Arusha Campus News – 10 Nov 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 10th November 2019

Samuel and his Plasterhouse buddy Elisabeth draw a beautiful baobab tree in Tarangire National Park this week.

Dear Parents

The P6 students watch elephants with their Plasterhouse counterparts from the luxurious Kananga truck.

Apologies for the biased reporting this week! I was fortunate to accompany our P6 class to Tarangire this week. Each P6 student sponsored a Plasterhouse child as we embarked on a camping trip to Tarangire. With the support of Kananga and their magnificent truck and crew, we had a wonderful time learning about the wild animals and bush of a special part of Tanzania. We experienced a terrific talk by Mr Osujaki at the Tarangire Elephant Research Camp where we learned that once again, no elephants were reported as being poached this year. In fact we learned that one of the most famous elephant matriarchs, Delilah, died this year of natural causes. Delilah was born in 1965 (before even Mr Bowen!) and gave birth to around 12 calves in her life. What a super story! A big thanks to Miss Carmen for organising the trip.


Miss Carmen supervises proceedings as we watch lions in the Tarangire river

The UWC East Africa football team have no answers as Plasterhouse sweep to a resounding 3-1 victory at the Elephant Research Camp Arena!

PYP News!

P5 Parents share their migration stories with the students. Thank you for coming and being ‘risk takers’.

The P6 students joined students from Plasthouse for the Tarangire Trip on the Kanaga Truck. The collaboration of these two groups of students is an important experience for all. Many of the skills that the P6 students learned will help them with their Exhibition projects later in the year.

Our swimmers swam confidently at the SCIS gala on Tuesday and they should be proud of their achievements.

Learner Profile
Risk Taker –  We approach uncertainty with forethought and determination; we work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies. We are resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges and change.


Primary Athletics

Our P4’s were overjoyed with their achievement in the U9 athletics. Well done to these amazing athletes and to our entire UWC-EA Primary school for taking the overall win in the NTAA interschool athletics tournament!

…and this is a picture of the entire victorious Primary Athletics Team!

M3 Festival of Lights

The M3 class spent their first quarter designing innovative lamps under he expert tutelage of Miss Kaltrina. This week’s exhibition was a treat. Everybody will get a second chance to see the designs in an  exhibition of whole school art and design later in the year.