Arusha Campus News – 27 Oct 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 27th October 2019

Jens Waltermann presents the UWC Founders’ Plate to UWC East Africa Director Dr Anna Marsden, Monique Janmaat (Board Vice Chair) and Dr Sarah Urasa (Shareholder).



Happy Diwali!

Its Sunday October 27th and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Diwali! Our light festival shone through the murky gloom on Friday evening thanks to our super PTA led by Anoek and Monica and Carley!

Dear Parents

Two of our unsung heroes – Reuben and Nuru!

Well we’ve done it and the picture at the top of this newsletter says it all. The official endorsement from the Executive Director of UWC International took place on Friday morning in Moshi. So many people are worthy of mention in the journey to this moment and all have contributed their part. The two gentlemen pictured above, for me, represent the stakeholders who have put in incredible work, tirelessly, week in week out for year upon year and yet for them there is never a moment on stage or an opportunity to cheer in public. Well they deserve to have that moment so well done Nuru, Reuben et al for helping us get there.

Best of luck to our Kili climbers as they set off early this morning for the daunting ascent of Uhuru Peak. What a rainy (and snowy!) time to do it! Might as well do it the hard way!

Have a super Sunday Diwali!


From the Primary and Secondary School

The long awaited day when we celebrate 50 years of history in Tanzania and become the second United World College on the African continent has finally arrived!

I am so very proud of the work accomplished and of this important achievement that will shape the life of our school for many generations of students to come. My sincere appreciation goes out to all those who were determined and have worked hard over these many years (this process initially started a year before I was born!) to make this a reality for us.

Quarter 2 started with great energy and both students and teachers find themselves busy and engaged with their learning. MAP results were sent out to all parents this week and primary students received their eagerly awaited Scholastic books. We are already planning for IB external examinations next year with entering candidates for the MYP and while taking a first peek at the DP official examinations schedule. All this with the exciting OP trips, UN visit, color run and many upcoming CCAs in mind!

Have a wonderful weekend of celebrations and take this chance to reflect on our successes and the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead for our school and students.


PYP News!

Welcome Back. We have had a very busy first week back. CCA’s will start on Monday. Please ensure your child is collected by 3.30pm (2.30pm if they are not doing a CCA). Please email me on if you have had any difficulties with the sign up.

Here are some important dates for your diary. More information and times will be sent nearer the event.
Monday 28th October – CCA’s start
Tuesday 29th October EC-P3 Sports Day 8.15-10.00am
Thursday 31st October PTA – Trunk or Treat
Friday 29th November – Inter House PYP Competition
Friday 13th December – Last day of CCA’s
Tuesday 17th December – Top of the Pops
Friday 20th December – Last Day of Q2- Reports Issued.

PYP Inter-House Athletics

P5 Tourism

P5 shared their tourism brochures with their P2/3 buddies.

TEDx Majengo

Over the holidays, a community event designed to bring together members of Arusha who want to make a positive change in their community took place: TEDx Majengo. Three UWC East Africa students were selected to attend (pictured above). The theme was “Reshaping the Narrative” which encompasses the idea of having more than one story, from individual perceptions up to national identity. Nenya Hoejmark shares her TEDx experience below.

Ever since I as mere 12-year-old discovered the amazing world of TED talks, I have, consuming hundreds of online talks, dreamt about becoming a true part of the TED community and join a real-life event. On October 5, I finally got the chance through UWCEA. TEDx Majengo was a vibrant, inspiring event. I was pleasantly surprised by the innovation and idealistic drive both speakers and participants demonstrated; their stories were intimate and pertinent, both to the local and global community. We listened to talks on how to empower women, children and the disabled (the latter who the speaker preferred to call people with “different abilities”), why we should destigmatize sex and put it on the school curriculum, and on building better healthcare in Tanzania. All in all, that day was a great experience. I met some intriguing new people, had my interest piqued by ingenious ideas, and finally left nursing a feeling of optimism and faith in the future.

UN Day – 24th October

ove the a

Mme Larpent pictured above with some of our students at the MICT UN establishment in Kisongo

On October 24, a group of 15 DP students accompanied by Ms Larpent went to the UN Mechanism for UN Day. This event aims to raise awareness of the work and the overall goals of the United Nations. UN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter on 24 October 1945. With the ratification of this founding document, the United Nations was officially created. UWC East Africa students had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, visit the Criminal Tribunals courtroom, the library (with great resources for Extended Essays in History and International Law), and the Archive annexe. Another visit will be planned next semester to observe a public hearing when the courtroom is in session.

Outdoor Pursuits

We wish all the best to our students and staff embarking this weekend on their journey to Uhuru Peak – summit of Mt Kilimanjaro at 5895 m !
The remaining Outdoor Pursuit trips for this quarter are either full or almost full. Please find below OP information for Quarter 2. Students have received an email to sign-up for Q2 trips if interested.

Swahili and culture lessons for UWCEA Teachers and Parents.

We as KIU company teach Swahili and Culture for foreigners and expatriates who live and work here  in Tanzania.

Our head quarter  is in Dar-es -salaam but we have other branches in Arusha, Iringa  and Zanzibar. We have an experience of teaching Swahili for foreigners Since 1988 working with different organizations  such as VSO ( British students overseas ), Peace corp  ( American volunteers), American  Embassy staff,  British High commissioner  staff, SNV and JICA and many many other organizations.

Please visit our web site <

In Arusha we offer classes at Sable Square at La Fiesta, but during our lesson time, we will ask each one of us to buy at least one soft drink as our donation for the premises, chairs and tables

Our price is usd 6, per hour, per person.

We can offer one lesson for a trial. If you will be happy to continue, you can pay for ten lessons, as this will help us to run our office needs such as learning materials and transport.

Swahili books for beginners are available for 35,000 tsh only.

– beginners, for those who are very new to Tanzania and for those who have lived here ate least for six month
– intermediate, for those who have lived here at least from one year and above and also who had an opportunity to learn the language somewhere else

Learning days: Thursday and Friday
– 2pm to 3 pm
– 3pm to 4 pm
– 4pm to 5 pm

Our proposal is 2 pm to 3 pm for parents and either 3pm to 4 pm or 4pm to 5 pm for teacher.



Contact : mobile no 0752 503366 and email address is

Regards, Rehema Riverson