Arusha Campus News – 31 May 2020

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Sunday 31st May 2020

Congratulations Moshi Class of 2020!

For those of us lucky enough to tune in to the Moshi D2 Virtual Graduation on Saturday we were treated to a wonderful montage of smiling, relieved, joyous and happy young people! You know, of course we would prefer a real life Graduation Ceremony but I really did enjoy the relaxed demeanour of everyone. How often is a Graduation ceremony beset with nerves and the fear of making a mistake! It was also lovely to be able to look at every single graduate – you can’t do that in real life! Well done Moshi!

Dear Parents

Arusha Campus looking as beautiful as ever on a sunny morning earlier this week

With just three weeks to go, we are making all the usual end of year plans. The M5’s will be embarking in their final week … and what a busy week it promises to be starting with the on-line Personal Project on Wednesday. Read Ms Larpent’s full schedule in thi newsletter.

We will be releasing our plans for the D2 Graduation in the coming days and I will release a special bulletin about that.

As our website says we will continue with on-line learning until 18th June. And then our firm plan is to re-open as scheduled on 10th August. We are currently working on a document that describes the precautionary measures that we will have in place when we re-open. This too will be shared with you as soon as it has been finalised.

Finally feel very welcome to tune in to our PTA Coffee Morning on Tuesday at 9am.

Have a super week ahead


PTA Coffee Morning

P5’s Balancing in Isolation

Martin (above) shows us his poise on the most fetching of gym mats….whilst Milla (below) shows the elasticity of a pro in doing those contortions.


Final week of school for M5!

Tune in Wednesday to see Chloe’s research on the Maasai Giraffe and other exciting projects!

Next week is the final week of school for M5 and students will be preparing for the Personal Project Exhibition, finalizing their Service as Action portfolio and getting ready for the M5 Ceremony to celebrate the end of MYP.

The online Personal Project Exhibition will take place at 2 pm on Wednesday 3 June. You are invited to watch the show live from the school’s Facebook and Instagram accounts or the school’s Youtube channel.

On Friday 5 June, M5 students  will be celebrating the last day in the Middle Years Programme. Students will receive their UWC East Africa MYP Certificate for the completion of the MYP and three special Awards will be presented: the Academic Excellence Award, the Outstanding Effort Award and the Commitment Award. The M5 Ceremony will take place online via Zoom at 3 pm and is an invitation only event for parents, teachers and selected guests.

Life Skills Reading Challenge Winners

If William Shakespeare were around today (see above), he would agree with Mr R that reading a book reduces stress, and puts you in a better mood. When you read, it transports you and your worried mind to another place, so you won’t feel so overwhelmed. For M1 and M3 Life Skills lessons this quarter, students are taking part in a 10 week challenge to read and report on as many books as possible. After every book they read, they are then required to attempt reporting tasks. These tasks afford them the opportunity to reflect, analyse and report on their understanding of the book.

M1 Winners
Wk 1 – Siri
Wk 2 – Eun
Wk 3 – Brenda
Wk 4 – No winner
Wk 5 – Siri
Wk 6 – Sally
Wk 7 – Siri

M3 Winners
Wk 1 – No winner 
Wk 2 – Mahen
Wk 3 – Hunter
Wk 4 – Mahen
Wk 5 – Mahen
Wk 6 – Avalon
Wk 7 – Emma

Counselor’s Corner

Once again another week/month has come to a close, and we are now preparing for the final three weeks of school. With that dose of reality, I hope that you have had a chance to read through this week’s Wellness Wednesday (especially the excellent breathing video ?).

While our recognition of Mindful May is coming to a close, we hope that you will continue to explore strategies in order to maintain your ability to stay present and embrace, then manage intense emotions when they arise.

Although it would be wonderful to only remain in the present moment, there are things that we need to plan in order to create a smooth transition to life after UWCEA. As we celebrate our Moshi graduates this weekend, we are excited about the future they are stepping into, but know that there was a lot of work that went into making plans a reality. I can’t stress the importance of using the long holiday to explore interests, careers, and institutions of higher learning that may provide the optimal experience for our current students. Many D1 students have created their Post-Secondary Plans via Google Slides where they explored their career and college options. M5 students have been participating in virtual presentations and taking assessment on Maia Learning in order to learn more about careers that they may pursue.

This week we enjoyed a wonderful presentation by three UWC Davis Scholar Institutions: Brown University; University of Pennsylvania; and Yale University. Prior to meeting with students, the three experienced admissions specialists met with teachers to discuss the application process at highly selective US institutions and writing effective letters of recommendation. These sessions were very personal and informative, which provided insight into the holistic review in the college application process that requires a very systemic approach for potential candidates. Although we will not have as many presentations over the last weeks of school, there are still tremendous opportunities coming this weekend and in the weeks ahead.





Please take a careful look at the upcoming post-secondary planning events, especially next week’s College Greenlight Block Party. I have included links to some events, but encourage all M5/D1 parents to email me to receive Parent Access to your child’s Maia Learning account. I enjoyed providing training on Thursday to parents who have already requested training, and recorded the event to share with other parents as you receive access to the platform.

There is always more, but limited space, so I will end with once again extending the invitation to meet with me via my calendar link

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, and I remain available to support university planning and to address socio-emotional concerns issues as they arise throughout our school community.

Take care and persevere,

Cassandra Ford

Free French online language course

?The Rosetta Stone language learning programme is offering a free online French course to students (and parents!) ?who attend a school that is closed in response to COVID-19.  Please click on the link below to register :

?This is a great opportunity to further develop your French skills. ? If you are already learning French at UWCEA, you should register for the ‘Advanced’ or ‘Intermediate’ course.

?Other languages are also available if you wish to learn a new language.

More Distance Learning Getaways for UWC Learners