Arusha Campus News – 31 Oct 2021

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 31st October 2021

Yesterday the Arusha Campus played host to the 7th Rotary Triathlon

Dear Parents

This weekend it was all about running, swiming and cycling as demonstrated by Haje and Jacob in the pictures above. There were lots of winners in different categories and we will pubish them in a special mention. The overall winners of the Elite category deserve special mention – well done to Jessie Davie and Sune Mushendwa for winning outright! Thank you to the Rotary Club of Arusha West Side for their impeccable organisation and fundraising for local projects. Our local Rotarians focus on supporting projects to empower women, to help small scale entrepreneurs get a start and also youth development particularly in sport.

Next week the sports continue as Arusha Campus hosts the annual Northern Tanzania Schools Athletic Association. * schools converge on both Friday (Primary) and Saturday (Secondary) for track and field events. Our Head of PE Miss Caitrin and our committed teachers have been out on the field every afternoon this past week coaching and finetuning our techniques in all disciplines. Dont miss it!

As if we were in doubt that sport was back, on Friday our Primary students made the short trip to St Constantine’s to attend the NTSAA swim gala. A full report on that event will appear next week.


What kind of week has it been?

Hallowe’en celebrations were in full swing on Friday this week (above)

Value #3 – A holistic and diverse portfolio of learning experiences

This week began with a visiting artist in the DP Art class. Ms Sue’s friend Carol, a wonderful South African artist, spoke to the students about curating their own art exhibitions and how an artist works through that process. Do you have some experience or expertise you can share with our students? If so, please let us know!

On Tuesday all students were introduced to a very busy and diverse portfolio of CCA activities – what a great group of local experts, teachers, and students we have! I might even want to join a few CCAs myself to work on my Swahili and my golf game.

Value #6 – The ambition of students to demonstrate initiative and take on leadership roles.
Our brand new secondary Student Government met for the first time this week. Some of their initial goals are to improve communication between students, staff, and administration to support the well-being of all members of the community. They are also very passionate about finding ways to inspire everyone on campus to live our UWC Values – keep an eye out for initiatives relating to these values! As our Student Government is a new initiative, they are very aware that they are setting up the systems and procedures for how the Student Government will function in the coming years and are excited by the challenge.

Value #9 – A healthy lifestyle and active pursuits.
Every day after school the secondary students have had the chance to hone their skills in the various disciplines in Athletics to prepare for our upcoming tournament. An impressively dedicated and talented group of teachers is out there each day to help.

Value #10 – The happiness and well-being of our community
Due to how busy everyone is with both on-and-off-campus activities, Halloween celebrations were somewhat limited this year. This did not stop a majority of Secondary students from participating in our costume parade. What a fun and creative collection of costumes on display!

PYP News

Look at all the amazing CCA's we have on offer this quarter.

P1 having fun working together to create a fantastic art project.

We have had a great week. Within our PYP classes there has been a wide range of activities all week. P6 has created electrical circuits models and a cityscape. The P4/5 class has started making models of biomes and we can’t wait to see the finished product in a couple of weeks. P2/3 have made and eaten hummus and imaginative food art. P1 have been dancing and choreographing their own routines. EC1/2 have learned lots of different shape poems and EC1 have been on a bug hunt with their P2/3 buddies. Such fun!

We are excited to welcome Miss Elizabeth Malale to teach our Nursery to P3 classes. At UWC East Africa we value the importance of music as part of our curriculum and you can regularly hear songs being sung and music being played outside of the usual music lesson time.

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. For children and adults, music helps strengthen memory skills.

Amanda Bowen
PYP Coordinator Arusha Campus
UWC East Africa

CCA’s start on Monday!

Look at all the amazing CCA’s we have on offer this quarter (above)

Practical Life Skills Lessons in Quarter 2

The D2s kicked off the quarter with Car Maintenance (above) Self Defence (below) and Stress management strategies while the M1s started their vegetable garden and worm farm (bottom).

Diploma Corner

Some of the D1 students practiced their culinary skills in Swahili Ab initio this week! (image above) See Ms Ann-Joyce’s comment:

“One of the most important things we teach our students is to value other cultures. Here D1 Swahili ab initio students are completing a Swahili lesson on Tanzanian culture! The students enjoy and experience Swahili cuisine, clothing, lifestyle and opportunity to develop their Swahili skills. Karibu UWCEA uone mwenyewe , ni raha tu!”

As we are slowly approaching the end of semester 1, the D2 students are feeling the intensity and stress of juggling between the IA deadlines, essays for university applications and the dreaded Extended Essay! The Saturday Supervised Study session gets busier every week.
Their semester 1 report will be published in November since their academic year is shorter with the IB exams starting on Friday 29th April 2022.

This week while on duty in the boma, I happened to hear a couple of D1 students talking about having no homework to do for the following day…Of course, Ms V hit the roof when she heard this! There is no such thing for a Diploma student to have no work to do! There is ALWAYS something to achieve, whether it is catching up on CAS reflections to post on Managebac, starting an outline for an essay, browsing universities to check requirements, or reading a textbook, a novel, an academic or research article, or simply take a lead in completing tasks due the following week. This will prevent last minute sleepless nights and unnecessary stress, and allow them to take part in more OP trips!

Nathalie Vignard

UWC Cultural Spirit Week – November 22nd – 26th

The House Council is excited to announce a new event that will combine a celebration of our diverse cultures and our school spirit! Each day of the week we will celebrate a different region of the world. A full schedule of events will follow soon, but the most important things to note for now are:
On Thursday, November 25th we will host Culture Fest. We hope this will be an opportunity for members of our community to share a piece of their culture with the audience.
We are looking for people who would like to perform a song, a dance, a poem, a story, or other performance from their home culture. This includes PYP and parents, so if you would like to participate, please email before November 19th with all the details of your proposed performance.
Culture Fest will be open to the public for a small fee. Tickets will go on sale soon and be available at the door – but seating is limited!
On Friday, November 26th we invite everyone on campus to wear a national costume or other clothing that represents their culture. Start planning now, and be creative!

Over the next few weeks, we will keep you updated on the plans for this celebration as they develop. Stay tuned!

OP Update

Amazingly there were no Outdoor Pursuits trip this weekend. However, we have exciting news about the purchase of 11 mountain bikes for our department. They were delivered on Wednesday (above)!

Parent Fitness Ideas


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