Arusha Campus News – 26 Nov 2019

Arusha Campus Newsletter Tuesday 26th November 2019

Al makes a match winning penalty save in the U19 Boys’ competition

Dear Parents

The Arusha U15 rugby team prepare for their next challenge at Sports Weekend

Apologies for the late production of this week’s newsletter.  It comes to you on the back of yet another superb Moshi Sports Weekend. Congratulations to my counterpart Mr Cofer and Head of PE Mr Marsh for co-ordinating an amazing event. This newsletter is punctuated with photos of the event. The photos are wonderful and come to us courtesy of Jody Swanson (Mama Indya) who snapped away through the rain to bring us such great memories. Thanks Jody.

As we enter the final four weeks of the semester, I would like to draw your attention to a number of key dates and events that are coming up.

Tuesday 3rd December – International Disability Day (Chris Waddell visits UWCEA Arusha)

Monday 9th December – Independence Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 11th December – UWC East Africa Arusha Open Day

Thursday 12th December – School of Rock

Friday 13th December – School of Rock

Tuesday 17th December – Top of the Pops

Friday 20th December – Last day of term

We clearly have a busy few weeks ahead!


Mr R, our Head of PE, takes a moment out to indulge in an ice cream!

Emmanuel ties the knot!

Our Purchasing Officer, Emmanuel is pictured with his bride on their wedding day last week. Hongera Ema and best of luck for the happy years ahead!

PYP News!

P5 learned about the different viewpoints of migration from Mark Blackett.

This week many of the classes are finishing off Unit 2. We celebrated the P6’s circuits, P5’s musical skills and Swahili sentences, and the P4’s science experiments. What a fantastic way to end a week!

Why Read at home?

“Parents make the greatest difference to achievement through supporting their child’s learning in the home rather than supporting activities in school.”
(National Literacy Trust)

Regular reading at home leads to a child improving as a reader faster. However, we appreciate the challenge of juggling family life with home learning! We hope the following information and ideas will make it easier.

When to read?

Family life can be frantic and the list of jobs to be done can seem never ending! Often reading with your child is one job that gets pushed aside. But reading can be done anytime, anywhere. Below are some ways you can squeeze in some reading time:

Siblings reading to each other – can they read a younger sibling’s bedtime story?
Your child can read to anyone – aunt, uncle, friend, neighbour, another pupil etc.
You can read the road signs to each other, posters or adverts displayed on shop windows.
Use sub-titles on the TV and turn the sound off (although you may not be very popular!)
Your child can read the shopping list to you as you shop.
Your child can read the school letters to you that are sent home.
Can they read the note you’ve left them on the fridge?

How do I help my child to read?

Read with them little and often.
Model a good reader – read newspapers, bedtime stories, visit the school library, ENJOY READING!
Prompt children on a range of skills they can use to understand the text: looking for any picture clues, sounding out any unknown words, reading around the sentence to try and find the meaning of a word, predicting what they think will happen.
Allow them to read books or comics they are interested in.
Play some reading games with the children.


Caedmon and Sholto climb above a beleagured opponent to claim the frisbee!

EC Visit the Snake Park

Alma shows a wicked turn of pace to take on the opposition defence.

PYP Share Time

Our P4 class presented their understanding of the scientific method this week during a science fair share time. Each student went through an amazing process of; learning the scientific method, deciding on a question of inquiry that reflected personal interest, creating a method to experiment/test hypotheses and communicating their results and conclusions. This was the culmination of our unit inquiring into How the World Works. Fantastic work demonstrating what it means to be knowledgeable inquirers!

And pictured below are our super musicians from the same share time!

Jessica shows guile to evade her marker on an increasingly muddy pitch

P6 Light Up UWC East Africa!

The photos above do not do justice to the truly spectacular light exhbition put on by P6 this week. P6 showed off the beautiful Electrical Art Work. Showing where we use electricity in everyday life, with simple circuits to light up their artwork.

Seka Educational Theatre

Matilda takes a ride whilst at the Seka Educational Theatre Workshop.

The M4 and M5 classes were lucky to be invited to a performance and drama workshop at SCIS on Thursday. Seka Educational Theatre from Zambia put on a great physical theatre performance which everyone enjoyed. After the performance, students were grouped with the actors and learned to act like elephants, giraffes, baboons, lions, etc. Thanks to SCIS, Seka Theatre and Mr. Dixon for arranging this great experience.

Chris Waddell is coming to UWC East Africa Arusha!

Circle of Life at Braeburn

P4, P5 and P6 were entertained at the Braeburn concert ‘The Circle of Life’. Thank you Braeburn for inviting us.