Arusha Campus News – 9 Jul 2022

Arusha Campus Holiday Newsletter Saturday 9th July 2022

Hongera Rosalia!!! 


Dear Parents

Rugby School, above – a prestigious school in England now offering the IB Diploma

An impromptu bulletin for everyone during our holidays! This is partly to share the amazing news that our IB Diploma results 2022 have been published and on the whole they were very, very good indeed! Too many success stories to mention individuals by name apart from our very own Rosalia, from Tanzania, who accrued an amazing 45 points! This constitutes the maximum awardable at the Diploma and no wonder Princetown University offered her a scholarship for her bachelors degree course! Well done Rosalia.

I would also like to congratulate all of our Diploma teachers on a super set of results and most particulalrly to Miss Nathalie who is our Diploma Co-ordinator. No-one works harder, or is more conscientious about her job to ensure our Diploma students achieve the very best that they can. How lucky we are to have Nathalie to lead us to these sorts of results. Thank you Miss Vignard!

I have been visiting Rugby School (image above) in the United Kingdom and chatting to their IB Co-ordinator about the programme development in their school. It is always useful to visit other high calibre establishments around the world to gauge where we are on an international level.

Our new teachers are preparing to arrive in Tanzania to start their UWC East Africa careers and in this newsletter I introduce Thomas Roman (Art) and Aleh Koba (Theatre).

Also, a brief reminder about some of the items that you may require to bring with you in anticiaption of the start of the new academic year.

Finally, a reminder to all those parents who have yet to clear their fees for the academic year 2021/22. We cannot physically input you into our enrolment system until your fees are zeroed and I am concerned, as there has been significant interest from new enrolees and some classes are almost full.

Have a super holiday wherever you are,


Meet the new teachers – Thomas Roman (Visual Art)

My name is Thomas and I am a passionate Visual Arts teacher originally from India with experience of facilitating and collaborating with students from various parts of the world. Beside painting and sculpture, my areas of interest are graphics design, product design and Film making.

My son Zion who loves playing basketball and football will be accompanying me. He likes travelling and exploring new places.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Meet the new teachers – Aleh Koba (Theatre)

My name is Aleh Koba and I bring to UWCEA exceptional education, experience, and passion for drama and filmmaking. Originally from Ukraine, I graduated from the Academy of Arts with a Master of Arts Degree in Theatre Directing and Drama Teaching. I also studied Contemporary Film Genres in Norway, Individual and Group Coaching in the Netherlands and Human Rights in Romania. My vast experience comes from more than 15 years as a performer, theatre director, and drama teacher in Ukraine, Belarus, China, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, and the Czech Republic. One of my great passions is for documentaries and I encourage all of my students to try their hand in film production.

Dates for the Diary

Monday 15th August 2022 – First Day back at School

Diploma Students require a Graphing Calculator

A short reminder that ALL Diploma students will require a graphing calculator regardless of which Maths DP course they will be selecting.

The recommended model is this one above, the TI-84 Plus or the TI-84 Plus CE

Please bring the required PE Kit

Yannick is modelling the correct short type above!

Please note that we have a required uniform for PE lessons and team representational events. The purple Rhinos t-shirts are available at the school reception but the black shorts will need to be purchased by you. They are not available at the office and we advise that families try and procure these in advance. 

Plain black shorts or leggings are acceptable.