Arusha Campus News – 2 Sep 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Saturday 2nd September 2023

The Group 4 Project took place this week and there were some fabulously eccentric and ambitious projects on show! Read Miss Nathalie’s column below to find out more. Here, two motorcycle nuts, Hunter (D2) goes to great lengths to explain his experiment to Jimmy (M1).

Upcoming dates

Sat 23rd September – Rotary Triathlon

Fri 29th September – 24 Hour Run

Dear Parents


PYP Learning on display on a variety of ways

This week has been an important week for our Diploma 2 students as the week represented the deadline for their Extended Essay first draft. Well done to all them for making that deadline in some shape or form. That must be a weight off your shoulders!

PYP continued their sustainability theme with a super story about sensible eating in their Share Time. This was followed up by an amazing P4/5 Bake Sale.

We have a group away on Reefs in Tanga and our M1 Camp Crafters set off this morning under the expert eye of Mr Alli. We hope to see them all back early next week with tales from the bush!

Next weekend is the first of our ‘Activity Free’ weekends. The weather is getting warmer so why not plan something really relaxing and recharge those batteries!

Have a great weekend.


PYP News

P4/5’s amazing bake sale (above). The students are learning the difference between work and leisure.

The primary school is fully engaged in their units. The P6’s have led interviews and are learning about significant events in history that have impacted on our lives. P4/5 have been comparing the difference between work and leisure. They had a trial day at different jobs and organised their own baking businesses. P3/4 have been learning about different aspects of our community. P2 are developing their creativity through different stories and artists. P1 are deciding what job they would like in the future and the NEC class are learning all about their bodies.

On Friday 8th September there will be a chance to meet our new D1 students from 1.00 – 2.00pm.


MYP PHE without Miss Caitrin!

Our fierce new PHE Teacher Ms. Ella (above)  puts the M1/2s through a gruelling workout. Lookout Ms. Caitrin, she’s coming for your job!

Burka Coffee Estate Tour

A splendid photo from the student trip to Burka Coffee Estate last Friday, organised by Miss Kaya and Mr Juan. Lovely guided tour, visiting the fields, the nursery for new plants, the washing facility, and the drying tables.

Diploma Corner

This week, the whole school had the pleasure to watch the D2’s Group 4 projects (see images above and below). In this project, students are part of a multidisciplinary team studying a particular science topic within the same theme. The team consists of 6-8 students, with a mixture of science disciplines represented. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork, sharing of ideas and cooperation with the expected following elements:

Interdisciplinary collaboration
Appreciation of the implications of science and the limitations of scientific study
Development of teamwork
Development of planning skills
Exchange or sharing of both data collected and issues raised
Approximately 10 hours of involvement time

This year’s theme was sustainability. The students had the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and the result was a variety of projects such as, water filters, biodegradable plastic, solar powered ovens made of pizza boxes, a bicycle generating electricity, potatoes conducting electricity…
Well done to the students and their science teachers!

Also a big thank you to Mr Adam and Mr Andrew’s mentor classes for a very inspiring assembly this week. They chose to talk about what it means to be an IB student vs what it means to be a UWC student, but also to focus their assembly on Balance, one of the IB Learner Profile attributes. It was the perfect first assembly of the year presented by students, which I am sure will resonate with the D1s in the next few months, as they grasp the demands of the IB Diploma curriculum!


Life Skills with Miss D

The Diploma 2 students have started a comprehensive adulting series that aims to equip them with essential skills and competencies relevant to both university life and the professional world. This week’s lesson (pictured above) focused on building professional relationships and crafting resumes. Meanwhile, the Diploma 1 students have been exploring the dynamics of residing in a diverse and inclusive community. They examined the benefits and challenges that come with being part of such a community and engaged in deep discussions on cross-cultural comprehension, fostering a sense of belonging, and developing effective strategies to navigate the nuances of culture shock—all essential components for their journey to adapt and thrive in their new surroundings.

Ms Delphine

Look who’s here!

Pictured above is Magnus (graduated June 2023) paid a visit this week and shared lunch with his Diploma Co-ordinator. Magnus is now studying mathematics at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. We were also visited by Assad who would now be in D2 if he were still here. Assad left in MYP and now lives in Germany. Great to see you both!

The 24-hour run is BACK!

For those who don’t know, the 24-Hour Run is a team and community fundraising event in which people create a team and work together to remain active for a continuous 24 hours. At least one person from each team must remain on the move at all times. Participants can choose to run, jog, walk, dance, or actually do anything that keeps their body moving. f you don’t feel like running, don’t worry as there are lots of ways to get involved such as an opportunity to sponsor a team or individual. The purpose is to bring the community together to raise funds for the school’s scholarship fund which offers opportunities for students to do the IB Diploma Programme at UWC East Africa. To achieve the fundraising goal we need your help. We are inviting you to join us and form a team for the 24-HOUR RUN which is taking place on the 29th of September in the UWCEA Moshi campus. Take your friends, family, or colleagues, form a team, and embark on this incredible journey together. By working as a team, we can make a significant impact and change the lives of those who need it most.

Arusha ambassadors for 24-Hour run 2023

Counselor Corner

Our first visits of the year!

This week we had two excellent presentations for our students who are exploring their post-secondary options. On Thursday we hosted two Davis UWC Scholar Partner institutions, and each presentation provided tremendous insight into the opportunities they provide our students, while also helping them prepare for the application process that lies ahead. During the day, Josh from Lewis & Clark College had a lovely lunch session with D1 and D2 students who are considering attending his institution that also sits beneath a spectacular mountain. Then in the evening, the students were able to engage with Alexandria from the University of Chicago, which is another popular destination of UWC alumni. She shared the excellent strategies for writing the supplementary essay that is an important part of some applications. These sessions provide a wealth of information as students also learn how to engage with admissions specialists, and it was wonderful to see so many D1 and D2 students actively involved. Keep it up as you continue exploring, parents also welcome to join!

New Month, Same Expectations

September brings us one month further into the 2023-2024 college/university admission cycle, and D2 students are starting to realize that time is slowly ticking away. It is imperative that students who want to apply this year are adhering to the Class of 2024 University Counseling Guidelines and Expectations, as well as following the Internal Deadlines that are available on the UWCEA Careers website. (

Also, there are still 20 parents/guardians who have not signed the Class of 2024 University Counseling Guidelines and Expectations form. This is essential in order for us to begin this application process on the same page.

If you have questions about what is coming this application cycle, please plan to join the D2 Parent Meeting on 27 September at 7:30 PM EAT. During this presentation we will provide an overview of the admission cycle that is already underway in many countries around the world. This is a collaborative effort, and the more we are all on the same page, the smoother this process will be for everyone involved. Link to join coming soon.

Here are some other events you may want to mark on your calendar…

UPCOMING College and University Events

This Weekend: Study in Japan online fair – website:

7 September: 7:30 PM EAT The University of Oklahoma (US) Major Davis UWC Scholar Partner with the most UWC alumni currently enrolled. Virtual visit. Link to join available on UWCEA Careers website in Calendar of Events.

7 September: 7:30 PM EAT The University of Cambridge (UK) Highly competitive institution in the UK with an early application deadline. Virtual visit. Link to join available on UWCEA Careers website in Calendar of Events.

8 September: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EAT Study in UK Fair at Braeburn International School in Arusha. For those interested in studying in the UK.

13 September: Time: TBD Huron University College at Western (Canada). Offers a UWC specific scholarship.

15 September: 4:45-6:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th: US Liberal Arts Colleges Presentation and mini-virtual fair. September focus: Effective Interviews
Link to register for these events:

* 27 September: 7:30 PM EAT – D2 Parent Presentation regarding Supporting Your Child Through the 2023-2024 Application Cycle

Stay tuned for more events each week!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor