Arusha Campus News – 20 Feb 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 20th February 2022

Well done Senegal! A very proud Alseny poses in front of the Senegalese flag after his country finally won the African Cup of Nations last week.

Dear Parents

UWCEA 1 (above) in a huddle before one of their rugby matches this weekend

Back to sport in this week’s newsletter! This weekend has seen some spectacular team perfoirmances. On Friday, the Arusha Rhinos Rugby Club came to Arusha Campus and organised a superb touch rugby tournament. Student and staff teams joined teams from as far afield as Iringa and Dar and we all had great fun in the name of generating funds for Development Rugby in Tanzania. The stars of the tournament were undoubtedly our Arusha Campus student teams. Team 1 (above) reached the semi finals whilst Team 2 reached the Plate semi-finals, before being knocked out, but not before entertaining the crowd with fast, running rugby and such dazzling footwork both in attack and defence. 

And this morning (as if the rugby didn’t provide enough running around for one weekend!) we hosted the Boma Cup which is the annual inter-residential house football tournament. Current holders Jacaranda fought their way to the final but were ultimately overpowered by a brilliant Acacia team. Congratulations Acacia – Boma Champiions 2022! (picture below).

Of course the weekend’s leisure was an excuse to let off steam after the rigour of our CIS/MSA/IB Acreditation and Authorisation visit which took place throughout last week. Although we will not receive the full Evaluation Report for a few weeks, we did attend an exit meeting at which the Evaluation Team Chairs delivered an encouraging report on the school. They made special commendation of the warm, happy and caring learning environment which, personally, made me very happy as I have often written about the importance of having a happy school. Several groups of parents helped out with interviews and so I am very grateful for their time and energy.

Have a super week ahead!


The victorious and star studded Acacia Football Team (below). Boma Champions 2022!

Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 22nd February World Mother Tongue Day (Arusha Campus Celebration Day)

Wednesday 23rd February Board Retreat

Thursday 24th February Peaks Level 4 Ngorongoro

Friday 25th February Plains Level 5 Ngorongoro

Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th March Book Week

Friday 4th March Early Closure Day (time to be confirmed)

PYP News

This week the Primary school has been celebrating Valentines Week (pictures above). We talked about friendship, being caring, respecting others and including everyone. In class we have shown an appreciation of others’ and been caring towards our peers. We finished our week with a fantastic Share Time with poems, songs and dances from each of the PYP classes. A great way to show that we care for our learning, school and each other.

What does Valentine’s Day teach children? By watching you give gifts of kindness, time, compassion, respect, and thoughtfulness to the people you love — not just on holidays but throughout the year — they will learn that “I love you” means so much more than three words inscribed on a candy heart



Jose, Vanessa, Tombe and Yasir (below) serenaded the PYP students this week.

St Valentine’s Day Disco

Friday night saw the M5-D2 St Valentine’s Dance in the Performance Area (above).


P4/5 took over the performance area to undertake test flights of their paper ‘planes. As part of our learning about the scientific method we designed an investigation to address the question, ‘Does the size of a paper aeroplane affect how far it flies?’ Why don’t you pass by Mr Ali’s class and ask everyone what they discovered?

Outdoor Pursuits: Level 3 Plains

Watching the preparation of our evening meal!

On Plains level 3 trip we went to Ngereiyan Plains.  There we spent two nights, each night at a different place. The first day was really fun because it was hailing which broke our tents. This meant that we had to sleep in the car. We also had to cross two rivers, one were the water level was really high and we had to take off our socks and shoes to walk through and the other one we had to jump over. Another highlight was, on the second night, we had goat for our dinner. This was a big highlight because it was fun to watch the preparation done by Masai, but at the same time it was very disgusting, but I still ate it. I think everybody that went to the trip would agree with me.

Pau, M1

Cultural Nights

Initiated by Ida, a student from the Class of 2021, Cultural Nights are a time for students to share their culture and roots with the UWC East Africa Community. They are also a time in which members of the community get to immerse themselves in the manifold cultures present here at UWC East Africa, all of which leads to a better understanding of others and thus contribute to a more peaceful community, UWC’s main goal.

Cultural Nights usually take place every Sunday at the Library Annex, from 5pm to 6pm. Additionally, after the student’s presentation, the community is treated to a meal at the canteen from the presenter’s home country.

I would therefore like to extend an invitation to all members of the UWC East Africa Community to attend the Cultural Nights, whenever they can. I can guarantee you will not only find them incredibly insightful but also entertaining. “Tolerance, inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity are more essential than ever in a world where peoples are becoming more and more closely interconnected.” – Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, 1997-2006

Please find the schedule for the planned cultural nights for this semester below. Note that the Paraguayan Cultural Night will take place on Monday the 28th of February instead of the usual Sunday because of the Long Weekend.

Atkins Dube
Cultural Nights Coordinator

Book Club is Back!

Order books by March 18th. Orders can be made online at

You can also fill out the order form in the magazine that was sent home with your child, cash payments can be made with Grace in the accounting office.


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