Arusha Campus News – 2 May 2021

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 2nd May

The Level Four Flatland OP team (above) walked over 50kms from Tarangire to Lake Manyara over the last four days.

Dear Parents

More on the swimming gala next week but I was pleased to see Miss Jessica, Mr Chris, Miss Kate and Mr Michael (above) getting thrown into the pool!

An action packed end to this week with the swimming gala and triathlon at Kennedy House, not to mention the outdoor pursuits Level Four trip to Burunge.

I was lucky enough to join the trip with Mr Isack and Miss Debbie from Moshi Campus. Fabulous scenery, wonderful students and a great experience for everyone. We arrived back just a few hours ago and so we will have a report on the trip next week.

Plenty is said about the Diploma Exams in this week’s bulletin and we wish the students the best of luck with those.

A huge thanks to Steve, Lena, Zander and Ekko for coming in to speak to our senior MYP students about their professions on Friday. We are extremely lucky to have such expertise in the community and even luckier that you can take time our of your busy days to speak to us. Thank you.

Have a super week ahead.


Quiet please!

Our Diploma exams have started and will be in action for the next three weeks. As you can see we have a super new exam hall to do them in…….but it is not very well soundproofed so please may we ask for everyone to keep noise to a minmum when they are near the perfromance area.

What kind of week has it been?

You may have noticed that the Performance Area is surrounded by caution tape and there are many signs asking for silence. Our beautifully renovated Performance Area is also our exam center – and it is not remotely soundproof. Please note that sound carries very easily into the exam center and that our D2 students would very much appreciate everyone’s support in keeping this area as quiet as possible while they write these important exams.

Please also note that exams often continue well past 2:30, so when you arrive to pick up your child from school or even CCAs that end at 3:30 or 4:30, it is very important that you all remain as quiet as possible. We appreciate your support in this.

Exams continue until the end of May.

Ms. Christy

PYP News

The PYP has experienced another incredible week of learning. The students in P1/2 shared their knowledge of the solar system (above) explaining the inner and outer planets with enthusiasm supported by Miss Shaheen, Miss Loveness and Ali (D1 Student).
The P4/5 class planned and arranged activities for students from PLaster House to participate in to help P4/5 understand the value of ‘Interaction is Action’. This was an incredible experience for our students. Thank you to Sarah Rejman for allowing us to host the students.

On Friday afternoon the PYP showed off their talents in the swimming pool and produced some fantastic techniques and improved times in their races. Many students swam up age groups and a particular mention should go to Kasia Rejman (age 11) who swam backstroke for the U15 medley relay team. Well done everyone.


Ali teaches P1/2 about the Solar System

Thank you, Ali, for coming to teach 3 consecutive lessons in his series helping us learn about the solar system. This last lesson the students had formulated curious questions for you and you diligently responded to each student while they used learning from the lesson to complete their Venn Diagrams. You showed real commitment, enthusiasm and are so knowledgeable.
Well done!

M4/M5 Career Symposium

On Friday April 30th, our M4 and M5 students took part in the Careers and Skills Symposium. This event was part of the M5 work experience week that will take place on May 24-28. We were honored to host Dr. Wensel (veterinarian), Dr. Swanson (Medical doctor pictured top), Mr. Zander (pilot pictured above), and Mr. Ekko (agricultural engineer), who talked about their careers and the qualifications and skills one would need to get where they are now. Our listeners found the experience very informative and I would like to thank everyone, our guest speakers in particular, who attended the symposium.

The DP Corner

The “long awaited” IB Diploma exams have finally started! Some of the D2s sat Swahili B and Swahili Ab initio on Thursday, and Udine sat her Dutch papers as well. These students were able to test our brand-new exam tables, shipped from the UK.

The first full week of exams will have students sitting their Physics, Swahili A Literature, School-Supported Self-Taught Literature, History, Economics (paper 1) and the cherry on the cake: Mathematics!In the meantime, the D1 students are expected to have fully started the Extended Essay, having submitted an outline of their research question development and getting ready to have their second formal session with their supervisor before the summer break.
During their 3 mandatory formal sessions, the students establish a dialogue with their supervisor and are able to go through the following: the possible approaches and any potential problems that might arise with their research question, the requirements and assessment criteria for the subject, possible strategies for developing the student’s ideas for the essay and expanding the research so that the essay starts to take form, asking questions that will help the student focus their thinking…
Following the formal session, the students are then required to write a reflection as part of the EE assessment.

With all the above hard work going on, it was lovely to see the students involved in the swimming gala on Friday afternoon, a well deserved break from revision for the D2s and an opportunity to show off their swimming skills for the D1s!The full schedule may be found by clicking onthe image above or by following this link here

Cultural Night

Armandine and Luanga presented and led special games on the primary field: Course Du Congo (Race of Congo). Boarders enjoyed some Congolese food after the presentation.

Swimming Gala

There will be an announcement made about the winners of the house swimming gala (above) that was held on Friday and a report in next week’s bulletin.

The Kennedy House Triathlon

This year, the delayed Kennedy House Triathlon took place with several UWC East Africa Competitors. The event had a ‘colourful’ twist in that it was also a colour run and so runners ended up rather pink! Pictured above are Fabio (Moshi Campus) and Valerie, Gaby, Juanita and Chiara (Arusha Campus)

Anders (Individual), John (Individual) and Alfred and Gaby (Team)  flew the flag for Arusha Campus. They all competed magnificently in spite of the inevitable broken chains, wrong routes and chronic cramp! 

Anders is congratulated by Alfred at the end of the race

John at full pedal!


Team Gaby (swimming) and Alfred (running and cycling) celebrate the end of the triathlon

Visit to Lake Duluti

A group of Diploma students (above), day and boarding spent the day at Lake Duluti last weekend.

Counselor Corner

With our last full month of school starting next week this is a time of year that is full of excitement and emotional roller coasters. Emotions are running high as individuals deal with an array of situations. From students preparing for exams, to end of year celebrations beginning with D2 graduation later this month, our students (staff, and families) will experience an array of feelings that will mostly be able to be managed using typical coping skills. However, there are times when emotions can get the best of us, or someone is dealing with a mental illness that makes it difficult for them to regulate the way they feel. During the month of May, we will be educating the community on issues related to mental health in order to build awareness, limit the stigma, and provide resources to help everyone thrive through this thing called life.

Do you know the difference between mental health and mental illness? This is an important starting point for this month of awareness building. Please take a look at the chart below, and begin discussions about where you and your loved ones may fall. Bear in mind that in highly stressful times, like those that are caused by high stakes testing or a global pandemic, it is essential that we are continually checking in on our own mental health and wellbeing, as well as that of those we care for.

COMING NEXT WEEK: D1 (and M5) Parent Meeting on 5 May 2021 to begin exploring the forthcoming college planning process and application steps. Please attend if you are able as we lay out some of the essential information that will help you, and your child, prepare for the upcoming application process. Please see more information about this event and how to join on this link here

At this time we are in the process of scheduling a slew of virtual visits and presentations that you can prepare for via our Upcoming Visits List. Please continue to review the list and sign up to attend one or two that interest you. Then continue to talk with your child about what you learned and how this might apply to their post-secondary plans. We look forward to receiving and reviewing the plan drafts that all D1 were expected to submit by 30 April. Ask your D1 student about their plan, and have them share it with you as well.

Take care and stay well,

UWCEA School Counseling Team


Books to Succeed in South Sudan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who donated books for the “books to succeed” project. The world will be in better condition if we always come together as one. I have received a lot of books which need to be transported to Juba, South Sudan. Therefore, I am creating a fundraising campaign to raise money for transporting the books. In addition, you can still donate books and anything that can lead to the success of the library.
There is no limit on how much one can donate, just as there is no limit in reading a book. South Sudan needs me!
South Sudan needs you!
Together we can

Jube, D2


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