Arusha Campus News – 2 Oct 2022

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 2nd October 2022

It was Primary Athletics and Field Event week this week and we celebrated Nursery and Early Childhood ‘Fun Sports’ on Thursday followed by P3-P6 Inter House Sports Day. All proceedings were marshalled expertly by MIss Amanda and Mr Samwel.

Dear Parents

Vera in P6 was in tip top form on Friday being chased by the determined Jimmy, Julius and Aarav.

A big thank you to Miss Amanda and Mr Samwel for organising our Sports Days in Primary this week. A while ago I had a debate with a sports fanatic who was arguing that the problem with athletics and field events in schools was that athletes were predisposed to succeed because of the physique and build with which they were born. In other words he was questioning why we bother to teach athletics when we know that the person with long, powerful legs is bound to win. Well, over the two days this week,  I saw so many students improve their own personal run, jump or throw that it demonstrated that the coaching was of immense benefit to they themselves. I would argue that it doesn’t matter so much who wins but how you can work on technique to improve your own perfromance!

Of course, trying to explain that to the teachers in the parent/teacher race was less easy………and that’s why they all hobbled away with injuries!

Apologies for the late delivery of your newsletter this week.

Please REMEMBER that we close school on Thursday this week at 12pm for our mid-term break. We re-open again on Monday 17th October


PYP News

The three houses battled it out on the field in the Inter-house Sports Day on Friday – with Meru coming out on top on this occasion!

What is the PYP?
Thank you to the parents who came to the Parent Workshop.
The PYP offers an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum framework that builds conceptual understanding. It is a student-centered approach to education for children aged 3-12. It reflects the best of educational research, through leadership and experience derived from IB World Schools.

Sports Days
Primary school sports days are about making children feel included, and feel a sense of pride and achievement. They are all about having fun and working as a team to get points. The students celebrated their quarter one PE learning with the Fun Sports Day and the Inter House Athletics. We had two great mornings of events. Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the event and for participating in the parent races.


Sports Day for adults too!

This year the parent race once again provided the pinnacle of competition and the adults made a superb presentation of ‘It doesnt matter how you do it as long as you win!’ The expressions on the faces in the background of the picture above tell us everything we need to know!

Well done mums and dads – thanks for joining in!

The image below shows Mr Jonny and Mr Frank at the end of their 50 metre dash! Well done to both gentlemen and indeed to the actual winner, Mr Kevin who was too quick for the cameraman!

P3 Make Movies

P3 had a visit from Rachel and her film crew from Alama (see image above).  We learned about the role they play in telling stories in conservation and healthcare to help raise awareness about issues and to fundraise for worthy causes. P3 helped direct a dance about  how the NICU at ALMC helps save lives. Rachel very kindly filmed the class to put together a short video of the experience.

UWC East Africa students join Marine Zoology undergraduate research group

Aimee (D2, Arusha) and Felice (D2, Moshi) were given the opportunity to join a study abroad programme with professors and students from Lewis and Clark University from the USA. This program has been running for over 15 years and the professor is an amazing marine biologist that works with the conservation project in Pangani. Pictured above are Felice and Aimee doing some practice marine transects for data collection. This data goes into the years of collection to observe the development of Maziwe Island Marine Park under conservation.

D1 Business Management talk on Entrepreneurship

Mr Douglas Riboud, an American entrepreneur in the First Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) market, the co-founder of Harmless Harvest  Harmless Harvest | Organic Coconut Water & Beverages spoke to the D1 Business Management class on entrepreneurship this week. Here he is pictured above, talking about idea incubation, funding, challenges, idea testing, finding the right people(HR), marketing approach, CSR, challenges and benefits. We appreciate him for accepting to share his experiences with the young upcoming entrepreneurs here at UWCEA.

Counselor’s Corner

WOW! What an amazing time our DP students had interacting with college admissions staff from around the world who only wanted to speak with current UWC students. It was such a wonderful sight to see our students engaging with institutions in meaningful ways that we do not typically have a chance to host on our campus. The comments from students about the conversations they had, and the questions they posed left me thrilled about the possibilities that exist as the D2s begin applying and the D1s now see a plethora of new institutions to consider for their next academic home. This is such an important time for our students seeking to glean a better understanding of their options, and to have this level of access was an absolute must at this critical time in the postsecondary planning process.

For those families who missed (want to relisten to) the D2 Parent Presentation on the 2022-2023 Application Cycle that was presented on 22 September, please feel free to access the video via this link: Also during the presentation we referenced a number of links that you can access via this document:

This weekend, you are invited to participate in another major virtual event (30 Sept-1 Oct). Pioneer Academics is launching its 1st annual summit for their 10th anniversary year. It will be a dynamic gathering of the students, educators and opinion leaders. This event will provide an opportunity to learn more about specialized summer programs and Pioneer’s online course offerings for secondary students. **Speciality Academic Program Fair – Saturday, 1 October at 7:45 PM EAT**

Please consider registering and participating via this link
(Once you open the page, click the button on the left: “1st Co-Curricular Summit”, it will take you right to the summit. Click “Register Now”.)

Next week we are honored to host SIX UWC Davis Partner institutions on our campus for a presentation, mini-fair, and interviews. This is just one of many more upcoming events that we hope students (and families) will make the most of.

UPCOMING College and University Visit Events

3 October: 4:oo & 8:00 PM EAT Methodist University (virtual presentation)
4 October: 11:30-2:30: College of the Atlantic, Concordia College, St. Olaf College, Earlham College, St. John’s College, AND Whitman College on Arusha campus
OCTOBER BREAK: D2s are working on completing application materials while they also enjoy some downtime
17 October: 2:30 PM EAT Minerva University on Arusha campus
18 October: 7:30 PM EAT University of Florida (virtual presentation for UWC EA/WK)
19 October: 3:30 PM EAT Cornell University on Arusha campus
19 October: 7:30 PM EAT Columbia, Cornell, and Princeton Universities for UWC EA/WK)
30 October: 2:00-6:00 PM EAT Virtually Orange: Discover the Netherlands virtual university fair –

Enjoy the break, and we’ll see you again with much more coming your way!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

Cultural Nights at Arusha Campus

Cultural Nights are a student-led event throughout the course of the academic year designed to showcase the countries and cultures from around the world that are presented right here on our campus.

Every other Sunday, students connect with stories from across nations and engage in sharing their cultures through a presentation, performances, interactive games and cuisines that join us in their cultural traditions and heritage.

Today at the Library Annex we celebrated Cambodia! Join us for future celebrations!

Miss Delphine, Baobab