Arusha Campus News – 27 Aug 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 27th August 2022

Ok, this picture wasn’t taken THAT long ago. Ten years ago to be precise. We know the subjects in the foreground have changed but how much has the campus changed? Arusha Campus 2022 is a veritable forest by comparison!

And here is another challenge – two children in the picture above are also featured in the picture below  – can you spot them?

Dear Parents

I set a challenge to my M4 Duke of Edinburgh students this week. Within the timeframe of the 40 minute lesson, they had to make a fire and boil an egg…..and eat it! Eun’s group, above, passed with flying colours as did some of the other groups in the class.

We are now settling into a routine on campus. Students are learning their timetable (marginally quicker than their teachers!) school buses are on time and the catering team are preparing three different sittings for lunch.

Our first OP Trip headed out in the small hours of Friday morning with a bus full of students, teachers, surfboards and snorkels and crept its way to the Indian Ocean and Fish Eagle Point where we carry out our Reefs programme. I am pleased to say everyone arrived safely at the water’s edge yesterday evening.

At the beginning of the year I spoke to people on campus about the two main facets of the UWC Mission which are Peace and Sustainability. I explained that whilst there is probably little we can do from our little school in Northern Tanzania to broker peace in the militarised conflict zones around the world, we can start to model peaceful interactions and start amongst ourselves. I have no doubt that during this weekend’s long drive to Tanga for example, that there will be short tempers and crossed words. Its only natural. If we can learn to manage those micro-conflicts in a peaceful manner, this can only augur well for when we encounter more important conflicts – who knows, maybe one day in our capacity as a world leader.

Sustainability speaks for itself and our Sustainability Committee has already met this term to start planning our actions for the year. Expect to hear plenty more from me on how we can best practise meaningful sustainability.

We have a busy year ahead. Pace yourselves everyone and enjoy the ride.

Have a super weekend


Some of our new teachers took advantage of an early ‘free’ weekend last week to explore nearby Tarangire National Park. After a hectic two week induction programme the weekend was an important reminder about some of the fabulous resources Tanzania has to offer.

What kind of week has it been?

On Wednesday this week the Secondary Teachers turned out to meet the parents, above.

Happy Friday all!

The end of week two finds us settling in nicely to a new year at school. Students and teachers have been getting used to the latest timetable, Toddle, and other changes since last year. All of our D2 students are finally home and ready to work on their final and most challenging year of secondary school and our new MYP students have blended in so seamlessly it’s like we’ve always known them.

Value #10 – The happiness and well-being of our community
It was lovely to see Secondary parents at the Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday afternoon. This casual event gave parents a chance to chat with their children’s teachers and reconnect with others in the community. Ms. Anoek and Ms. Alina then met with the parents of M5 students to discuss the assessments for this important, final, year of the MYP.

Value #9 – A healthy lifestyle and active pursuits
Value #7 – Opportunities to engage with the culture and nature of East Africa.

Our first OP trip of the year left bright and early this morning to make the journey to the coast for the Level 1 Reefs trip. What an exciting start to the year for both new teachers and students to get their first taste of the Outdoor Pursuits program.

Value #3 – A holistic and diverse portfolio of learning experiences
On Monday, both PYP and Secondary students had the opportunity to hear about CCA offerings this Quarter. Ms. Caitrin and Ms. Amanda have been busy sorting out signups all week and I’m sure everyone is excited to begin their new activities. CCAs run for 5 weeks this quarter, starting on Monday.

Value #4 – An education in a global context that promotes an appreciation and understanding of multiple perspectives and interdependence of individuals, societies, and environments
On Saturday evening last week I had the great pleasure to attend the celebration of 75 years of India’s Independence with Mr. Thomas, D2 Anuja, D1 Dhanashree (all from India) as well as D2 Marius and D2 Irem. We were treated to several inspiring speeches about the importance of the relationship between Tanzania and India and some fantastic cultural performances highlighting various regions of the country. While my eyesight isn’t the best, I know I saw M2 Purnansh and M4 Vaani on stage proudly representing their region. Although very surprised, I was honored to accept on behalf of the school the donation of a beautiful cookbook which will be added to our library collection…after I try out a few recipes myself first!

Value #8 – A shared responsibility and collective duty of care for ourselves, each other, and the environment
As the Tanzanian census process continues it is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the purpose of a census and all of the valuable information collected at this time. A census provides an integrated picture of society at a given time including demographic, social, and economic characteristics and helps the government plan for important services like education and infrastructure, and is, overall, one of the most important tools for national development planning. What a great opportunity to talk to your kids about how important it is to stand up and be counted.

Ms. Christy
Deputy Head of Campus

PYP News

The Primary Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Fair took place earlier this week. Don’t forget that CCA’s start next week!

The first two weeks have flown by. So many amazing experiences have happened already. The classes are getting together for buddies and engaging in a variety of activities to promote confidence and learning.

The P6’s have been exploring decimal numbers to the tenths and hundredths.

P4/5 each brought in an artefact from home to share, explain, paint and measure.

The P3 class has been looking at fictional and real-life super heroes.

P2 has been investigating 2D shapes, even 10 sided ones!

In P1 they have been discussing different community members.

N/EC have made fantastic self portraits and read lots of stories.


P6 learn about different forms of government

P6 are the smallest class in the school and Mr Ali and his team are looking for ways of bringing more visitors into the class! This week their class was full of Lego figures which helped them learn about forms of government.

MYP English

A group of M5 students in English (image above and below) is presenting their research about Arthur Miller to the rest of the class. Other topics of exploration include the Salem witch trials, Puritanism, and McCarthyism.

Greetings from MYP English!

We’ve had a busy and exciting beginning of the year! After a few days of welcoming everyone back and helping students transition to their new classes, we hit the ground running with our content and skills practice. In the MYP specifically, we’re helping students develop skills such as active reading, public speaking, and descriptive and analytical writing. No matter what year students are in, our English teachers are working hard to prepare students to achieve the four criteria of the MYP English course: analyzing, organizing, producing text, and using language.

M5 students have just completed an in-depth context study to prepare them for their reading of The Crucible. An important component of the course is reading a variety of text types, so students had the chance to explore news articles, interviews, encyclopedias, and websites. They also practiced analyzing by identifying and discerning key details to support their claims. Next week, they will begin reading the play with a focus on setting, context, character development, and elements of drama. They will end the unit by writing a compare-and-contrast essay in preparation for the eAssessments.

If the first two weeks are any indication of the year ahead, it will be a fantastic one! The kids have come in with such positive energy and are already showing how principled and hard-working they are. I can’t wait to see what greatness lies ahead!

Ms. Jessica H.
Head of English

M2 Library Time

All of our classes visit the library at least once a week. Here, above, are M2 enjoying some quiet time with Miss Bernadetha, our librarian.

Its Internal Assessment (IA) time of year again…

Anuja, above, was caught by me working hard on her Biology IA the other evening!

Well, in fairness its ALWAYS Internal Assessment time of year. The mere mention of the initials ‘IA’ is enough to strike fear into even Miss Nathalie (IB Co-ordinator) on a good day! Each of our Diploma courses have an Internal Assessment component which is worth up to 25% of the final marks. The IA usually takes the form of a practical assignment which has to be submitted before the students’ final exam.

Counselor Cassandra’s Corner!

It has been wonderful seeing our students getting back into school routines and finding their own way here on the Arusha campus. I am also excited to be back in Arusha after supporting the post secondary aspirations of the Class of 2020 and 2021 graduates while based on the Moshi campus.

Now that I am here full time, I am excited to continue to grow the College and Career Counseling program that Ms. Kate worked diligently to expand during the last year and a half. One of the most exciting additions to this year’s program will be the return of in person visits along with exciting virtual programming. Some of the presentations will happen during the academic day, but some will take place after school hours. Information about upcoming events will be shared in this newsletter, but also on the College and Career planning website that all students have access to.

One major upcoming event that I invite families to register for and attend is the annual CIS University Exploration Day for students studying in Africa. This event will take place on 20 September, and is an excellent opportunity to engage with representatives from institutions around the world, as well as participate in workshops about essential topics related to post secondary planning. Although registration has not started yet, please visit the link below to stay updated on when more information will be available for this event. Also, take a look at the other major events coming our way.

CIS University Exploration Day (Africa Fair) – Registration link coming soon:

UPCOMING College and University Visit Events

7 September – Arusha 2:30PM: St. Lawrence University
8 September – Arusha 3:15PM: Davidson College & Lewis & Clark College
8 September – Ringling College of Art and Design 7:30 pm (virtual presentation)
19 September – 2:30 PM Arusha: Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University, Dartmouth College
20 Sept 12:00 – 4:00PM: CIS Virtual Fair (Africa)
27 & 29 September: UWC Partners College Fair 4-6 pm and 8-10 pm
29 September: University of Calgary 7:30-8:30 pm (virtual presentation)
4 October – Arusha 11:30-12:30: Concordia College, St. Olaf College, Earlham College, St. John’s College, Whitman College, AND College of the Atlantic

More coming your way so stay tuned!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

Residential Life

A school Land Cruiser, above, loads up with eager Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) takers heading to Moshi Campus to take their tests.

With almost 112 boarders in the house and as the first OP trip departed yesterday morning and a car load of students going to Moshi for SAT testing, it made me think of what the residential staff sometimes have to do to get all the students at the right place at the right time.

I want to thank our incredible residential team. For it is their commitment and passion that will make residential life a success this year.  To be in this position requires one’s mentality to understand that this is not a job, it is a vocation, and we are in essence, ‘de-facto’ parents and respect the fact that you have entrusted us with the care of your child. Yes, there will always be hurdles, but I am so grateful to be surrounded by colleagues and teachers who go above and beyond to ensure that each child or young adult can overcome whatever hurdle they face.  I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Mr Herman Kruger

Head of Residential Life

One of our parents has been extremely thoughtful this week and sent her own gardening team in to help landscape some of the new areas in School. Our fire pit now has an attractive base (above) and we are also working on a hard area on which to play petanque!

Outdoor Pursuits

As the sun comes up on a new year of exciting UWC East Arica Outdoior Pursuits (OP) trips, admire Mr Olivier’s photo of Mt Kilimanjaro from the summit of Mt Meru.

This weekend marks this year’s OP trips kick off as 32 students and a total of 8 staff from both Moshi and Arusha are gone on Reefs Level 1 at Fish Eagle Point in Tanga. We wish them a great adventure!

Next weekend, the M1s will be initiated to the OP trips by going on the Campcraft trip, while a group of around 28 students will ascend Mount Meru to reach Socialist Peak at 4,566 meters. All the best to everyone!

Finally, the sign up period for Plains Level 1 (for all Secondary) and Peaks Level 1B (for D1 students only) is now open until Monday August 29. Students were sent the information by email on Thursday by Mr Oli.

Stay put! More trips to come (Rides L1, Peaks L1, etc.). And soon, some students will attempt to reach the roof of Africa: Uhuru Peak, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Let’s go play outside!

The OP team