Arusha Campus News – 30 May 2021

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 30 May 2021

The Arusha Rhinos celebrate their overall victory over the Moshi Leopards in this weekend’s Sports Weekend at Arusha Campus.

Dear Parents

What a pleasant experience the Arusha Sports Weekend was! On Friday, 85 students from Moshi made the journery from Kilimanjaro to play in a mini sports weekend here on Arusha Campus. Many outstanding performances and some which are captured through the lens of Mr Niels and recorded in this newsletter. A big thank you to Mr Matt and his team for orgamising this fun event and also to the Moshi students and staff for making the journey across.

The PYP Exhibition is up next and this week we begin the countdown to Wednesday’s big night. Well done Miss Caremn, Miss Rosemary and Mr Greg for getiing our P6 students ready for this big  exhibition in their calendar.

Plenty in this newsletter including more from Rawan Dakik – Everest Conqueror and also a chance to meet one of our new teachers

Have a super week.


Yannick in full flight over the high jump bar.

Rawan Dakik – First Tanzanian to Summit Everest!

After reaching my goal and dream to summit Mt. Everest, I could not help but take a look back at what inspired me and how did this journey even began.

My first vivid memory of when I fell in love with mountaineering was when I was 13 years old all packed and ready to head to my first OP trip! ISM inspired me to take my passion for mountains and pursue it further into the dream of climbing the 7 Summits! Now that I have completed 6/7 and with the challenges I faced, the continuous support and love that I received from the ISM community makes me proud to be a former student.

Rawan Dakik, May 2021

Oswadiq set three new NTSAA records over the weekend, including the long jump!

What kind of week has it been…

Dear parents and students,
This week I continue to review some areas from our school policies that need a renewed commitment from some in our community. This information comes from our Primary or Secondary Handbooks or from other policies and procedures for the school.

Going Off Campus During Academic Hours

Once a student has arrived in the morning, they are not expected to leave the school until the end of the day. If a student needs to leave for a special reason, they must first obtain permission from the Deputy/Head of Campus.

Before leaving, students must sign out at the main reception.

Day students may leave campus in between class and afternoon activities (but not during class time), provided they have their parent’s/guardian’s permission to do so. Residential students have a process they must follow through their boarding parents.

Sable Square is a great temptation for students who may be waiting for a CCA scheduled in the second time slot. Since students are still under our care until the end of activities, it is important that we have clear instructions from parents as to whether their children are allowed to go off campus between activities. Please communicate clearly with your child and our office as to whether your child has permission to leave campus or not.

All students are expected to leave campus by the posted time. On days where a student does not have a CCA, we would expect the student to leave campus at the end of tuition time. If they are on campus, they should be participating in an organized and supervised activity. When a student needs to wait for a ride, they are expected to wait at the library, working on homework.

Thank you for your continued support,
Christy Willett
Deputy Head of Campus

PYP News

The weeks are flying by!

The Primary school celebrated a Spelling Bee event by the pool. We have fantastic spellers and well done everyone who took part. You are great risk takers.

P5 and P6 visited Moshi campus for their P6 Exhibition on Tuesday. We had a fantastic time learning about art, sports, pesticides, and trafficked animals to name just a few. The students made Moshi Campus proud with their dedication and commitment to learning and presenting information.

The next three weeks are very busy. On Wednesday 1st June at 5pm we will celebrate the P6 PYP Exhibition. Please see the invite. Everyone is welcome! The following week we will have our Move Up session and during the final week we will share our PYP play.


Moshi Campus PYP Exhibition

Well done P6 Moshi Campus on their PYP Exhibition. We had a fantastic day.

Primary Spelling Bee

Our primary students showed commitment and determination as they participated in the spelling bee this week. Well done, fierce spellers!

M5 Work Experience

Our M5 students were out all week undertaking work experiences in different offices and organisations, and they report back to school next week to share their experiences with each other.

Diploma Corner

Following the IB Diploma May 2021 examinations session, the D2’s graduation ceremony, emotional goodbyes, a full week of end of year examination and finally a weekend of fun sports to release all the stress accumulated these past few weeks, it is back to business for the D1! Yes it has been an eventful quarter so far, and although it was sad to see the D2 leave our campus, I am so grateful that we were able to host the examinations, unlike many other schools around the world.
The D2 exam results are released on the 5th July this summer and each graduate was given a personal PIN number to access their own results at 12.30 GMT exactly on that day!

Every year I wonder how the D1 feel, watching their peers going up on stage to receive their High School Diploma: some cannot wait for this moment to arrive, some might be reflecting with anxiety over the amount of what is still left to do before they reach that “stage”… Still, Graduation is always a happy day and this year’s celebrations did not escape the rule.
The reality is that graduation is just around the corner for the D1 and that their time will come soon enough.
In the final three weeks, the D1 students will be reviewing their end of year examination papers, and teachers will continue to teach the syllabus.
The students are expected to have made a good start to their Extended Essay before the summer break and are encouraged to meet with their EE supervisor in the next couple of weeks. And in some subjects, they will work on their Internal Assessment, in Biology and ESS for example, following next weekend’s trip to collect data.
Hang in there D1 and all the best to the D2 in the next chapter of their life!

Meet the New Teachers – Mrs Caitrin Trappe (PE)

It’s with great pleasure that  I introduce myself to the UWCEA community. Caitrin Breslin, more recently Mrs Trappe. I have been in Africa for 15 years having the opportunities to work in Dar as well as Arusha as a PE teacher. My husband, Justin, and I have a keen passion for jumping in the car with our kids and heading to the bush for the weekend. Growing up in the UK taught me many life skills but the life I have here is world’s apart, and I love it. My favourite sports to play myself are netball, swimming and lacrosse but I have been a qualified  Secondary PE teacher for 13 years and I cannot WAIT to get back to what I love.

Urithi Wa Kudumu Update

More than half of the trees have been planted in the D2’s legacy project. As part of Urithi Wa Kudumu, each nationality of the graduating class of 2021 will have a tree planted for them. From Switzerland to El Salvador, or Belgium to Indonesia.

The process was started during the last two week of exams, and steady progress has been made, with only a few nationalities left. The trees are located around the centre of the residential campus, in between the cafeteria and the boarding houses.

By planting these nationality tree trail, we hope to give back a portion of the kindness and support that the community has given us during our time at this school.

Thank you to Mr Phil, the ancillary staff and the school community for their support!

Paul, Husseina, Luanga (D2)

Our UWC Values

As I gaze at this amazing picture that was taken on Rawan’s epic Everest ascent this month, my mind drifts to Value No 5 – Innovation over perfection within a supportive community where learners are motivated to embrace personal challenge and reflection.

If ever we were to seek an example of self-motivation from our community then what more perfect example than that of Rawan and her staggering feat of mountaineering.

Counselor Corner

As we bring Mental Health Awareness Month resources to a close, we once again reinforce the message of this year’s theme You Are Not Alone. If you are seeking resources to better understand mental health and to address some questions you may have, please take a look at the information on this website to enhance your understanding:

Moving over to the college and university side, next week once again brings some impressive international events our way. Please take a moment to explore these options as you plan for the week ahead:

More information can be found about these events and others on our  Upcoming Visits List. The following week in June we have even more events coming your way that we hope you will continue to check the list for and plan accordingly.  Link to embed for Upcoming Visits List:

Take (self-)care and persevere,

UWCEA School Counseling Team


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