Arusha Campus News – 6 Dec 2020

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Sunday 6th December 2020

Ian (Malawi) and Akanashe (Tanzania) were stars of Hairspray this week, performing superbly as Link and Tracy respectively!

Dear Parents

Mt Hanang

No-one else could have depicted Corny Collins as well as Ravi (USA)

I make no excuses for devoting almost the entire newsletter this week to ‘Hairspray’ our fabulous musical production that took place on two nights this week. There were many involved but I think I am safe in making special mention of Mrs Amy Uffindall (Producer) and Mr Tyler Dixon (Music) who worked tirelessly through countless rehearsals to get the show on the road. Amy and Tyler – it was terrific and we are all very proud of you indeed. Thank you.

Enjoy the pictures!

I had better remind everyone that Friday 11th December will be our last day of term and as usual we will host an end of year assembly at 11am. Dismissal will take place soon after aroound 12pm. Please feel free to come along as there will be the added attraction of our Christmas market held on the grass outside the main office! This market will start from 10.30.

Finally there will be no school on Wednesday this week – we will be celebrating Tanzanian Independence Day!

Have a super weekend!


Lydia (Uganda) belts out the tunes on Friday night!

PYP News

The excitement is building for Top of the Pops on Tuesday 8th December from 1.30 – 2.30pm. Please come along and be ready to join in the parent dance too!

The students have all achieved so much this semester. They have become knowledgeable in so many areas of the curriculum, reading, writing, maths, science, social studies, art and PE. It is fantastic to watch them grow and develop and it is why many of us became teachers. The importance of social interactions and friendships is vital to our mental health and in this year of a global pandemic I feel very lucky to be in school.

Over the holiday please encourage your child to read and read to your child. Encourage them to sing and dance, and sing and dance with them.

Please see your class teacher if you have any specific questions about your child.


All smiles and merriment by the end of the show as demonstrated by Sharleen (Tanzania)!


Flavia (France) and her co-stars didn’t stop moving all night.

P 2/3 build Capacity

Something else happened in the school apart from Hairspray! P2/3 learned all about capacity this week and had fun pouring water across different sized vessels.

From Early Childhood

Pictured above is a montage of ALL the exciting field trips that our Early Childhood children have been on this semester. They really enjoyed learning about different cultures, traditions and religious festivals. The children were open minded and reflective. They tried out different foods, dances, explored and discussed the similarities and differences and made crafts of various artefacts relating with the unit. And best of all  – havent they had fun!

Vanessa (Tanzania) was yet another star on the night and performed brilliantly.

You just cant keep Tembo out of centre stage – where there are lights, the man from Zambia will appear!

Boooooo! Here come the baddies Sanna (USA) and Matilda (UK/Italy)!

Counselor Corner

Rest. Relax. Reflect. Repeat

What a year it has been!

It’s amazing to realize that we have almost reached the end of 2020! Hopefully we will all have time to press pause as we consider all that has transpired before making preparations for what we are anticipating in the new year. Our community has been quite a busy place over the past month, and we can all use some time to step back, and reflect on lessons learned, while also preparing for what the future may bring. Please take some time to think about what you have learned and gained from this unbelievable year, while also using that knowledge to guide your planning process for the new year. Be sure to consider ways to enhance your self-care routine because it will be essential for thriving through whatever comes your way in 2021. As a quick recap, and way to jumpstart your planning, here is a quick slideshow of ideas for you to consider.

The end of the year is bringing a flurry of activity in the college and university planning realm. We continue to have opportunities to engage with admissions representatives and students from institutions around the world, and hope that this time of exploration will continue to ensure students, and families, are truly aware of the vast array of opportunities that exists for careers and institutions of higher learning. Please take a moment to review some of the upcoming events, and continue to explore the information that institutions are making abundantly available via their websites and social media.

D1s and D2s have received information to help them make the most of the break, and guide their ongoing work regarding their post-secondary planning process. For the D1s, this time can be used learning more about how their interests and strengths can lead to career choices that will guide their university application process. Many D2s are finalizing their applications for admission and scholarship, as well as starting to receive offers. There are a large number of institutions with deadlines over the break, and thus our D2s will hopefully continue to work diligently to finalize their applications, and submit well in advance of their deadline. Resources on Maia Learning and the weekly Counselor communication to students are available to assist with their work over the break. Ms. Ford and Ms. Swope will be available via email, but please be mindful of a delay in response time.

List of upcoming College/University Virtual Visits:

Wishing you a wonderful last weekend of this semester.

Take care and see you in the new year,

UWCEA School Counseling Team


Fabian (Germany) and Claudia (Venezuela) dance the night away!

UWC East Africa Interact Club

Most of you probably know of Rotary, the charity organisation that organized the triathlon last weekend. Perhaps you have also heard about Interact, the youth branch of Rotary. An Interact branch run by students has just been started up on UWCEA Arusha Campus. Our first meeting was only last Thursday but our first project has already been decided on:

The Christmas Project will focus on an orphanage in Arusha with approximately a hundred children. Interact will collect donations to buy each child a box of basic necessities, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap; a personalized gift of the child’s choice (a toy, a pair of socks, a colouring book, etc.); and treats.

We hope you will take a moment to consider if you have cloth or toys your child has outgrown or if you know someone who might. A cardboard box has been placed by the reception for you to drop off items you think would be suitable for our Christmas project. If we get toy donations too “large” to use for individual gifts, we will donate them to the orphanage’s common playrooms. If you would rather make a money donation, Ms Caroline can receive those at the reception as well.

More smiles from Fernanda (El Salvador)!

Fisiola (Indonesia), Ida (Denmark), Sarah (Canada) and Diala (Tanzania) provided the entertaining stage presence all night!

Jennifer (Tanzania) played her part beautifully!

The prisoners were always going to be in trouble with Katanu (Kenya) as their prison guard!

Amr (Syria) finally saw the light on the night!


We urgently need Cadbury Drinking Chocolate containers in 450gr pots. These pots are needed to store the daily milk rations for Savannah, Burigi, Maswa and a newcomer being cared for at Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue Centre!

Registration opens next week!!

Registration for Kili Trails 2021 will open on Saturday, 28NOV. Online registration will be available by credit card payment via our website’s registration page. But we are excited to announce we will also be at the Arusha Christmas Fair, where you and your family can register via cash or mobile money.

Our early bird pricing will be live Saturday, and we encourage you to register early in order to ensure you receive finisher medals.  Check out our website for more details.


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