Arusha Campus News – 28 May 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 28th May 2022

The Arusha Campus Graduating Class of 2022!

Dear Parents

Graduation also took place on Moshi Campus. Pictured above are the proud graduates on stage in Karibu Hall.

Once again I find myself apologising for getting in a muddle about my newsletters. No newsletter last week as I hurtled between campuses to capture both magnificent Graduation Ceremonies. A huge round of congratulations from me to both sets of graduates as well as to all the teachers and administrators who have worked so hard to get to the moment of last weekend, when each student received the adulation of their proud mums and dad, relatives, friends and teachers. Someone at the ceremony asked me whether I was happy on graduation day. Of course, the knowledge that the euphoria of graduation is always followed by a tormenting and prolonged bout of goodbyes as my students/football team mates/safari buddies and friends (call them what you want!) troop past my office on their way to the airport to fly away, gives me mixed emotions on the day itself. Do I find it difficult? Yes. Lets leave it at that.

Whilst nothing can take the spotlight away from our 2022 Graduands, I am thrilled to include so many stories from our busy Middle and Primary Schools. M5’s have finished their academic year and enjoyed some spectacular work experiences. Their experiences have been spectacular. Every experience imaginable from flying planes to the Serengeti to delivering babies at Maternity Africa our students are extremely grateful to the companies and instiutions that have given these real life work experiences. Thank you from all of us.

We could look forward to a rest this weekend……….if it wasnt for netball at Kennedy House, rugby in Iringa, Miss Marilyn’s Horse Show, the Braeburn Theatre and getting ready for the next OP Trip!

What a school! Have a super weekend.


Dates for the Diary


Wednesday 1st June – 5pm P6 PYP Exhibition ALL welcome

Thursday 9th June – PTA Cheese and Wine evening

Friday 17th June – Last day of the year

PYP News

Jimmy (left) and Charlie (right) set the pace at last week’s inter schools cross country at Braeburm!

Another great week in the Primary School.

The students in P6 are ensuring our Primary school learn from their PYP Exhibition with an Art Show sharing their thoughts of cruelty to animals through an exhibition with a wide variety of elements including poetry, 2D and 3D Art, and a musical performance with the music group composing the melody to the song they had written.
P2-5 recently started a new unit and are thoroughly researching and investigating different areas and presenting their information in different ways.

The EC class recently went to the cinema to see the movie Sing. They had a fantastic time eating popcorn and enjoying the movie.
P1 are currently planning their bike day and carrying out transport surveys.

This Friday we hosted our Inter House Cross Country and it was fabulous to see so many participants, incliuding the teachers and parents!

Have a great weekend!


A collection of non-competitive parents enjoying the parent race at Friday’s cross country!

Early Childhood go to the Pictures

Aim Mall was brought to a standstill earlier this week when our EC class invaded the premises and made everybody’s day! Here they are waiting for the start of their film.

How we express ourselves?  We went to Aim Mall for an exciting day out at the cinema. We watched ‘Sing 1’ and the children got to experience visual form of story telling and art. And we had a little bit of fun!

Character Picnic with the EC Class

Earlier this week we had a character picnic at the field. We read stories, sang rhymes and had a parade.

P1 visit Zog!

Captain Jack shows off the now famous ‘Zog’ aeroplane which is used to carry out the important task of airlifting sick and injured people around Tanzania.

P1s had a lovely time seeing all the aeroplanes and different departments within the airport. Jack – baba Lulu was an incredible host and was able to tell us many facts about planes.The children asked great questions throughout, and were very excited to go inside the small medical plane. Back in class we will make our own boarding passes and passports. 🙂

We learned about an aeroplanes’s engine, wings and about passenger capacity. A lot for the children to try and remember but, it was so much fun being there. Thank you all for making this trip possible.

Big Concepts in P4/5 with Mr Ali

Chloe ponders the latest maths conundrum in Mr Ali’s class.

Big concept in maths at the moment in P4/5. We’re two days in to short division as a written method…working with base ten resources to really understand why that is happening with the numbers in these calculations. Simple at first, then today onto exchanges/carries. The children are working hard and building a good understanding

Cross Country at Braeburn

Zaza and Roan (above) were proud certficate holders from the Braeburn Cross Country in the U9 age group. Both achieved a magnificent 3rd place. In the U7 age group Saanvi came 2nd overall which was a marvellous achievement.

Our U15 Team pictured after their race – from left Alvar, Troy, Suryanshu, Willie, Liam, Eben (3rd. Highest placed Rhino in boys race), Jessica (8th. Highest placed Rhino in girls race), Juanita and Amani.

Arusha Campus sent a strong cross country team to Braeburn for the Inter-Schools Cross country. The beauty of cross country is the way that everyone can join in and accompishments against one’s own previous perfomrances and against your close mates!

Below, Valerie and Gaby (our U19 representatives) battle it out to be first UWC Rhino at the finishing line

M5s off to Work!

The M5s took part in a 5-Day Work Experience from last Monday, May 23 to 27. With all placements secured, they did a great job as they enhance and extend the social, communication and personal management skills they have learned in their MYP years.

They were required to write daily reflection journals and have an evaluation form completed by the supervisors at the workplace. Their Work Experience presentations will be on
Tuesday, May 31, 2022. From 7:50 am to 9:50 am.
Family and Friends are invited.

Miss Delphine

In the kitchen with the M2’s

The M2 Cheffing Team take a break from chores in the kitchen!

This quarter in Life Skills, we have been cooking and working on our skills in the kitchen. Every Wednesday, we come to the school kitchen, get into our groups, and put on our hats. The way the lesson is set up is Ms Delphine gives us a recipe of what to cook, and we have to make it together as a group giving each other jobs. The jobs are equally distributed, we have a leader, the people who prepare, the chef, the sous chef, and the washers. Doing this makes sure everyone is doing something and helping somewhere. So far, we’ve made pancakes and chips-mayai (we needed to start easy). We have learned to adapt to everyone’s cooking style, which is different and unique.

Eleanor Charles M2 student

M1 – Gaming and Social Media

M1’s gather in Matemu Mezzanine to discuss the issue of screentime and teens!

The M1s have been looking at how the screens can change our interactions with each other, and they have had discussions to explore the benefits and challenges of cyberbullying in online games and social media, and physical addiction to gadgets. Students will continue to explore positive practices for healthy communications and examine ways to develop and adapt healthy relationships with screens.


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