Arusha Campus News – 17 Sep 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 17th September 2023

Spirit Week for the student council took place this week and Friday was Tanzania Day as (from left) Mr Gift, Miss Jessica, Mr Alli, Miss Caitrin, Miss Hilary and Miss Anoek showed us!

Upcoming dates

Thur 21st September – UWC Day/UN Day of Peace

Sat 23rd September – Rotary Triathlon

Fri 29th September – 24 Hour Run

Dear Parents

The Girls U19 team above prepare for their game against Jaffery School at Braeburn

This week’s international news has been rather dismal in terms of both Peace and Climate Change. Miss Christy was due to fly to Gabon to take part in a Coincil of International Schools Accreditation Visit but that has been cancelled due to the civil unrest in the country. Elsewhere on the continent the catrastrophic flooding in Libya is a stark warning to us all to take the prospect of Cimate Change seriously. Here in Arusha, I am being told on a daily basis to brace myself (and the School) for the anticipated El Nino rains that are on their way. It seems that all around us, floods, droughts, heatwaves and fires are occurring closer and closer to home.

Enjoy the newsletter. One item which does not appear in this week’s edition is a report on yestreday’s football and basketball at Braeburn. Mr Adam, Emmanuel and Gregory, Mr Phil and Miss Caitrin were there to watch our teams perform outstandingly. Great effort and sportsmanship by all. Thank you.


PYP News


Spirit week is always a lot of fun (see montage above) and this year was no exception!  A huge thank you to the PYP student council and Mrs Adele for a week of enjoyment. Thank you to parents for your support to make it all happen. Share time on Friday was celebrated with animal themed dancing! The PYP showed their creativity and enthusiasm by being fantastic risk takers. What a great way to start the weekend.


P3/4 in Our Community

P3/4 visit Ngaramtoni ya Chini to learn about our local community. We had a great time visiting the shops and mwenyikiti and saw lots of things we didn’t even know were on our doorstep.

DP and PYP Annual Meet-up

Every year, the students from our Diploma 1 class organise an afternoon of fun events. This year, a great afternoon was spent getting to know each other and to celebrate our special community.

MYP Round-up

If you ask a MYP student what their favourite subject is, there is a good chance they will respond by saying “PHE”! Many of our students love being active and break or lunch time is when you see them play football, basketball or other sports. As a subject, Physical and Health Education (PHE) fosters the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle. PHE focuses on both learning about and learning through physical activity. All MYP students have 3 lessons of PHE each week and these lessons are about ‘doing sports’, but also focus on planning for and reflecting on performance. During PHE lessons students practise the skills required for upcoming NTSAA events, such as athletics and swimming in quarter 1. These skills are further developed in CCAs and it is the sports coaches in consultation with our Athletics director and PHE teacher Ms Caitrin to decide on the teams.

Please check the Arusha Community Calendar to see an overview of sports events taking place in the next few weeks!


From the Bomas

Another busy weekend for our Residential students who are more and more getting used to their new life in Arusha. Last weekend included the following events:

On Friday, the D2s Music Student went to a recording studio with Miss Sarah. On Saturday evening, Fagr, Viet and Grace were invited by Miss Fischer to a screening at the Arusha Giraffe Center.
While many others students were invited to Miss Nathalie’s or Miss Anoek’s to cook and share a nice dinner with their friends an. What a blast!
Finally, some students experienced more local activities like going to Lake Duluti or discovering a local tourist market called Masaai Market.
More activities coming up this weekend. A special thank you to all the teachers who take some times on the weekend to offer fun activities to the Residential students!


Outdoor Pursuits Reefs Programme

On a Reefs trip, we don’t just snorkel in the mangroves and corals, or do kayak trips in the estuaries of Tanga, and eat fresh sea food at sunset… Oh no! We also contribute to the Coral Reefs Regeneration by accomplishing different tasks on every trip, in collaboration with Fish Eagle Point, like bringing a 1000+ kgs boat (see image above) of the Beach Management Unit (BMU) to its deployment area. The boat you see on the picture, carried by hand/legs on a distance of about 300 metres in an incredible team effort from our UWC East Africa students, will allow patrols to survey and protect areas from overfishing, researchers to do coral monitoring, and our own students to release coral balls. A lot of sweat, but no tears from our dedicated and motivated OP Reefers!


Language Competition – PLEASE ENTER!

This year the school has signed up for a language competition which starts off as a school competition and then the winners from that will be put forward for the global part of the competition. This means you will be competing against other students from schools all over the world.

The competition is open to all age groups from 7-18 years old. The competition is based on you performing a poem in a language which is NOT your mother tongue.

You have the choice of English, Welsh, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Mandarin.

We give you a choice of poems to use but can also consider your own find. You will perform this poem on video and you will be judged on your pronunciation, delivery and general effort!
There is also an Art category to this competition which involves picking one of the poems provided and creating a visual image of the poem. No digital art work is allowed and it is to be submitted as a drawing/painting/poster. The competition will assess you on your understanding of the poem as well as creativity. This art work will be published in an E-book but prizes will also be given out.

Prizes for both competitions include a certificate for all participants and vouchers/books/other prizes for winners.

If this sounds interesting to you (I’m hoping for LOTS of interest!) then please complete the google form sent out to all students or email me directly –

The website also gives you lots of information – Poesia

Hope to see lots of students sign up! The deadline is 25/09/23.’


Library Week at Court of Human Rights

This week was Library week in the African Court on Human and People’s Rights located in Arusha. We had 6 representatives from our school where they listened to speeches from the Court Judges, including the High Justice. The students learned about how the library was built in the Court, and the challenges they had to overcome to make it happen.

Leon, D2

The 24-hour run is BACK!

Hello everyone!
Start tying your shoes, because the countdown for the 24-hour run already started!

With just 2 weeks left, your organizing team keeps working at full speed to make the 24-hour run as memorable as possible. But the run is not only a fun event, it’s also our occasion to raise funds for one (hopefully two) full scholarships. Don’t forget to sign up to a team and (if you can) donate and share.

Before coming to the event make sure you have:

Money for super nice food and drinks available on campus (all proceeds go to scholarship fund)
Head lamp
Illuminati round: Other illumination such as fairy lights
Sun cream
Hoodie, blanket (you can sleep anywhere: this night all senior dorms are locked)
Walking shoes
Flip-flops or slides to give your poor feet a break
Autograph round: Marker pen (for autograph round to sign one another’s shirts or bodies) Autograph round: A plain bright t shirt for autograph round to be signed
80s round: 80s camp clothing items
DIY round: Do it-yourself costume items (aluminum foil, cardboard straight jacket, etc) Prince(ss) round 1 respectively 2: outfit as dream prince(ss) -am version- and shady
prince(ss) of darkness -pm version-
Superhero round 1 and 2 respectively: outfit as Superhero -am- and outfit as Supervillain
Musical chairs round:
Bring your favourite camping chair or stool, tripod
Clippers/shaving equipment!
one plastic bottle for the water lap (make sure you recycle it at the end)
By the way, there are gonna be prizes for best outfit!

Arusha ambassadors for 24-Hour run 2023

Counselor Corner

Over the past week we were able to participate in a series of excellent opportunities to engage with individuals who represent a wide range of post-secondary options. Last Tuesday, a small group of DP students welcomed a representative from Nottingham Trent University (UK), and then on Friday some students enjoyed lunch with Magnus (UWCEA ’22/Northwestern University ‘26) as he answered their questions about his college experience. Also, last Thursday, students participated in two virtual events where they were introduced to the University of Cambridge (UK) and had a chance to see familiar faces who are currently attending a UWC alumni “favorite” the University of Oklahoma. Even Mr. Phil joined the fun last Friday on the campus of Braeburn International School where students were able to talk with representatives during the “Study in the UK” fair.” Then on Wednesday, a small group of students had a chance to meet with a representative from Huron University College at Western University where they learned about the Canadian institution and their UWC specific scholarship.

A great week filled with important events to help gain a better understanding of different institutions, while also hearing firsthand accounts from current students. Take a look at the list of upcoming events below to see what’s next and plan to attend. Local Arusha guardians/parents who want to learn more about studying in the US, please join us on Monday at 4PM for a conversation with a representative from a Davis UWC Scholar Partner institution who is very eager to answer your questions.

D2 Parent Meeting Coming Soon

Last Friday in DSS, I shared a lot of information with the Class of 2024 about this current admission cycle, and what they need to be mindful of as they explore their options. D2 parents have access to the information via Toddle and the email that was sent after class. Please take a moment to review the information and discuss with your child. In addition, we are planning a meeting just for D2 parents to go over what you can expect as you support your child in the pursuit of their postsecondary aspirations. Please save the date below and plan to join us for a conversation about a world of options with deadlines coming your way.

D2 Parent Meeting
28 September at 7:30 PM EAT
Link to join:
Meeting ID: 868 7347 2987
Passcode: 545686

UPCOMING College and University Events

16 September: 4:00 PM EAT (Arusha) Five Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institutions – Carleton, Lake Forest, Smith, Tufts University, and Vassar College. Presentation and mini-fair
18 September: 3:00 PM: Student presentation 4:00PM Parent Coffee/Tea Introduction to St. Lawrence University and parent overview of US institutions and application process.
22 September: 12:00 PM EAT Harvard College, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University overview of highly competitive universities.
26 September: 4:00-5:00 PM Mandatory session for Early Applicants (Deadlines between now and December break) in the Library Annex
27 September: 7:00 PM UK Time Virtual event for parents on preparing your student for medical school (free event sponsored by InvestIn)
Link to register:
28 September: 10:00-11:00 AM (Moshi)/2:00-3:00 PM (Arusha) – Vanderbilt University. One of our newest Davis UWC Scholar Partner institutions.
28 September: 7:30 PM EAT – D2 Parent Presentation regarding Supporting Your Child Through the 2023-2024 Application Cycle
2/3 October: TBD (Moshi)/11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Arusha) – Eight Davis UWC Scholar Partner Institutions – Concordia, Davidson, Earlham, St. John’s, St. Olaf, University of St. Thomas, Wartburg, and Whitman. Presentations and mini-fair.
7 October: 7:30-11:00 AM EAT SAT exam not available on Moshi campus (See for more information)

15 October: 4:45-6:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th: US Liberal Arts Colleges Presentation and mini-virtual fair. October focus: US Holistic Admissions
Link to register for these events:
Still more coming your way, so keep checking the calendar of upcoming events.
Keep exploring and enjoying the journey!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

Project Week Exhibition

During the Project week, 6 young Students of UWCEA Arusha Campus travelled around diverse places of Northern Tanzania with one aim: to know a side of Arusha that usually is not conveyed on the Internet or social media. This exhibition is the result of a young perspective over Arusha ‘ s nature, an expression of their thoughts, and a sample of what they saw around Arusha region.