Arusha Campus News – 22 Oct 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 22nd October 2022

Some of the triumphamt UWC East Africa summit team (above) that scaled Africa’s higehst mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, during the holiday break.

Dear Parents

Strange to think that some of our students have scaled heights beyond the clouds in recent weeks to scale both Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro. Well done everyone!

Welcome back everyone! Lots of excitement about the Kili climb and we are now all getting ready for the upcoming University fairs, not to mention the fact that Sports Weekend is on the horizon….in between we still have Hallowe’en on Friday and the Triathlon on Saturday next week.

Try and have a restful weekend!


This week we welcome Maternity Africa to do their regular vaccination clinic – look at these sensible youngsters showing off their HPV Vaccine certificates!

PYP News

Leila (who graduated in 2018 from Arusha Campus) is a Marine Biologist now and came to P4/5 to tell everyone all about her research on Manta Rays!

What a great first week back!
P4/5 were lucky to have a talk from Leila Scheltema who is doing an Internship with the Manta Trust. She definitely sparked an interest in Marine Biology.
P6 have been hard at work writing newspaper reports as part of their media unit.
P3 have made great maps of the playground as part of their unit on signs and symbols.
P2 continue to learn all about healthy habits and making good choices and were treated to Mama Justice cooking delicious healthy treats.
P1 have started a new unit on ‘How we express ourselves’ and they have created fantastic portraits showing their expressions.
N/EC has also started a new unit called ‘Sharing the Planet’. The students have a farm
Here are a few dates for your diary…..
Monday 24th October CCA’s start
Friday 25th November CCA’s end
Thursday 8th December – Last Day of quarter 2


Just some of the exciting acivities that started in Primary this week with our new CCA programme for Quarter 2

P2 in the kitchen!

Pictured above are our P2 Chefs preparing, cooking and eating!

This unit P2’s have been learning about food groups, healthy eating, being physically active and well-being. This week P2’s prepared a lively egg salad with croutons. Hongerani to our lovely little chefs.

Miss Alina, P2

From the MYP

We are back to our routine after a well-deserved break. Walking around our secondary campus, you would have seen the M1 students chatting away and eager to reach their next lesson well before it officially starts. The M2 boys could be found looking up to the tallest trees on campus, trying to get yet another football down. As always, the basketball court was where students of all ages gathered to shoot and dribble during break and lunchtimes. Our classrooms and hallways are filled with a buzz of excitement and noise and students are ready to tackle Q2!

On Thursday 27 October at 8am, we welcome M4-5 parents to an information session about accessing the Diploma Programme, our UWCEA high school diploma and an introduction to post-secondary options. This meeting will be led by Ms Nathalie (DP coordinator) and Ms Cassandra (College & career counsellor) and will take place in the Library Annexe, karibuni!


UWCEA Arusha Campus will host its 3rd Arusha Open Debate Tournament on November 5-6! We welcome all high school students around Tanzania to register until October 31. If you would like to take part in the tournament or get further information, feel free to reach out to İrem’s email address

İrem Tuana Çiftçi

Outdoor Pursuits Peaks Level 5 Uhuru Peak

The mountain was rather full of UWC East Africa climbers last week – 44 students plus accompanying adults! The party climbed in groups, here is one group pausing for a photo in the lee of some sheltering rocks.

On August 4, 2021, Tanzania welcomed me with a view of the top of the highest mountain in Africa. I still remember the feeling of saying goodbye to the summit by getting lost in a bed of clouds.

After 6 days of adventure, 5.895m, a bit of altitude sickness, reminders to go “pole, pole”, layers of clothes, and huge backpacks,  we arrived at one of the 7 summits.

As tears of happiness fell from my eyes while seeing the “congratulations” sign and the people I love standing next to me, I understood the beauty of daydreaming. I felt immersed in the Rainforest and the Alpine desert that started our journey, in the “Everlasting flowers” that showed us the beauty of Kili’s nature, the stars that encapsulated memorable nights, the colorful sunrise that surrounded Gilman’s point, the purple touch of the full moon in the sky that followed us to Stella point, and the glaciers that joined us in Uhuru Peak.

We were there, resting on top of a bed of clouds. We did it, guys! We climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!

by Odette, D2

I think it is also important to say a huge thank you to the team that helped us reach the roof of Africa! This amazing adventure wouldn’t have been possible without Isaac, Salimu and Adronis from Moshi, Isack and Franck from Arusha, but also the 20 guides and the 56 porters that accompany us.

Miss Coralie, DP French

Counselor’s Corner

Where in the World?

The first day back, and our students were already learning about ways to see the world while they complete their studies at the collegiate level. On Monday afternoon, we were fortunate to have a representative from Minerva University on campus who spent time learning about our school, and then shared information about her unique institution with students who want to try an innovative approach to their education. It was an enlightening presentation, and left our students ready to travel the globe while earning their degree.

As amazing as the program at Minerva is, it is not for everyone. Thus, students had additional opportunities to engage with some of our Davis Partners via virtual presentations just for us on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It was great to see smiling faces engaging with representatives who are very interested in bringing UWC students to their campuses. We have even more presentations coming this weekend and next week, so be sure to stay tuned to this section of the newsletter for information about presentations you won’t want to miss for your post secondary planning discussions.

We hope that you will join a special event that has been planned just for our parents and families to prepare for the financial responsibilities of attending college/university in the United States. The presenter brings decades of experience in the world of international admissions, and is ready to answer your questions about this very important topic.

Topic: Financial Aid in the US (with Jon Lund of Luther College)
Time: Nov 3, 2022 7:30 PM EAT

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955 3761 1750
Passcode: 086108

UPCOMING College and University Events

22 October: 3:00-6:00 PM EAT CIS Creative Careers Exploration Fair (virtual fair for careers in the creative arts. Registration link:

24 October: 7:30 PM EAT Bard College Berlin (virtual presentation for UWC EA)
25 October: 7:30 PM EAT Wesleyan University (virtual presentation for UWC EA)
26 October:  7:30 PM EAT Nottingham Trent University with UCAS overview (virtual presentation for UWC EA)
27 October: 3-4:30 PM EAT UWC/Williams College for students and parents (virtual presentation for UWC community (registration link:

28 October: 1:30 PM EAT University of British Columbia on Arusha campus
30 October: 1:30 PM EAT George Washington University, Trinity College, and University of Rochester on Arusha Campus (SUNDAY event)
30 October: 2:00-6:00 PM EAT Virtually Orange: Discover the Netherlands virtual university fair –

Wishing you a wonderful weekend of exploring possibilities!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor