Arusha Campus News – 14 Oct 2020

UWC East Africa Arusha Newsletter Wednesday 14th October 2020

We haven’t had much to celebrate in the way of sport this year due to the lockdown but…my goodness…wasn’t it worth the wait! To be there for the PYP Parent Races (above and below) was a privilege to all present. Such style, technique and speed…..

Dear Parents

 One of the most exciting discoveries for me in the last quarter was this Queen termite that we dug up whilst excavating the foundations for the new restaurant. Pictured above is Phil sharing the amazement with P2/3!

As we look forward to being back at school after our mid-term break I thought I would send an early newsletter this week. Partly to celebrate all the activities that took place at the end of Quarter 1 but also to draw your attention to the many events to look forward to in Quarter 2. We are back at School tomorrow and for everyone in the Secondary school who is as confused as me – it is going to be Day 5 on the academic schedule!

For those who were at the final assembly of the quarter last week, you will have met our newest staff member – Mr Adam Hacias. Adam joins us having previously worked in Geita so he is no stranger to Tanzania. He will be teaching Diploma and MYP Mathematics as well as Design to MYP. Welcome Adam. More of a profile on him and his family next week.

This weekend we will be hosting the PTA Car Boot Sale. See poster below. Everyone is welcome and there will be food on sale – the proceeds of which will go to a worthy Tanzanian Scholarship cause.

Congratulations to all those who particpated in the inaugural Buffalo Charge Rally which raised valuable funds for environmental re-wilding in the Kisongo area. Special thanks to parent Nick Harrison for co-ordinating such a difficult event. Also to our own UWCEA Diploma students for marshalling the checkponts so masterfully. Bravo!

Finally, for now, don’t forget to sign up for the annual Rotary Traithlon held at Arusha Campus. (See poster at the end of this newsletter) This is the fifth year this event has taken place and it is now a firmly established event on the Arusha Calendar. I shall say what I say every year – SIGN UP NOW to avoid disappointment! Every year we turn away late signees because the event is full and this is such a disappointment.

Here’s to a happy and healthy Quarter 2!


From the Primary School

Well we survived Quarter 1 so bring on Quarter 2!

On the last full day of Q1 we had a fantastic P3-6 sports day (see pictures above). With throwing, jumping and running events. The parents race was entertaining and very competitive!

As we re-engage in Q2, please encourage your child to read.  Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise. Understanding the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills. It also helps them learn to listen. Everybody wants to talk, but few can really listen. Lack of listening skills can result in major misunderstandings which can lead to job loss, marriage breakup, and other disasters – small and great. Reading helps children [and adults] focus on what someone else is communicating.

See you all tomorrow!


Early Childhood and Nursery Picnic

The EC and Nursey classes combined at the end of Quarter 1 for a famous picnic, (see image above) which was really exciting and both the children and parents enjoyed it. 

Healthy Eating at UWC East Africa

Look out for our new drive on healthy eating in the Primary School in Quarter 2. Here, Chloe and Anisa tuck in to a fresh classmade fruit smoothie – DELICIOUS!

M4 and M5 Drama with Mrs Uffindall

M4 students get into their thespian stride

To end the quarter; drama students in M4 and M5 performed a devised piece of theatre to their peers. This was their first performance of the year which was very well received.

The two groups have been working hard to create an original piece of performance based on a set stimulus. They have been managing their time to work collaboratively on the project, and have overcome challenges to create some interesting and suspenseful drama. Despite early nerves, both groups performed well and upon reflection enjoyed the experience – there will be many more performances to come!

Youtheoria East Africa – Gender Based Violence

On Wednesday, 30th September, we were very lucky to be joined by Ms Ndiini (pictured right), a young Arusha based social worker from GLAMI, in our first Youtheoria East Africa – Tanzania workshop!

We discussed and shared our experiences with Gender Based Violence around the world, and were told about FGM and superstition-associated violence in Tanzania, what is being done about it and what we can do to aid combat it in our communities and beyond.

Youtheoria EA is one of many chapters across UWCs and the world as part of Youtheoria, an organisation with student-led workshops & discussions with young people from around the world. Here, we hope to hold more workshops on variety of current affairs and unheard issues, and also spark some new projects to help solve those issues!

FInd out more at

Luanga (D2) and Atkins (D1)

Outdoor Pursuits – Level 1b Trip to Longido

The Longido hikers in fine spirits despite the trip setbacks!

On Saturday 26th September , a group of 27 students and 5 teachers from both Arusha and Moshi campus set off at 6:30am for a hiking trip to Longido. Since Longido is situated on the way to the Tanzanian/Kenyan border, we experienced a very unlikely situation where we were held up for three  and a half hours by immigration officers.Nevertheless, we made it to Longido and started our 4 hour hike. Unfortunately, we were unable to summit and hiked only for 2300 metres. During the hike, we had 3 snack breaks where we were provided with scrumptious snacks by our lovely teachers. We trekked through huge rocks, uphill-downhill plains and not-so-flatland.On our way down , our eyes caught sight of the picturesque, panoramic view of the sun setting. Wow! What a sight it was! 

We reached the campsite in good time and rested for a few minutes. Then , we began to pitch our tents and sleeping bag for the adventurous night. After good rest to our feet, we began to help for dinner. Some of us were so tired after our long hike that we didn’t think of having dinner and were knocked out. The next day, we woke up at 6am , packed our tents and prepared for breakfast. After a scrumptious first meal of the day, we set off back to school. We would like to thank our teachers: Mr. Matt , Mr. Isack and Ms. Parisa from Arusha Campus and Mr.Emmanuel, Ms. Margareth and Mr.Salim from moshi campus who made our trip memorable. It was definitely a wonderful experience.

Aala Somji, D1

Outdoor Pursuits – Level 1 Trip to Kilomeni, North Pare Mountains.

The successful Kilomeni team celebrate at the top of the North Pare Mountains

Emergency Drill

Great excitement at the end of Quarter 1 as we practised our first Fire Drill of the year (above). Lots to congratulate ourselves for as we mobilised close to 300 people to the evacuation meeting point, but also plenty of areas to improve so look out for the next practice in the next week or two!