP students for the Duke of Edinburgh hike.

However, everything came to a close on Friday this week culminating in an assembly that celebrated so much. From Rawan’s return to tell us about Everest, the amazing acadeic achievemnts of our students and then the emotional farewells to 6 fantastic people in Amy, Matt, Shaheen, Tyler, Edwin and Christine.

It has been a tricky year and all of you should give yourselves a congratulatory pat on the back for being part of that spirit and team that kept us going and enabled us to serve our students so well.

Please keep your families safe this holiday wherever you may be travelling and remember that we will start all over again on Tuesday 10th August.

Have a super holiday.


First Tanzanian to Summit Everest – Apology from the Editor!

When Rawan Dakik landed at Kilimanjaro Airport after her momentous summit of Everest, she was met by Wilfred Moshi. A lovely picture of them together above.

In my previous newsletter I made a mistake. I declared that Rawan was the first Tanzanian to summit Everest. Of course, she is the first woman to summit. The accolade of being the first Tanzanian on the world’s highest peak goes of course to Wilfred Moshi who is well known to us, being our Guest of Honour at a recent Graduation Ceremony. Sincere apologies Wilfred!

Pictured below is Wilfred at the summit in 2012

PYP Exhibition 2021

We are so proud of our P6 students. They certainly celebrated their learning in style at the PYP Exhibition on Tuesday (pictured above). The variety of inquiries researched was incredible and each group showed their research using different styles. The students shared their knowledge confidently and in an entertaining way. Their performances in dance, music, French and Swahili were fantastic. All the students showed great communication skills.and were enjoying themselves. The art exhibition, displaying their 2D and 3D art was a special way to end the evening. Well done P6.
A huge thank you to Miss Carmen and all the PYP teachers for their efforts in making it a successful evening.

The Literature Group (top)..and the Sport Group (above)

Conservation Group are pictured below, whilst the Food and Music Group are pictured bottom.

Pictured below are the Art Group.

The Group that researched Learning are pictured above.

PYP News

The Primary Production of ‘My Family Went to Market’ was an absolute blast!

What an incredible year!

Our ‘Share Times’ this year have been amazing. They encourage students to be communicators and develop confidence when presenting information to a larger audience. These skills include having; confident body language, maintaining eye contact with the audience, using gestures to emphasise points, projecting your voice appropriately.

Creating models from junk items helps to develop children’s imagination and creative abilities while challenging them to explore, investigate and problem solve as they bring their plans and ideas to life. The P1/2 and P4/5 classes shared the skills during on of these Share Times and they can be seen displaying their inventions in the image below.

During our final week we presented ‘My family went to market!’ The students performed with confidence and enjoyment to celebrate the end of a fantastic year. Thanks again to our fantastic music department Mr Tyler, Mr David and Ms Elizabeth.
Interhouse athletics, fun sports, quizzes, Top of the Pops, Book week, mother tongue day, Swim galas, Overnight camps, PYP Exhibition, PYP Play, to name just a few of the incredible events we have held this year in the Primary School. That is all on top of the incredible learning that has taken place. A big thank you to all the parents for supporting all our activities and trusting us to look after your children. Thank you to the teachers and educational assistants for all their engaging and creative ways of making learning fun and to all the students for absorbing everything and being risk takers to try new things everyday,

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Amanda Bowen
PYP Coordinator

PYP Rainbow Mix It Up Lunch

The Primary Student Council organised a Mix It Up lunch for the last time this academic year. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves.

P1 Visit Arusha Airport

As part of our Unit Inquiring into transport systems, Jacek Rejman (above) showed us through the Arusha Airport, helped us understand different people’s roles in the system and showed us the Medivac plane. We had such an amazing time! 

MYP M5 Celebration

The M5 Class (pictured above) reached the end of their MYP careers two weeks ago and a special assembly was organised at which they were presented with MYP Certifcates and they thanked their teachers.

Here they are pictured below receiving their awards from Mr Rezayi, MYP Co-ordinator

MYP Personal Project

The M4’s had their very first introduction session for the Personal Project. It is unbelievable how fast the time has gone since this time last year the M5’s had their introduction session with Mr. Olivier and I through zoom. This year’s M5’s came up with some wonderful projects from Creating a Golf Swing using Physics, Promoting healthy and sustainable eating in Tanzania to Raising Awareness About Fast Fashion. Now looking forward to the new exciting projects the students come up with which they will then get to show off towards the end of the academic year through an Exhibition.
Alina Suleman

A Stitch in Time

Siri, Jessica and Tristan (above) perfom in last week’s Secondary Production of a Stitch in Time.

The epic perfomance was staged on consecutive nights using two different casts.

Pictured below are Haitham and Eleanor, Joe Van and Anisa, Ian and Imani

Primary P6 Visit to Tarangire with Plasterhouse

Last week the P6 students visited Tarangire for a two night stay accompanied ny their counterparts from Plasterhouse. Plaster house is an organisation that strives to give children with disabilities the the chance to receive surgery and therapy that will enable them to live happy and healty lives. Each year, our P6 class sponsors a Plasterhouse buddy and we all go camping in the bush together!

Pictured above is the whole gang at the campsite.

D1 Biology and Environmental Systems Field Trip

Miss Peterson, Mr David, Miss Beatrice, Mr Isack and I accompanied almost 50 Diploma students (above) to Narengolong Farm two weekend’s ago to conduct our fieldtrip. The 4 night trip was an opportu ity to practise field techniques and plan our Internal Assessment. A whole range of activities kept us occupied including moth trapping all night, chameleon hunting, biomass studies, profile assessments, bucket pitfall trapping and bat netting! What a group of students and staff! And many thanks to the Harrison family for ‘lending’ us their farm – the most perfect venue for such a venture.

One of the countless flap-necked chameleons spotted on our night walks

Moth trapping took place around the clock throughout the night.

Long walks through the bush looking for research sites.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

Group 1 (above) set off at 7.30am – from left Valerie, Gaby, Avalon, Noni, Gavin, Johannes and Assaf

Last weekend Mr Tyler, Miss Amanda and I manned the checkpoints throughout the two day Duke of Edinburgh International Award Bronze Adventure. Two groups of students had to navigate their way to 8 checkpoints over two days covering a distance of around 25 kilometres in order to successfully pass their Bronze Award Adventure. We can safely say that the sudents passed this aspect of their award with flyng colours. Excellent orienteering skills and teamwork came together to reward two outstanding teams. Well done… on to Silver Award next year!

Group 2 (below) set off at 8am – from left Vivek, Damian, Emma, Mahen, Harry and Oswadiq

Necessity is the Mother of Invention in Miss Kate’s Art Room!

In the Art Department we are attempting to resource our supplies from within our local community so as to better support the Tanzanian economy and to reduce our global footprint.

Art paint is difficult and expensive to find here. Ms Kate, together with M4 students, has been working to create complete color palettes from local latex paints. When mixed with corn flour, the paint increases in viscosity and can be used with a palette knife. When mixed with food grade glycerin, it performs as oil paint, slowing in drying time and glazing over under painting.
We are using local resourced pigments mixed with egg yolks and Acacia sapphire, gum Arabic, to make tempera and watercolour paint.
M4 students are using complimentary palettes to paint the Tanzanian landscape with their Tanzanian resources.

This is our 8th value at work: a shared responsibility and collective duty to care for ourselves, each other and the environment.

The Boma Council

Each year, the residential students host elections for a new Boma Council. This council manage many of the day to day issues that arise within the residential community and succeed in finding solutions to problems before they become more serious issues.

Here are the members of the Boma Council 2021/22

Rear row from left: Jerry, Amr, Amitis, Miguel and Parsa

Front row from left: Beeri, Assaf, Jennifer and Akshita

Meet the New Teachers – Nangini Lukumay

Hello, please allow me to reintroduce and introduce myself to those of you who do not know me. My name is Nangini Lukumay, my husband is Ake Lindstrom and our son is Aiden Lindstrom, who is also joining EC at the beginning of this year. I was born and raised in Tanzania, educated at St George’s/Bareburn Intl School Arusha and the UK. I graduated from the University of Surrey with a BA (Hons) in early childhood education studies in 2013. I also trained as a Montessori practitioner at the Montessori Centre International in London and graduated in 2012 with an International diploma in Montessori Pedagogy. In addition to the above qualifications, I also have 12 years teaching experience from Loliondo school which is now Kennedy House school. Where I worked with children age 2-6 years old. I am passionate about working with children and there’s nothing more that I love than having fun with learning.

Currently I am doing consultancy work for our safari company (Summits Africa) and I’m also homeschooling a few children. However, I must admit that I am extremely excited to start working at UWCEA as a P1 teacher and I cannot wait to meet everyone.


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