Arusha Campus News – 2 Apr 2024

UWC East Africa Arusha Campus Newsletter Tuesday 2nd April 2024

Oreana and Muffadal celebrate the Holi Colour Festival in style!

Upcoming dates

Mon 15th April – First day of Q4

Mon 22nd April – MYP MAP Testing Week 

Tue 23rd April – 8am Parent Meeting with Director

Wed 24th April – Diploma Exams start

Dear Parents

Eduardo showcases his spectacular exhibition above.

The IB Diploma Art Exhibition is always a highlight in any IB instiution and in our school it joins forces with IBDP Theatre and Music to create our annual Festival of the Arts. And what a show we put on this year. Our theatre, music and visual arts students showcased the outstanding art that they have been working on this year – all the way from M1 to Diploma 2! Thank you to our Music teachers, MIss Sarah and Miss Elisabeth, Mr Ronald from Theatre and of course Mr Thomas and Miss Leah in the Art Department.

Our assembly at the end of Quarter 3 is always a sad moment for me because it is the last end of quarter assembly for our Diploma 2 students. Whilst the rest of us are enjoying our holiday at the moement, the D2’s will be hard at work revising for their Diploma exams which start on 24th April. Another way of looking at it is that the ‘end is in sight’ for them which must be an encouragement!

I wish everyone a very happy holiday and see you back in school on Monday 15th April.


PYP News

Images above from the Student-led Conferences

Student-led Conferences are one of my favourite days in the school year. I love watching the student’s confidence and enthusiasm when showing their parents their learning. Involving the parents in the games they play and watching who wins (or cheats!) is fun to watch. Students take more ownership of their learning. Parents and students have open communication about school and what they are proud of, need to get better at and other important decisions in life.
A big thank you to all the parents for taking the time to be with your children and supporting the day.

Miss Amanda, PYP Co-ordinator

PYP Student Council Games

PYP student council games (above).

PYP had a fantastic end to the quarter celebrating and having fun playing the games the student council had organised.

P3/4 Visit Arusha Giraffe Centre

Making paneer cheese (above) with Nathalie

P3/4 visited the Arusha Giraffe Centre to not only see the giraffes but to learn about the process of making paneer from milking a cow to separating the curds and whey to eating paneer! Thank you Nathalie for a great day.

M5 Work Experience 2024

Would training to be a pilot be something that interests you?

The M5 students have started preparing for their upcoming Work Experience Week, which will take place from 20 May to 24 May 2024. As part of their Life Skills program, they have been learning about work and careers, including identifying potential career opportunities and effectively describing their abilities and personal qualities that are valued in the workplace.

This work experience week is an excellent opportunity for the students to learn and gain valuable insights into different career paths. It also provides them with a chance to network and build relationships with professionals in their fields of interest. By engaging in real-world work experiences, they will be able to connect theory with practice, making their learning experience more relevant and meaningful. It will also help them build confidence, professionalism, and a sense of responsibility as they navigate a professional work environment.

The students have been actively researching and identifying potential work placements for their work week, in addition to their classroom lessons. They are excited to apply their knowledge, skills, and personal qualities in a real-world setting. This experience will undoubtedly be a significant milestone in their academic and professional journey, helping them shape their future career paths and prepare for challenges and opportunities.

Ms Delphine, Life Skills Co-ordinator

Counselor’s Corner


Elated parents and students celebrate the prospect of admission to universities in the United States!

What’s Next for Admitted Students?

Have you ever tried to make a major life decision based on very limited information? Not the best way to ensure the outcome will be favorable. That is the reality when it comes to post-secondary pursuits, the likelihood of achieving a desired outcome increases with the use of multiple sources of information before committing.

I recall when my son was going through the admissions process exactly ten years ago. We took time to explore and research a variety of options before he applied, but once the decisions came in, it felt like the decision making process started over again. Now that he had a major decision in front of him, there was a realization that there was still more information to gather in order to ensure he chose the best option for himself, at that time. We attended “Admitted Students” events, and talked with current students as well as faculty to gather as much insight as possible before beating the response deadline. The decision became clearer as he reflected on his engagement experiences, and as we carefully read through each financial aid award letter. Once the decision was made, he was able to let go of the stress and enjoy preparing for the next chapter in his life.

Many of our D2s are now having to make a decision based on information received from institutions who have extended an offer of admission, and in many cases, financial aid. Now is the time to carefully consider each option, and weigh the pros and cons against the criteria that led to applying in the first place. We are very fortunate to have alumni on campuses around the world, either graduates of UWC East Africa or members of the UWC movement. Reaching out and connecting with these students can help to better understand the day to day life on campus. In addition, participating in all “Admitted Student” events can help to expand knowledge of what the institution has to offer. On the 17th, three D2s who were admitted to Goucher College (one of our newest Davis UWC Scholar Partner institutions) were treated to an in person “Admitted Student” event with a local admissions representative and Tanzanian alum of the college. This was a great opportunity to ask burning questions to assist in finalizing their decision. Unfortunately, due to our location, in person engagement is not always possible, but there are lots of ways to learn as much as possible, even from afar. Communicate and connect as much as possible so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

For D1s and M5s, the process has just begun, and you have the gift of time to glean lots of information about the institutions you are considering. One way is through a visit, and below is a recent blog about how to make the most of a campus visit. Even if you can only visit virtually, take a look at this blogger’s ideas to maximize your time “on” campus during this window of exploration.

If you cannot get to campus, you can connect with alumni as we continue to expand our network. Recently we started collecting contact information of ISM/UWCEA alumni from the classes of 2020-2023, and have received responses from 89 so far! We’re grateful for our alumni and their enthusiasm to stay connected to our community, and provide vital information to assist current students as they learn about a variety of college/university/Gap Year options.

April Break Post-Secondary Planning To Do List (M5 & D1)

The focus of this time off is to reflect, rejuvenate, relax, and review in preparation for what lies ahead in the fourth quarter. I just want to add one more word to that list, RESEARCH. This is an excellent time to use a variety of tools to research a range of post-secondary options. The UWCEA Careers website continues to be a source of information and resources that I hope you tap into as you prepare for life after UWC East Africa.

One item that I would like to highlight is the Scholarships section because there are some significant scholarship opportunities that require time to generate a competitive application, and in some cases, a school nomination. Take some time to review the lists (multiple spreadsheets and websites) to start considering if you may be a candidate for one of these scholarships:

Scholarships list for your review (link:

Lastly, be sure to mark your calendar for some upcoming events…

UPCOMING College and University Events

2 April: 3:30-4:30 PM EAT Six Colleges for International Students: Amherst, Bowdoin, Carleton, Pomona, Swarthmore, and Williams are putting our own rivalries aside, and hosting a series of virtual and in person events for students and families.

19 April: 1:30-3:30 PM EAT Study in Europe in-person fair at St. Constantine’s

15 May: 4:45-6:00 PM EAT 15 on the 15th returns with a “Hot Admissions Topic” and a virtual fair with 13 Davis UWC Scholar Partners & 2 UWC “friends”

**Many more events (and resources) are on the UWCEA Careers website, as well as individual institution websites/social media**

Take care and have a wonderful break of relaxing and (some) researching!

Cassandra Ford
College and Career Counselor

Toy Appeal

WANTED! Plastic or wooden toys (easily washed) to share with the children at Selian Lutheran Hospital. The children are generally under 5 years of age. Any small cars, rattles, building blocks, “my little ponies”, balls, small plastic animals, and like items would be most appreciated. Many of the children are malnourished and spend considerable time on the wards and on their beds with their mamas. Any African dolls would be well loved. We would kindly decline stuffed animals because of the difficulty to keep them clean both at the hospital and home. Many items we would keep and use in the inpatient ward and during the outpatient clinic but we would love to be able to send a toy home with a child at discharge. Thank you so much for your consideration! A box will be set outside the UWC Office for collection.

Thank you!!