Arusha Campus News – 16 Feb 2020

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 16th February 2020

The gallant Primary Ladies who travelled to Moshi to compete in this weekend’s Primary Sports Festival in Moshi. Also pictured is supercoach Mr R who yet again gave up his weekend to support our teams.

… and the boys were no less heroic!

Dear Parents

I found myself putting out a fire this week….as part of the fire training service that visited Arusha Campus earlier on this week. 

The weekend was all about the Primary Sports Weekend in Moshi. Yet another well organised event by Mr Marsh, Mr Cofer and co on that campus. Your children were superbly ambassadorial and many thanks to the large turnout of Arusha parents who turned out in numbers to support us. Finally, a big thanks to Mrs Bowen who with the help of Mr Ratsakatika and Mr Samwel was able to plan our events and accommodation.

We have lots to still look forward to this term, including the upcoming Arusha Climate Change Conference on 20th March which we will advertise in due course. 

Please remembver that this weekend we will be having our mid-term break. There will be no school on Friday 21st February nor Monday 24th February. We will close school as normal on Thursday, after our CCA programme.

Have a pleasant weekend.


From the Primary and Secondary School

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all MYP1-5 and DP1 day parents who have come to school on Thursday and participated in the student-led conferences and reflections we have organized in the secondary. It was a great opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and progress, while also setting goals for themselves for the remainder of the year.

Your feedback on the event submitted to MYP mentors is valuable to us and will be used to improve such learning opportunities in the future. The D1 student-led reflections with teachers we introduced this year also provided opportunities for reflection, goal setting and planning, while offering feedback about learning and teaching that we will use to improve our education programs.

Primary students are off for the weekend to our Moshi campus for the Sports Weekend, so we wish them good weather to play sports in and safe travels back to Arusha. Next week will be a day shorter due to the extended weekend, but still filled with learning activities, such as the MYP 1 interdisciplinary trip. Happy Valentines Day and have a relaxing weekend ahead!


PYP News

Twenty two Arusha students travelled to Moshi for the Primary Sports Weekend. All the students participated in touch rugby, swimming and football. Although we didn’t win the students played amazingly and had a great team spirit. Thank you for all the parental support and cheering.


St Valentine’s Day Share Time

P6 visit ECHO to support their plant unit

ECHO is an amazing NGO that outperfoms almost all other NGO’s in Tanzania in terms of actually making a difference! I urge you to find out more from this quick link below.

M1 learn about Design from Babu Daudi

In Design, M1 had a special guest this week. Daudi Peterson (above), author of the book Hadzabe: By the light of a million fires,  came to our class to share his knowledge of the Hadzabe way of life, culture and language with us.

Together with their Moshi counterparts, the M1 class will head to Lake Eyasi on 18-20 February to visit the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes as part of the IDU trip. During this trip, students will be able to make connections between their learning in the Individuals & Societies and Design classes when they explore how these tribes have adapted to their environments.

OP Level 1- Monduli Flat land

The Monduli flatlands hike was amazing!!! Together with students from Moshi, we started off our hike in the afternoon. We were all excited and anxious to get to our campsite. Initially we all were not worried about this OP trip because we were told it was a flat hike. It was not until we started passing through slopes though. We all started complaining but we still walked those slopes anyway.

After walking for ten kilometers we reached our campsite. We then put up our tents and made dinner. The best part was the night. We had a bonfire and we roasted marshmallows. We sang happy birthday to our dear friend Eun in M1 as he went around sharing brownies.

We had our sleep and the following day we walked back to where we had started. It was such a great experience being able to hike in Monduli and interact with the masai. It was also a great opportunity to be able to have people from the two campuses together. It was great being able to see the beautiful nature while hiking. In the end, we all felt really good about what our bodies are able to do. It was quite encouraging to know that our bodies have such great stamina. We all passed our Level one. Great job to everyone who took part.

Peace (D1)

Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor Pursuits Programme
Please note that there has been  a slight change to the Ngorongoro-Natron Level 4 hiking trip. It is now open to students from M4 to D2 (rather than M5-D2). Students can sign-up by clicking on this link:

Please find below the OP trips for the rest of the semester:

Concert at Alliance Française

Students, staff and parents are welcome to join the concert at Alliance Française on Wednesday 19 February to see two artists hailing from Senegal, Mali and Switzerland.

Noumoucounda was born in Dakar to a griot family. He likes to cross boundaries and mix traditional music (using his kora) with African rap. He has travelled around the world and collaborated with many well-known artists. Noumoucounda truly encapsulates a new genre of versatile and modern artist —the urban griot.

Thaïs Diarra is from both Mali and Switzerland and her music includes African traditional sounds and soul mixed with reggae. Her texts speak about hope and self-confidence, celebrate womanhood, femininity and sisterhood. She is dedicating her album to women of ambition that are still fighting for respect and equality, especially in Africa.

The school bus will leave at 6:20 pm from the school car park with a return around 10 pm. M4-D2 students have received an invitation email with Sign-up information and a permission form to print for day students. For more information, please contact Ms Flo

Black History Month

Black History Month is a month dedicated to the achievements, and actions of African Americans that were not recognized due to the whitewashing of our history. It is the remembrance of the black man’s struggle and perseverance, during a period when the color of one’s skin dictated the importance of a person in society. We celebrate black history month not only to reflect on how far we’ve come, but it is also to pave the way for where we’re going; a future in which history does not only portray the subjugation of the black man to the cruel systems that were slavery, colonialism, and racism. Instead, it is to shine a light on the misconceptions that purposely ignore the involvement of black people in various pivotal moments in history that only the white man was credited for. 

Join us, as we commemorate Black History Month!
#blackexcellence #BlackHistoryMonth

Anyone who’s interested, please let me know either via email or in person. Also, for those who would like tennis coaching, Arusha Campus has access to the best tennis coach in Arusha in Lembris. He’ll be on the tennis courts with his coaching team every Tuesday from 4:30pm-5:30pm. All UWCEA-Arusha parents and teachers are welcome to attend coaching sessions, all abilities welcome. Lembris charges a 10,000TSH pay as you play service so karibuni.

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