Arusha Campus News – 16 May 2021

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 16th May 2021

‘I can’t stop looking at this picture ……. a classroom with a thousand mile view that inspires our children to appreciate our natural world; where else around the globe today can children experience such learning’ – UWC East Africa parent, May 2021.

The ISM/UWC East Africa Alumni Team made a triumphant visit back to Arusha Campus this weekend when they competed in the Multi Sports Day (football, rugby, basketball, netball and volleyball) against current students and teachers…….and ended up winning overall!

Dear Parents

The whole of Miss Amanda and Miss Esperance’s Class on their field trip this week.

At the top of this newsletter, the photo is supported by a quote from one of our parents. I received this message from the parent after sending him a picture of his daughter hard at work on our P4/5 field trip to Loibor Serrit. I think his words sum up UWC East Africa perfectly. Thank you.

My bones are aching this Sunday evening after being given the run around on the football and hard courts by our student and alumni teams. As you can see the winning team was the alumni team and sincere congratulations to them. A huge recognition of thanks must go to Jessica Peterson – who is both a teacher and alumni – for organisimg the day. Everyone had so much fun, thank you!

Our 5 year re-accreditation process is underway and we will be expecting a visit – whether virtual or in real time from the CIS/MSA/IB Visiting Teams in February 2022. We will be sending out a Community Survey in the next couple of weeks to gather some feedback on the School’s perfomance from different stakeholder groups. Look out for the link being sent to you.

Finally, dont forget that the Class of 2021 Graduation day will take place on Friday this week. I am sure there will be plenty in the way of reminders this week.


What kind of week has it been?

This week I continue to review areas from our school policies that need a renewed commitment from some in our community. This information comes from our Primary or Secondary Handbooks or from other policies and procedures for the school.

Chewing Gum

You may have missed it, as it is only one short line in the Student Handbook, but please remember that chewing gum is not allowed on campus.

Why can’t I chew gum at school?
Too often, used gum ends up stuck to furniture or otherwise discarded improperly
Gum wrappers, too, are often discarded carelessly
Listening to people pop, smack, and chew is unpleasant and distracting
It is terrible for public speaking, whether for formal presentations or simple in-class discussions
It can be a choking hazard if chewed during activities

Leave the gum at home!

Thank you for your continued support,

Ms. Christy

PYP News

Another busy week in our Primary school! Our P4/5 class visited Loibor Serrit (pictured above) and we will hear more about this trip next week. The Nursery class has visited different areas in our school to see who helps us. P6 are continuing to work hard towards their PYP Exhibition which will be shared on Wednesday 2nd June.
Upcoming events include a Spelling Bee Competition, an Arts festival including a fashion show, dance talent and recycled art projects and the P1/2 camp out.

Throughout our school year we try to visit different places in order to extend our curriculum. Unfortunately this year we haven’t been able to visit as many places as we would have liked. However we fully believe in the importance and educational value of these trips.

Educational field trips help teachers widen their horizons of knowledge and broadening the scope of their syllabus. Most educational trips pay much attention to outdoor activities with a wide range of aspects in life. It means the trips allow the teacher to connect the classroom with real-life and authentic experience.


M5 On-screen Exams

M5 students are entering a busy time of the year with many important events taking place. On-screen examinations, which are a two-hour computer exam in Individuals and Societies, Mathematics, English, Sciences, and Interdisciplinary learning, will be on May 11th-21st. I wish all our hardworking students the best of luck.


Our UWC East Africa Values

Value 9. A healthy lifestyle and active pursuits.

Value 10. The happiness and well-being of our community.

I think the two images, above and below this caption, perfectly epitomise two of our UWC East Africa Values. Both images were taken from this week’s activities.

Above, gathered around the campfire whilst experiencing the outdoors this week, the P4/5 students tell tales of the day.

Below, those who met to play football, rugby, volleyball, netball and basketball on Saturday certainly contributed to attaining Value 9 and 10!

Counselor Corner

Mental Health Month Continued – Stress Release

As we watch the D2 faces become a bit more relaxed as they near the end of exams, we are also watching the faces of other students begin to become a bit tense as they are preparing for their end of year assessments. Although tests are a part of life, our relationship with the stress they cause can vary greatly. We want to encourage a healthy relationship with stress, and that begins with learning techniques to manage stress effectively. This month the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has put together kits full of resources to begin this process. Please take a look at these documents when you have a moment to begin exploring ways to engage with stress in productive ways.

In addition, we invite you to consider participating in a webinar later this month addressing the anxious feelings that we all experience at different times in our lives. On Tuesday, 25 May, psychologist and author Elisha Goldstein will do a presentation focused on ways to transform anxiety  Please take a look and see if this is something you would like to register for and attend.

Next week we have two events that we hope students and parents will attend. Please see the posters above and below, and our Upcoming Visits List with even more events that we hope you and your child will consider attending. 

We wish you Eid Mubarak and hope that you are able to enjoy the holiday weekend. If you are in need of additional resources to support mental health and wellbeing, please feel free to explore the
COVID-19 Counselor Resources. Our team continues to find ways to support our community near and afar, and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on ways to enhance the work that we do.

Take care and persevere,

UWCEA School Counseling Team

Party With a Purpose

Save the date to join us for a Party With A Purpose and raise funds for our fabulous NICU facility at ALMC. This year, our fundraiser has  prizes from the following top sponsors:

Legandary safaris

Nyumba Ndoto

Nyumbani Collection Serengeti
Central Serengeti & Miracle Balloon Safari
Melia Arusha
Tarangeri Safari Lodge
Nomad (Kuru)
Ngara Sero Lodge Arusha
Jafferji House Zanzibar
Home Comfort
Kisasa Designs
Safari Bronze
Shibam Lighting
Aiyaana Pemba
Desserts For A Cause
Emayani Lodge Pangani
Jamie Strand Massages

Dunia Designs


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