Arusha Campus News – 12 Feb 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 12th February 2023

Day time temperatures are soaring at the moment in Arusha and there is precious little rain to wash that heat away. Earlier this week we were lucky enough to get a refreshing shower and a beautiful rainbow.

Dear Parents

Mr Adam showing great style in his invigilation of the D2 Mock Maths Exam this week. Not everyone loves maths as much as you Mr Adam!

Arusha Campus will have a strange feel to it this week as our entire MYP cohort head out on their Week Without Walls (WWW). This is our second year of WWW and after a successful first rendition last year we have decided to do it all again. Congratulations to all the teachers, accounts staff and drivers who have been planning this logistical challenge!

As if that wasn’t enough, our Diploma 1 students are out of school on Project Week. This is an opportunity to accomplish a week of one’s Creativity Activity Service (CAS) project which is a core part of their final Diploma Award. We have students travelling all around Tanzania to do their projects and we will no doubt hear about their adventures in next week’s newsletter. 

The Diploma 2 students will be engaging in mock exams and so all in all the campus will be rather quiet…..

Have a wonderful week.


PYP News

The children in the Primary School enjoying the 100th Day of School last week

N/EC1&2 had a great day camping on the field. There was huge excitement and a range of activities for everyone to enjoy.
The P4/5 class shared their learning on Natural Disasters with the primary school.
P2 went to Braeburn for the U7 football tournament and had a great morning of football.
The MYP students came to visit the PYP to celebrate 100 Days of School. Everyone was involved in a variety of activities about the number 100.

Sharing and celebrating our learning is so much fun for everyone!

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

Under-7 Rhinos in Semi-final Heartache!

Pictured above is our heroic Under 7 football team who made the short journey to Braeburn in 35 degree temperatures to play against the other NTSAA schools in the Mini World Cup. Coaches Miss Alina, Miss Esperance and Mr Samwel did a fabulous job in cajoling the team all the way to the semi-finals. Well done everyone!

Early Childhood and Nursery Camp Out

The youngest members of the school had a wild day out last week when they camped out on the football field. The day was negotiated with serious tent time punctuated by the occasional picnic!

P2’s On the Farm

The P2’s (pictured above) were hosted by Baba and Mama Lydia to visit their farm and learn about cycles. They learnt about cows, chickens, acacia trees and many other cycles. They were lucky to plant some trees, collect eggs, milk the cows and also learn about rain water collection and bio gas.

P6 Visit SeedCo Seed Factory

P6 were out and about again last week and this time on a trip to SeedCo to learn about commercial seed production. Later, the students had the opportunity to plant their own seeds in the vegetable garden. We look forward to some hand-picked fresh vegetables from P6!

MYP Latest

Today we had a truly unique experience learning about all the different aspects required to help us to pursue the best grade for our personal project. Throughout the last 9 months our class has been working step by step on Criterion A,B and C. During this report writing workshop, we were able to analyse our reports as a whole, rather than as individual criterion, give and recieve peer feedback and reflect on overall pregress. It was very helpful to do this workshop and now we will work on the feedback before we submit the final report on the 6th March.

Chiara, Alvar, Sophie

Magnus Schiffmann (M5, above) presented his Personal Project poster about ‘Controlling Screentime’ to the P5’s.

M3 Eye Dissection

Here are some photos from an M3 Science class where we dissected real eyes to learn about their structure and function.

Here are some photos from an M3 Science class where we dissected real eyes to learn about their structure and function.

Shiven is more accustomed to chopping up food for his next recipe rather than sheep’s eyeballs!

Mio is the picture of concentration as he gets to grips with his slippery subject.

Brian looks on as Sarah takes control of the dissection’s early steps

DP Corner

This week the D2 students (pictured above) have started their mock examinations: History, Business, Chemistry and Mathematics are now out of the way! The mock examinations give the students the opportunity to experience sitting an exam paper in exam conditions. For each paper, students get 5 min reading time prior to the official start of the exam (except for paper 1 in science, since it is a multiple choice paper). The students also get a 30 min and a 5 min warning before the end of the exam. We wish them all the best!

In the meantime, the D1 students have been getting ready for their Project Week that starts this weekend for most of them. The UWC Project Week allows UWC students to practice personal initiative, self-discipline and responsibility, to manage risk and embrace challenges. The Projects are either service, action, creativity or even expedition based. We are looking forward to hearing about the students’ adventure when they are back!

Finally well done to Silence, Hussain and Harry in D1, who were joined by Alvar in M5 for taking part in the Strathmore University mathematics competition this week taking place in Usa River!
Harry Taylor came first in his category with the best results in the two hours Maths competition (pictured right). Congratulations Harry!

Open letter from Irem (D2) re tragedy in Turkey

Hello Dear UWCEA Community,

I am İrem from Turkey, a second-year student at UWCEA. I hope this email finds you well and leaves you with a feeling of empathy towards people who are under landslides waiting for help for days and who lost their homes, and who are left with no belongings in Turkey and Syria. With that, I would like to inform you about the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria and explain how you can help the people affected by the earthquake.

Since two earthquakes with the magnitude of 7.6 and 7.6 hit Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6, 22.000 people have been killed and around 100.000 people have been injured. The death toll seems to increase next week with the bodies that will be rescued under the landslides. What is worse is that even the people who were able to survive under the landslides have to now live under the winter cold, the temperature reaching minus degrees, and with the lack of food, hygienic products, and other necessities.

Sometimes numbers underestimate the severity of the situation. I have many pictures that never left my mind since I saw them from the earthquake. I would not like to share them here but please take a look at some photos from the earthquake if you are able to. Because I believe, it would tell us more than the numbers that make us forget that each of them was a unique identity, and carry unique positions as a mother, father, friend, child, or teacher.

Now, how can we help these people in Turkey and Syria?

We can donate money for providing them with necessities. I am adding some reliable foundations (non-governmental) below, both in Turkey and Syria.

We can encourage others to donate and inform people about the earthquake on social media.
We can support the Syrian and Turkish people around us since it affected everyone around them.

Thank you for reading this email and please feel free to contact me for anything.”

Best regards,
İrem Tuana Çiftçi

Black History Month

Counselor’s Corner

Celebrating and planning are underway
Our D2 students continue to receive offers of admission and scholarships as they explore their post-secondary options. At the other end of that journey, I am enjoying the one on one meetings that have begun with D1 students as we talk about their plans and questions related to their future. Soon I will begin lessons in the M4 and M5 Life Skills classes as we discuss their interests and skills to begin their career exploration journey. Parents will soon receive an invitation to create a Parent Access account with Maia Learning, which I will be introducing M4 and M5 students to later this month. D1 and D2 students have already been using the platform for their career and college exploration. If you are a D1 or D2 parent/guardian who does not have access to your child’s Maia Learning account yet, please email me so that I can set up your account via the email address you prefer.

SAT Registration Reminder

The SAT has gone digital for international students, and the first test date is quickly approaching. In order to take the test on 11 March, students register by 24 February. Also, since this test is digital, it is important that students download the required testing software in advance to an approved device so that they will be able to take the test on the day of examination. There are also practice materials that students are encouraged to begin working on well in advance of their test day.

More information about this test and others can be found on this link:

UPCOMING College and University Events

16 February: What Every Student Should Know About Picking a Major or Career Path webinar @ 6:00 PM CT/3:00 AM EAT (Link to register and receive recording:

18 February: 5-8:45 PM EAT Minerva University Preview Day Link to register:
19 February: 9PM-2AM EAT NACAC International virtual fair (Registration link:

24 February: Deadline to register for 11 March SAT (in Moshi. See for more information)
19 March: 9PM-2AM EAT NACAC International virtual fair
21 March: 2-5 PM EAT University of Chicago in person visit
21 March: 1-4 PM EAT CIS University Exploration Day – Africa (Registration link:
29 March: 7:30-9:00 PM EAT 21st Century Skills symposium – virtual program
30 March: 7:30-10:00 AM EAT 21 Century Skills symposium – Arusha campus

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

United African Alliance Community Centre

On Saturday, the 4th of February, 14 students travelled to the United African Alliance Community Centre (UAACC) in the Usa River, Arusha (see image above). The centre is run by Mr. Peter and Mrs. Charlotte O’Neal, who will visit our campus on February 23rd for our Black History Month assembly. The couple fought for freedom, equity and protection against police brutality in the US before moving to Tanzania in the 70s. The students engaged in various activities, from learning about African spirituality, painting a mural to show the interdependence and connection between Africans, and producing music! This activity is one of a series of activities aimed at understanding and appreciating black and African culture.
Here is a brief video that captured some of the highlights of our visit:

Ngure Ndiritu – D2

Careers Symposium

REMINDER – Career Expert Volunteers Needed

UWC East Africa Careers Symposium: Building 21st Century Skills

On the Arusha campus, the events will include:

Virtual Sessions – 29 March
7:30-9:00 PM EAT

In-Person Arusha Sessions – 30 March
7:30-10:00 AM EAT

If you would be willing to share your expertise with future leaders regarding the skills needed to pursue their career interests, please use this link to sign up as a volunteer: