Arusha Campus News – 22 Dec 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Sunday 22nd December 2019

Hunter Scheltema’s amazing shot of Arusha Campus with Mt Meru towering over us on the left hand side.

Dear Parents

It’s the 22nd December and I think most of us have earned a well-deserved holiday! For obvious reasons it’s a time of reflection and a fond look back on the accomplishments of the year. I am pretty sure we can be quite proud of ourselves in this particular year. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day but sometimes I wonder if UWC East Africa Arusha Campus was!

This weekend I have been interviewing prospective teachers and one of the questions that interviewees often ask is ‘What is the Campus like?’ Of course its impossible to respond adequately. This time around I plagiarised two wonderful still shots from Hunter’s (M3) amazing drone footage of the campus this year. What a skilled lad Hunter is.

Anyway, the bottom line is – what a place to have to come to teach, to have to come and study or to have to drop your kids off every day!

Happy Christmas everyone.


Last Assembly of 2019

The P2/3 rendition of the Gummy Bears Song presented an opportunity for Messrs Anderson, Emond, Brandon, Alfie and Sho to highlight their dancing skills. Unfortunately they passed the opportunity by and were totally outshone by their Primary counterparts! Keep practising boys!

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a familiar stage presence on the far left. Yes that’s right, former ISMAC Queen of the Stage Miss Arora was back in town for the event!

PYP News!

Thank you to everybody for a successful Quarter 2!  Keep singing silly songs, reading lots of books together and chatting as a family. I wish you a safe and happy holiday. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7.55am.

Talking: why more talk is better

Talking with your child can help their language and communication development. The more you talk the better.

This is because parents who talk a lot to their young children use lots of different sounds and words. When children hear more words and lots of different words, it improves their understanding of language. It also increases the number and variety of words that they understand and use.

Talking with children helps their brains develop and can help children do better at school when they’re older.

Talking doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can talk to your child about hanging out the washing, preparing meals or whatever is happening around you. For example, you’re outside with your child and she points to a tree. You could say, ‘It’s a great big enormous tree, isn’t it? I wonder what kind of animals live in that tree?

By communicating back and forth with your child in a warm and gentle way, you’re creating and sharing experiences together. This strengthens your relationship with your child and helps your child learn more about the world at the same time.

Tips for talking with children

Reduce distractions. Turn off the TV or computer or do whatever helps you to just ‘be present’ to talk to your child.

Notice what your child is interested in, ask a question or make a comment, and then give your child time to respond. For example, at dinner time you talk about where the food comes from.

Be interesting

Talk to your child about things they are interested in – for example, what grandpa might be doing today, a story you’ve read together, or something that’s happening outside.

Talk about an experience you shared – for example, ‘It’s sunny today. But remember how wet we got on the way home yesterday? Your socks were soaked!’

Use lots of expression to make your conversation interesting and engaging. What you talk about doesn’t matter as much as how you talk about it.

If you use complex words, explain them and build on them by using lots of descriptive words. For example, ‘We’re going to see the paediatrician – that’s a special doctor who knows all about babies and children’.

Talk about the pictures in books, wonder out loud what might happen next in the story, point out words and letters, and let your child touch and hold the book and turn the pages. You can make up your own stories to go with the pictures in the book.

Sing songs and rhymes in the car, at bedtime – even if it’s off-key.

Adapted from


Top of the Pops

Last week, every Primary Class chose a song to which they lip-synced in order to entertain us. Everyone was a star on stage – includiing the teachers and support staff!

Plastic Unwrapped

Sophie-Dorothe enlightened the P5 class with her plastic unwrapped talk.

We were visited this week by Sophie-Dorothe who was a former student of ours in the year that we moved to Arusha Campus. She recollected how the Campus did not boast a single tree and was a field of dust! Her reminiscing was shared with Mama Christine who remembers teaching her!

Sophie-Dorothe is now conducting research on a global scale for Plastic Unwrapped and took time this week to talk to P5 and also to the D1 Environmental Systems and Societies class.

Diploma News

As we move toward the December break, I would like to remind the D2 students that Mock Examinations are coming up quickly. These will start on Wednesday January 15th 2020. All students are expected to be here on the 14th as it will be their last chance to review with their teachers. This is a very exciting time for the D2 students as their final exams are only 4 months away. Keep the end goal in mind!

If there are any questions I will be available over the holidays.

Remember: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!


Plasterhouse take on UWC East Africa Arusha Under 11’s

…and the winners were…….PLASTERHOUSE!

Well done to everybody for the good natured game and congratulations to Plasterhouse for taking away this year’s trophy! A bg thank you too to Brandon, Bram and Campbell from D1, Haitham, (M1), Santi (M2) and Natalia (M3) for co-ordinating the event!

Christmas Symmetry

Some of the creative maths going on M1-M3 this week involved investigating the symmetry of Christmas decorations 

Swimming at UWC East Africa Arusha

ISTA Trip to Cairo

Once again, the outstanding opportunity for attending an International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) festival is here! For those new to ISTA, it is a theatre organisation based in the UK which ties in strongly with IB concepts and learning as well as having a goal to connect young people across the world, giving opportunities to increase creativity and problem-solving skills.

This year the Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt will be hosting a Middle School festival 12-15th March 2020. The age limit for Middle School is 10-14 years old, but minimum class level is M1. It is likely that travel dates would be 11-15th March to include travel to Nairobi International Airport via Riverside Shuttle. Students will board in homestay accommodation with families from the host school. The total cost of the trip is estimated below and includes:

1. ISTA Registration Fees (includes t-shirt)
2. Airport transfers (in Cairo and Riverside Shuttle)
3. Cultural Excursion (Khan el-Khalili Bazaar – the old sprawling souq/market in an old Cairo area)
4. Airfare return from NBO to Cairo International Airport
5. Food/Boarding + 1 night Holiday Inn hotel for arrival 11th March.

Group of 10 students = approximately $1,200
Group of 15 students = approximately $1,100
Group of 20 students = approximately $1,050

These costs are with a maximum of 20 students and 2 chaperone teachers attending. If numbers surpass 20, then more chaperones will be needed and costs may vary.

Potential extra costs may include a small fee to tour the pyramids outside Cairo on 11th March.

Please contact Mr Dixon and Ms Willett if interested by Friday, 20th December to reserve a place on this trip. Final payments will be due by Friday, 17th January.

Thank you!

Tyler Dixon
Head of Arts
Arusha Campus

Christy Willet
Head of Language A
Arusha Campus

Piano Lessons

Gabriel Kalamata is an independent music teacher with many years of experience of teaching music theory/piano. He follows the ABRSM (The Exam Board of Royal School of Music.
Curriculum from the UK whereby students  can learn music theory and practical of piano lessons from grade 1-8.
Piano students can take part of ABRSM exam once a year.
This is not compulsory; Its up to the student’s decision. There are few spaces currently available for piano lessons.

Tuesday 2;30-3;30 pm
Wednesday 2;30-4;30 pm

Contact Gabriel through Main Reception.

Anyone want a cat?

Ida (D1) and the most beautiful Residence Cat! Unfortunately, the Residence can no longer support the cat in spite of its cute good looks and lfriendly temperament. If you would like a cat then please see Phil or Caroline or Ida in Main Reception!