Arusha Campus News – 19 Oct 2021

UWC East Africa PTA Newsletter October 2021

We trust this finds you well and keeping safe where ever you are in the world.

The first quarter is over and time has flown by.

Thank you to the parents who have filled in our survey forms, we appreciate the feedback and hope to be able to improve the way PTA serves you and the whole school community. For those that missed our newsletter and email with the links, please find them below. There are two surveys, so please help us by filling both.

In other news, by the time you return from holidays tomorrow, the Recycle Depot will be accepting batteries! This is due to our collaboration with The Recycler, and is a wonderful addition to our ability to serve you. Batteries have long been an issue to recycle, but now you can bring them all to the Depot at the end of the car park.

With regards to the Depot, could we please remind you to not dump household waste that isn’t included in the list for recycling and again request that you clean out plastics before leaving them.

It was lovely to see so many new faces at the Diploma Zoom meeting in the week preceding the mid-term break. We hope it was helpful and you were reassured that your children were being well looked after.

One of the suggestions to come up from the meeting was to have a way for Parents to link up and form a Parents Alumni so to speak. This could be a way for Parents to chat and help each other or to discuss experiences and support each other.

If you are interested in doing this, we ask that you give permission for your contact details to be released and given to other interested parents so you can start being in contact.

Step one will be to respond to this email at PTA Arusha on this address –
Step two we will send a second email to all interested parents to give contact details
Step three you can write to all other parents and start communications.

We hope that this initiative will be a positive one for you all.

Kind regards,

Your PTA Chair