Arusha Campus News – 22 Jun 2023

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Thursday 22nd June 2023

Dear Parents

The picture above is a photo taken by Mr Jonny on his recent P3 trip to West Kilimanjaro. A photo that I look at as I sit here on an empty campus and reflect upon the year. Its an image that somehow captures for me the very essence of our school – blue skies, freedom, carefree abandon and above all happiness and zest for life! I wonder how many children (or adults) around the world really get the chance to do what the two in the picture are doing while remaining safe, with a supportive teacher and whilst learning? What a photo from Mr Jonny!

Thank you to everyone this year for all their hardwork and participation. Most particulalry from me to my amazing teachers and all the staff at school that support them. You do a fabulous job and I can never really be appreciative enough.

Thank you and have a well deserved holiday everyone!


Upcoming dates

Fri 11th August – Orientation Day for new students

Mon 14th August – First day of 2023/24 Academic Year

Mon 21st August – Sustainability Week

PYP News

P4/5 learn how to find north with a compass on a river walk.

Goldilocks learns to behave! The whole primary school was involved in our primary production. Thanks to Ms Elizabeth for organising all the songs.

We finished the school year with a bang – well, several actually but we will all remember the Goldilocks Learns to Behave perfomance. Outstanding particiaption and perfomances from all of our PYP students who showed that great drama may be created without committing to endless rehearsals, expensive costumes and microphones, and elaborate sets. Well done everyone and have a fabulous holiday.

See you back on the 14th August! 

Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

P3 Trip to Simba Farm

P3 had a great camping trip exploring Simba Farm (above), swimming, sketching and roasting the odd marshmallow (see below). (They also enjoyed getting to know a few D1 students from Moshi who were on an ESS trip at the same time!)

Mr Jonny, P3 Teacher

PYP House Games

PYP student council games. What a great last day of school!

PYP Art Competition between the three houses!

Bella and Ellen designed the art competition on the last day. Thank you!

Sports Roundup

Above, the PYP Inter-house Cross Country took place in the last week of term with Meru house ending up victors on the day!

Arusha Chess Competition

Students (above) from PYP and MYP went to the Chess tournament at SCIS. They had a great time.

M5 Ceremony

On June 2nd we celebrated the M5’s as they finished a difficult year and now prepare to transition into the next stage of their education, wherever that might take them. We were able to reflect on all the hard work they did, thanking their teachers and parents as well as each other for the never ending support. I loved being able to highlight some of their key characters through some unique awards that gave an insight into this fun bunch outside of the classroom. Mezabine and her team donated a beautiful cake and we snacked in the sunshine at our beautiful rhino tower.

Jessica Peterson, M5 Mentor

Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge students (above) reflect on their work this week

Last week, all D1 students taking Theory of Knowledge (TOK) were invited to attend a special viewing of the film Behind the Curve. TOK is a core element of the DP that “explores questions about knowledge and the process of knowing. TOK emphasizes comparisons and connections between areas of knowledge and encourages students to become more aware of their perspectives and the perspectives of others,” (TOK Subject Guide). The documentary explores many of the topics and concepts we cover in TOK, such as confirmation bias, selective evidence, social constructivism, and the impact of misinformation in the age of social media. After watching the film, students completed a discussion-based scavenger hunt that gave them the opportunity to talk about these big ideas and the ethical implications they bring about. As we finish this school year and look ahead to IB assessments in the upcoming year, students should consider the real-life situations presented in the film for their TOK external assessment, the TOK Essay. The prescribed titles will be released in September, and we will be spending the remaining course hours finishing the content and preparing students for their final assessment.

Jessica Holloway, Head of TOK

DP Corner

After TOK (see above), the D1 focused on another component of the DP Core this week, the Extended Essay (EE). Indeed during 2 days off timetable (Monday and Tuesday), the students who started the EE process back in January by brainstorming ideas for a topic and a research question in the subject of their choice, were asked to start the writing process in order to be able to finish their EE over the long break. This involves analyzing and evaluating the sources they should have gathered so far, and start writing their EE following the outline they were asked to submit earlier in the quarter.

While we are eagerly waiting for the IB results of Class of 2023 to come out in July, I want to wish the D1 students a lovely long break. We are looking forward to seeing you back on the 14th August!

Nathalie, DP Co-ordinator

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Swimming Costumes

Dear Parents,

I am excited to share our new UWC Arusha Rhinos swim suit collection for your purchase. Please note the following –
● You need to fill out a separate form for each purchase, for example, if you want more than one suit you will fill out more than one form.
● Payment for the suits is upfront, through Grace, so we can then buy exactly what is required.
● Please take time over the sizing, please ignore the styles of suits provided in the guides, just use the measurements relevant for you. Please note that the company advises that if you are in any doubt, choose a size up from the usual.
● Please make sure that all competitors and school swimmers are required to wear the purple suit.
● The black variations are for training and parents (recreational)
● The prices are the same for the different colours, but differ from suit variation.
● The deadline for orders is 26th June 2023.

An order form will be mailed to ALL parents for you to register your order if interested

Kind regards

Ms Caitrin, Head of PE

Counselor’s Corner

Using the Gift of Time Wisely

For Your Consideration During the Break

As we celebrate the achievement of completing a successful school year, there are things that need to be worked on over the break to prepare for next year.

D2 (Class of 2024) students should have reviewed the Application Ready Task Lists I have sent via Toddle/email, Maia Learning, and the “Homework” document that Ms. Nathalie has shared. Please review these lists with your child, and ensure they are finding ways to stay on track with their post-secondary planning process before returning to a very busy final year. Rising D1 students (Class of 2025) have received information to consider via last week’s newsletter and the information I shared on the agenda of the DP Parent meeting that was held (and recorded) on Tuesday.

One of the most important conversations you can have with your child during this break is about your family finances. This will enable your child to create a list of institutions that matches what your family is able to pay per year for their education. Remember, there are many costs associated with the college application and matriculation process that are not covered by grants/scholarships. Please plan to set aside approximately $3,000-5,000 USD per year to help your student be able to successfully attend college if they receive need based and/or merit aid.

List of Potential Costs:

● College entrance tests: $60-$250 each depending on the test (

● Applications (up to 10 will be school supported): $50-$150 each depending on the country and institution
● Financial aid application (US): Up to $25 each (

● Visa costs: Approximately $510 upwards depending on your country of origin and where you will study
● Funds to cover indirect costs: $1500-$3000. (Dependent on the institution, and may not be listed explicitly in the “Cost of Attendance”)
● Books for your first semester: $200-$500 (check online sources)
● Linens and proper gear for weather conditions: approximately $150 upwards

** Tanzanian students: please work on acquiring a passport over the break if you do not have it yet. **

If your child is interested in applying in one of the early rounds (Early Decision, Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, Priority Scholarship, or Nominated Scholarship), they need to use their time researching, completing their application, and writing drafts of essays/personal statements/letter of motivation that they will be confident about as we start the D2 year. The time is going to go so quickly in the first quarter, so early applicants need to use this long break very efficiently, or plan to wait for the regular admissions rounds.

During the break, my availability will be limited due to travel, but there is a wealth of information that students are able to access on the UWCEA Careers website that everyone with a email address can access. Also, Maia Learning has a wealth of information, as do the institutions themselves who are ready to receive inquiries from prospective students. Lastly, being home is a great time to research careers in your country, and learn about prospects that could lead to internships and potential paid work. Maximize your network and expand your horizons over the long break!

College Admissions Summer Playbook

I couldn’t have said it better myself, so here is some expert advice from Rick Clark of Georgia Tech University with tips to gameplan for your college admissions process:

Keep planning and preparing financially as you enjoy this well deserved break!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor