Arusha Campus News – 27 Aug 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 26th August 2023

P2, like every other class in the school, did a fabulous job picking up and sorting waste on Friday morning

Upcoming dates

Sat 26th August – D1 Pamoja Walk

Sat 23rd September – Rotary Triathlon

Fri 29th September – 24 Hour Run

Dear Parents

A group manages to car pool on Thursday morning – they just about got to School on time!

On the whole I write this feeling that we have had a fulfilling week. The Sustainability Week has come and gone and there were some real highlights. I won’t forget the frenzy of excitement at PYP lunch on Tuesday when the whole Primary school rallied and managed to eat every scrap of their lunches without leaving a single gram of food waste. Every single student bought into the theme of the day and understood that they should try and do it because ‘that is who we are’. Choosing whether to follow sustainable practices is not an option if you are a member of UWC East Africa hence we coined the phrase ‘We do it because its who we are” Some of our older stakeholders felt the week’s activities, which were designed to be fun, were benath them and that they needn’t bother. Well that was a disappointment to me and a shame.

On to the weekend and the Pamoja Walk where it was fabulous to see groups of 50 plus students walking through the glorious landscape on the north side of Meru. I hope the experience lives long in the memories of those who took part.

And finally, just a few minutes ago, the referee’s whistle blew on a super game of football on our beautiful sports fields. Rhinos playing a local youth team with outstanding sportsmanship and brotherhood.

A lot of people have made me very proud to be part of UWC East Africa this week. Thanks for your contributions


PYP News

PYP are excited to start their CCA’s with an incredible range of activities

The primary school thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Sustainability week. The PYP students were proud of winning the least food wasted during the lunch time. Everyone enjoyed comparing the outfits of second hand clothing. All around our primary school are posters and notes to remind us not to waste water and to turn off the lights. It was fantastic to see so many people cycling to school too. Let’s remember this should be a lifestyle change and not just for one week.

Amanda BowenPYP Co-ordinator

MYP Update

M2s Vedant, Alex and Emmanuel pictured during the whole school litter pick up on Friday.

Thank you to all MYP students who took part in the different sustainability activities this week! On Friday morning, we saw a great team effort as the different classes went out to collect waste on and around campus.

Thank you to all MYP parents who came to Meet our Teachers (see image below) and joined for the Toddle meeting, the M1 parent info session  about the transition to middle school or the M5 parent info session about the eAssessments. The MYP Family Handbooks will be shared with all families via email and present an overview of everything MYP on Arusha campus.

This week, all MYP students appeared to have settled well into their school routines. Everyone should have had a few lessons with their subject teachers and are on track with their first units. Last week we still saw some students running around looking for their classes, but this week everyone knew where they had to be. M5 students officially started their Personal Project journey as they formulated their learning and product goals and are meeting with their teacher supervisors to discuss their plans.

Anoek van der Vinne, MYP Co-ordinator

Pamoja Walk

This weekend we conducted the Pamoja Walk (see image above). This ambitious outdoor pursuit involved co-ordinating 160 Diploma 1 students from both campuses. We met for a communal lunch on Arusha Campus on Saturday before boarding buses to the north side of Mt Meru. There in the dust and heat we split into three groups and walked to our campsite at Mukuru, approaching from three diufferent angles! The last group just about made it befoire nightfall in time for a large bowl of spaghetti bolognese and a place around the campfire. The idea? To meet our colleagues from the other campus and forge relationships that hopefully will be rekindled several times over the next two years. Thanks to the teacher chaperones who supported the walk and camp. Also to Mr Oli and the OP team for organising the event.

Residential Round-up

This Friday, we have welcomed our last 2 boarders, bringing our count to 115 students in the Bomas for 2023-2024. We are lucky to welcome people from more that 55 different countries, bringing a wonderful diversity into our community.

New D1s have spent the week before school in Orientation Week, which was a fun week to get to know each other, as well as our school rules and protocols. A special thank you to our Orientation Committee who did an amazing job to run activities and workshops.
All the D1 and D2 are now getting settled in their classes and school routine.

Let’s have a wonderful year! 

Ms Coralie Bouillaut, Head of Residential Life

From the Football Field

The victorious U19 Football Team

The U19 Football Team got off to a flying start their season with a disciplined 5-1 victory over Manukani from East Arusha. With fitness still in short supply, the team performed very well and a man-of-the-match performance from Dren (D2) with a hatrick of goals saw the Rhinos to a comfortable victory in the glorious surroundings of our football pitch, with Mt Meru bathed in sunlight towering above us. Well played everyone.

The 24-hour run is BACK!

For those who don’t know, the 24-Hour Run is a team and community fundraising event in which people create a team and work together to remain active for a continuous 24 hours. At least one person from each team must remain on the move at all times. Participants can choose to run, jog, walk, dance, or actually do anything that keeps their body moving. f you don’t feel like running, don’t worry as there are lots of ways to get involved such as an opportunity to sponsor a team or individual. The purpose is to bring the community together to raise funds for the school’s scholarship fund which offers opportunities for students to do the IB Diploma Programme at UWC East Africa. To achieve the fundraising goal we need your help. We are inviting you to join us and form a team for the 24-HOUR RUN which is taking place on the 29th of September in the UWCEA Moshi campus. Take your friends, family, or colleagues, form a team, and embark on this incredible journey together. By working as a team, we can make a significant impact and change the lives of those who need it most.

Arusha ambassadors for 24-Hour run 2023

Cultural Nights are back!

The Cultural Nights Are Back! An experience of the Rich Tapestry of Cultures at Our Arusha Campus

We are thrilled to announce that the cultural nights are making a comeback at our Arusha campus! With a rich diversity of over 70 nationalities represented here, we’re incredibly excited to showcase the beauty of our diverse school community and celebrate its rich tapestry. The cultural nights are about fostering understanding, appreciating differences, and connections beyond borders.Every Sunday evening, our students will have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on their own cultures through presentations, interactive games, engaging activities, and a delightful array of delicacies.

This weekend marks the beginning of our cultural journey this year, and we’re starting by diving into the heart of Tanzania! Join us as we explore the vibrant traditions, history, and flavours that make Tanzania unique. From traditional games to insightful talks, from mouthwatering dishes to hands-on activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We warmly invite all members of our community, students, staff, and parents. So, please mark your calendars and join us on Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Library Annex to embark on a journey through Tanzania’s captivating culture!

Ms Delphine

Outdoor Pursuits: Plains Discovery to Monduli

Tasman (above) peers out of his tent in readiness for a day hiking through the hills of Monduli.

The first Plains Discovery OP trip was a great success. Students from M2 and M3 went to Monduli and hiked under the guidance of Masai to a campsite overlooking the Rift valley. It was an opportunity to experience walking on more challenging terrain such as dry river beds, strewn with rocks, and through thorny forests just waiting to grab hold of hands and arms! The group worked well together and stayed positive from sunrise to sunset. As a teacher on my first OP trip, it was a delight to see how quickly they put up tents and organised the camp, and how they used initiative to cook for the group and clean up afterwards. As the sun rose on Sunday, we were treated to views of Kilimanjaro: the perfect end to a fantastic weekend.

To find out more about our Outdoor Pursuits Programme please go to

Miss Hilary

Outdoor Pursuits: Peaks Adventure to Mt Meru

The view of Mt Kilimanjaro on Sunday morning from Socialist Peak on Mt Meru

A group of 17 students set out to ascend Mt Meru last weekend and returned triumphantly with a great experience behind them and many tales to tell. I was chatting to my friend Silence from Zambia after he had completed the trip and his euphoria was uncontainable. He loved the experience in spite of being so cold at the summit that he started hallucinating and said he saw a ‘White Tiger!’ but told himself that this could not be true. He soon collected himself and was fine thereafter! His highlight? Seeing the giraffes and buffalos in the forest and plains on the way up!

Well done everyone! (the successful summiters pictured below)

Counselor Corner

To ED or Not to ED?

Our students have a lot to consider as they prepare for this application cycle, and one of the most important for many is whether or not they should apply during one of the early application rounds. There are many reasons why the early round (Early Action, Early Decision, Restrictive Early Action, etc.) can be appealing, but it is not for everyone. Although it may be enticing to apply early and receive a response (ideally positive) earlier than the rest, there are things to consider before preparing an early application:

1. Are you sure? Have you done your homework (research) to be certain that this institution is definitely the one you will attend if admitted.

2. Can you afford to attend? If financial aid is an important factor, you need to confirm that this institution can meet your financial needs. 

3. Do you have the grades? Early rounds are extremely competitive, and you need to have the grades, test scores, and profile of a candidate who will do well at that institution. This is not the time to “shoot your shot” and take a chance. 

4. Are you able to develop a high quality application? Students who are successful in this round would be successful in any round for that institution because they took the time to put forth their best application in advance of the deadline. This should not be rushed and last minute submission.

5. What other institutions are on the “Applying List?” Although the admittance rate is higher for the early rounds, it is still not anywhere close to 100%. The rest of the list of schools that the student seeks to apply to needs to be just as well researched and balanced. We only support ten applications, so think carefully before proceeding.

Additional information that could be helpful with this decision making process can be found in the article on this link:

Paying for College/University 

From college entrance and application fees to visa, flights, break plans as well as a host of other costs need to be taken into consideration as you plan for this application cycle. Many students have aspirations of attending certain schools, but have not worked with their family to discuss the cost from application through arriving on campus. This is not a conversation to have as applications are submitted, or even once the decisions come back. Many institutions have great resources on their website to help with the financial planning conversations. In addition, please see this website for more information to plan for US institutions:

Next week we officially start our visits for the year. The first visits will both occur on Thursday, but they are at different times and “locations” (one is in person and the other is virtual). This begins a very busy month. Please check the calendar regularly, and make plans in advance to attend events that are of interest.

Upcoming College and University Events

31 August: Time: 1:00-2:00 PM Lewis and Clark College. Opportunity to learn about this Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institution, and the programs they offer.
31 August: 7:30-8:30 PM EAT The University of Chicago. Institution introduction and overview of the supplemental essay process. (Virtual visit) Link to join available on UWCEA Careers website in Calendar of Events.
7 September: 7:30 PM EAT The University of Cambridge (UK) Highly competitive institution in the UK with an early application deadline. (Virtual visit)
Link to join available on UWCEA Careers website in Calendar of Events.
7 September: 7:30 PM EAT The University of Oklahoma (US) Major Davis UWC Scholar Partner with the most UWC alumni currently enrolled. (Virtual visit)
Link to join available on UWCEA Careers website in Calendar of Events.
8 September: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EAT Study in UK Fair at Braeburn International School in Arusha. For those interested in studying in the UK.
13 September: Arusha (on the campus of Braeburn International School.) Time: TBD Huron University College at Western (Canada). Offers a UWC specific scholarship.
15 September: 4:45-6:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th: US Liberal Arts Colleges Presentation and mini-virtual fair. September focus: Effective Interviews
Link to register for these events:

16 September: 11:00 AM EAT (Moshi)/4:00 PM EAT (Arusha) Five Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institutions – Carleton, Lake Forest, Smith, Tufts, Wesleyan. Presentation and mini-fair
7 October: 7:30-11:00 AM EAT SAT exam not available on Moshi campus (See for more information)

COMING SOON** D2 Parent Meeting coming in September, and D1 Parent meeting coming in November. **

Many more visits coming your way, so stay tuned!
Keep exploring and enjoying the journey!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

Sustainable Energy

Pictured above, E3empower Africa speaks to Secondary Students

On Monday, August 21st, American engineers volunteering with E3empower Africa visited campus to talk to our secondary students.

E3Empower is a social enterprise with its headquarters in California, USA, whose aim is to empower developing communities through Energy, Education, and Entrepreneurship (they are the folks who provide Python and Arduino training in our CCAs).

Erin Song, who is a manufacturing engineer at Tesla, spoke about reducing C02 emissions in electric cars – a perfect match for Sustainability Week! Helen Cho is a systems engineer who works at Nuro (robotics) and she spoke about increasing road safety with self-driving vehicles.

It was a great opportunity for our students to hear from two engineers working at the cutting edge of industry.

Miss Christy