Arusha Campus News – 4 Nov 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Monday 4th November 2019

The weather on Kilimanjaro for last weekend’s Level 5 summit attempt was glorious…..and lots of snow on the peak after the recent heavy rains.

Monsieur Olivier and Tony (D1) broadcast their elation at reaching the roof of Africa!

Dear Parents

I think Sholto could probably jump right over Kilimanjaro given his epic performance at the weekend. Sholto is pictured above sailing over the bar at 1 metre 73 centimetres on hs way to winning the gold medal for UWC East Africa.

We welcomed back our gallant Kilimanjaro mountaineers this weekend after a successful attempt on the summit. All nine climbers summited successfully so congratulations to Tony, Bram, Nitzan, Angelus, Hala, Alma, Udine, Mr Olivier and Mr Isaak. We are so very proud of you.

This weekend saw two magnificent days of athletics hosted by Arusha Campus. On the Friday, the Primary athletes took on the might of all other Northern Tanzania Athletics Association Schools and gave a fabulous account of themselves. UWC Arusha finished the day on top so well done to the Primary students and teachers for an amazing accomplishment.

The Secondary athletics event took place on Saturday and was, quite frankly, a showcase of extraordinary perfomances. In the glorious setting of UWC East Africa Arusha, records were broken and new personal bests set. The amazing distance running of Orkeeswa and sprinting from Braeburn were a pleasure to watch. Unsurprisingly, the big two claimed first (Orkeeswa) and second (Braeburn)  positions overall but just a few points behind were UWC Arusha.

The improvement in sports coaching across both campuses and the creation of sports facilities and grounds that do justice to student perfomances has had a terrific impact on our school and I wish to thank all those responsible for this. In particular Mr Ratsakatika and Mr Marsh (Moshi) for leading the coaching teams, and the School Board for agreeing to invest in our facilities. Days like Saturday make you realise how lucky we are to be involved with such a great school.


From the Primary and Secondary School

A wonderful and very busy week has just passed and looking back is allowing us to see how much goes into making sure that students are afforded so many opportunities to grow and challenge themselves on a daily basis at UWC East Africa. I am humbled by the dedication of our school community members to the continued learning of our students!

From the inspiration provided by our successful Kilimanjaro climbers this week, to the determination of so many participants in our primary and secondary athletics days, to the playfulness of Halloween and to baking cookies (see right) in the boma for the first time to raise funds for various projects, we see how our students’ challenge themselves to grow and improve.

The care we show the students, the values they are questioning and developing, and the community we are building with them will ultimately inspire our learners to go back to their communities to run their own races in support of causes close to their hearts, climb their own mountains to challenge their own assumptions and bake their own cookies to help ensure a better future of the people they support and love.


PYP News!

We have had another extremely busy week in the primary school. On Tuesday the EC – P3 students celebrated their sports day. Many students attended the football at Braeburn and showed lots of improvement since the previous tournament. P1/2 visit Aga Khan to learn about plants. On Thursday the EC students visited the Convent Farm to learn all about animals. The PTA Halloween was supported by many and there were lots of scary faces. Finally on Friday our athletes showed their determination and skills at the inter-schools competition, winning the tournament.

Learner Profile
In school we often talk about the learner profile. The Learner Profile is at the heart of the PYP. It describes a set of characteristics that, when worked toward, will help our students to be internationally minded in order to succeed in the rapidly changing world. Inquirers.

Open-mindedness is receptiveness to new ideas. Open-mindedness relates to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others, and in the words of Dean Tjosvold “incorporate the beliefs that others should be free to express their views and that the value of others’ knowledge should be recognized.”


Early Childhood’s Day at the Farm

We Share Our planet with animals and interact with them in different ways.

A field trip to the Convent farm (pictured above) gave the students the opportunity to get up close with farm animals.  The nuns were a wonderful host and the children learnt about the many ways in which one can care for animals.

Thank you everyone who made the EC field trip a wonderful learning and experience.

P1/2 Visit Farmer Zac

P1/2s visited the Aga Khan Farm on Wednesday and learned all about the flower life cycle from farmer Zac!

EC-P3 Olympics!

On Tuesday the EC-P3 classes held their sports day. There was a fantastic turn our of parents and great cheering for the events. The ‘high fives’ to let the next person go were full of enthusiam and smiles. The events consisted of a bench walk, a bean bag throw, hurdles, slalom run, water relay, ball throw, javelin, the hoop jump and the parent race. The final scores were 3rd Place – Kibo, 2nd Place – Meru and 1st Place Mawenzi. Well done everyone for a running, jumping ang throwing so well.


The Secondary House Council hosted its first event in conjunction with assisting the PTA with Primary Trunk or Treat. House points were awarded for any secondary student who came to school in costume and there was fantastic participation in all grades! In the evening, about 20 students enjoyed a choice of 3 movies, popcorn, and soda. Extra House Points were awarded to three students for fantastic costumes. Insiya in M5, Santiago in M2, and Sarah in D1. Honorable mention goes to Mr. Evans for his great Atlas costume. The House Council looks forward to continued support at future secondary spirit and leadership events.

U19 Boys’ Basketball

On Halloween Eve, there were lots of things to be shocked about during the first basketball fixture of the season as both teams put out an electrifying back and forth match. Due to other commitments our reporter was unavailable to thoroughly report on the A team match.
Magnus provided the first basket of the season, with a simple layup driving through the paint. A few minutes later, Orkeeswa was able to respond, before going on ahead. UWCEA B switched to a man-to-man defence for the 2nd quarter, but unfortunately this was not enough to stop Orkeeswa from finishing the first half with a 19-12 advantage.
A critically useful team talk from head coach Mr Reed saw the team re-organize themselves and their man to man assignments much better, which proved to be vital as they were able to stop the opposition from scoring during the whole third quarter.
Many players provided helpful hustle on defence such as Franck and Harsh, with Cody making valuable off ball movements on offense to get open.
This led to an emphatic finish, with Magnus and Luanga combining for eight points in the final quarter to barely complete the comeback. The Rhinos will play their next fixture away at Orkeeswa.

Members: Magnus, Franck, Luanga, Cody, Joneskim, Harsh, Diyar, Ben
Injured: Brandon

Swahili and culture lessons for UWCEA Teachers and Parents.

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