Moshi Campus News – 18 Feb 2024

Moshi Campus News – 18 February 2024


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Jane Goodall

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From the Counselors

A Wild Week

This week I have spent time with a diploma project week group as they learned more about the rhino and wild dog breeding programs at Mkomazi national park. One surprising fact to me was what a large proportion of the wild dog population in East Africa comes from this program with over 220 animals (over 25%) re-introduced to the wild.

From the conversations I have heard since returning, the Week-Without-Walls for the MYP and Project Week for the Diploma provided our students with the opportunities we wanted. For them to expand their learning outside of the classroom and have experiences that will enrich their learning and time in school. From what I hear, the PYP also had a good week with all children enjoying a visit to the mobile planetarium and the older primary children going on a hike in the local coffee fields.

This is a short week with classes Monday through Wednesday, then we head into the long weekend break and classes restart on the 28th. Due to this the next newsletter will be the weekend of March 1st. As always please keep an eye on the calendar for all events coming up.

Bob Cofer – Head of Campus

Upcoming Events

Swim Galas

Please note in your calendar that the PYP NTSAA Swim Gala at Arusha Campus is Friday March 1st. The secondary Swim Gala will be on Saturday March 2nd also at Arusha Campus.


80’s Valentine’s Dance

A huge thanks to everyone that came to the party like it’s the 80s event. This event helped to support our fundraising efforts for our scholarships. This joins our funds from other events like the 24-Hr run to make the UWC East Africa Community Scholarship Fund. This fund is part of what contributes to the Dare to Dream matched funding by Shelby Davis and so contributions by our community go even further. 

A special thanks to our sponsors shown besides as well as AMEG, Aleems, and Galacci Art. Their contributions to this event helped us to raise more money through the silent auction and raffles. I would also thank those that bid on each item helping us to maximize the contibutions of the sponsors.

One Day – Two Events

Please come join us on Friday March 1st. On this day we will have the KCMC Blood Drive and the Farmers’ Market. It is a great opportunity to give blood and shop from local organizations.

Jane Goodall

Yesterday Jane Goodall spoke at our Arusha Campus. We were lucky that she was able to join us on Saturday morning with Roots and Shoots groups from four other schools. We are hopeful that in a future visit to the area she will be able to come to Moshi Campus. Personally, I was amazed when she shared that she is on the road 300 days a year.

In her talk she shared some of her experiences growing up that led her to this career and some relevant words of wisdom. One was that we can make the choice to make the world a little better each day or not, and those choices mean a lot when added together. The second was that she talked about how she approaches people about environmental concerns. She said that confrontation rarely changes people’s minds and that she uses stories to reach their hearts and make a lasting personal impact. Overall she had a positive message, but one that required cooperation and positive individual contributions.

MYP News

It has been quite an adventurous week for everyone on campus! Our MYP students just got back from their Week Without Walls trips and are ready to get back into their routines as of Monday. Below is a sample from the week. More in the next newsletter.

A big thank you to all teachers and staff members who accompanied the students and maintained an amazing communication channel with us. A big thank you to parents and guardians who continue to support our experiential learning values and for all the excitement that was shown and communicated this week.

Welcome back everyone! The school is definitely empty without all of you!

MYP Dates to Remember:

  • February 22nd to 27th – Long Weekend
  • March 4th to 8th – Book Week
  • March 12th to 14th – M5 Mock Assessments
  • March 19th – Secondary PTC Day 1 (1:00-5:00)
  • March 21st – Secondary PTC Day 2 (7:30-11:00)
  • April 17th – All-day set up for PP M5
  • April 18th – PPX
  • April 30th to May 3rd – MYP MAP Tests Round 2
  • May 6th to 17th – MYP e-Assessments

Farah Fawaz – MYP Coordinator

Week Without Walls 2024

Diploma News

It has been a different week for diploma students.

For D2 students, they had the mock examinations. These are a chance for them to experience the procedures and style of the actual examinations in May. The teachers will mark the papers and give feedback to the students. The feedback is not just about the content but also about the way students handled the examinations – did they use the reading time well, did they manage their time properly etc. Students should be reflecting on the examinations with the help of residential parents – what went well, what could have gone better, what they will do differently. A mock report will be issued after the long weekend with the grades they have achieved.

For D1 students it was project week. I have had brief updates during the week from most groups and I am looking forward to hearing more over the next few days. The picture is of one group learning about the rhino conservation with a secondary school near the sanctuary. More details will be shared in a future newsletter. Thanks go to Dr Wade, Ms Farah, Mr Ian and Mr Cofer who accompanied groups as well as all other supervisors who have been helping students through the process. The students have all learned new skills during this time.

Margaret Brunt – Diploma Coordinator

PYP News

Thursday’s visit by the Kilimanjaro Planetarium was a huge success and our friends at the Daycare centre also enjoyed the experience (see photo). Congratulations to P6 on their Primary Gathering presentation on Friday. We are all looking forward to seeing their Exhibition on March 20th and 21st. Book Week is just around the corner (4th – 8th March) so the children should be thinking of a book character costume to wear on the Monday and a fun place to be photographed reading for the Get Caught Reading photo board (send photos to Please note that school will finish on Wednesday 21st February for the long weekend and the children will return to school the following Wednesday, 28th February. Clubs will take place as normal on all days that school is in session.

Deborah Mills – PYP Coordinator

EC/P1 Class

This week we said goodbye to Ms. Maylinn. She has been a risk-taker, open-minded, caring, balanced, and an avid inquirer. She has made a lasting impact in our class, working with everyone calmly, carefully, and with empathy. She has shared her ideas freely and answered numerous questions posed to her by the children. The children said their goodbyes. One student said, ‘I wish you would stay but I know that you have to go to your home and your school. We will miss you and wish you come back again to visit us. This is our collective wish. Thank you Maylinn.

The coming week has three days in it. Apart from normal activities, we will be working on adding to our Jurassic World as well as completing dinosaur art for our coming primary gathering during Book Week. Please do not forget to use the holiday time to take ‘Get Caught Reading’ photos.

Mboka Mwasongwe

P2/3 Class

3, 2, 1, Blast off! We had such a wonderful time jumping into the Space section of our Exploration unit. Before going for our Planetarium visit, we discussed how the stars, sun and moon were used by explorers before they had more sophisticated tools. We watched the awesome scene from the movie Moana when she discovers her cultures deep connection and impressive skills at navigation. From there, we considered constellations. Students wrote their questions about stars and we discussed them one-by-one on Friday. In our short week ahead, we will look at the moon and the sun. After the long weekend, we will be thinking about the solar system and its planets.

We are grateful to Megan Morris for bringing a tray full of cookies and bags of pretty icing on Valentine’s Day for us to decorate. It was a delicious treat!

I’ve reminded the class that Book Week will soon be upon us. Please take some time to talk about Book Character costumes for Monday, March 4th and also be sure to snap a Get Caught Reading photo of your child reading. These are two of my favorite traditions at this school!

Kacey Buckley

P4/5 Class

Thank you to Megan for bringing in cookies for the class to decorate for Valentine’s Day – what a kind gesture! Wednesday’s hike was a lovely experience. We enjoyed walking through the coffee fields and eating our snack beside the river. Coach Sabini was kind enough to let the children enjoy an extra swim class on our return to school.  On Thursday, we were lucky enough to visit the mobile Kilimanjaro Planetarium. It was exciting and relaxing, lying down inside a darkened inflatable dome whilst different planets and moons were projected onto the ceiling. Our in class focus this week has been making a to scale map of the PYP residential garden and learning to use a compass. Next week is a short week as school will finish on Wednesday. We will finish our maps and will complete our maths work on grams and kilograms.

Deborah Mills

P6 Class

Our week was a magnificent blend of curiosity, awe, and a deep understanding of the need to care for our incredible planet. Last Wednesday, P6 and P4/5 embarked on an off-campus adventure led by Ms. Deborah, involving an exciting 3.5-hour hike. We explored the surrounding areas, crossed an exhilarating footbridge, and completed a scavenger hunt. After working up a sweat, we gathered by the river on the rocks where we shared lots of laughter and break time together.

Thursday was truly out of this world, as the universe visited our school through an exciting planetarium experience in K-Hall. We marveled at the magic of our solar system and peered through a telescope powerful enough to reveal the beauty of the stars. This cosmic experience served as a reminder of Earth’s smallness in the vastness of space and highlighted the preciousness of our planet in sustaining life. It instilled in us the crucial role of being custodians of the earth. Thank you to Ms. Kacey for organizing it.

Finally, on Friday, P6 had the pleasure of presenting their PYPX Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry at the Primary Gathering, also singing “Imagine” in French.

It has been a week filled with awe-inspiring exploration that reflected our Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘Sharing the Planet’ and fostered a renewed commitment to cherish and safeguard our remarkable planet.

Natasha Berri

From the Counselors

Preparing for what comes next

As the offers keep coming in for the members of the Class of 2024 (and some members from the Class of 2023 currently on a Gap Year), we are entering a new phase in the post-secondary process that requires organization and reaching out to the experts who are in the best position to assist with the inquiries that arise at this time of year.

Financial aid packages are arriving, which include a lot of information that can be confusing. For many, a conversation with the right person could provide much needed clarity. Please feel free to reach out to the admissions or financial aid office of the institution you have received an offer from if you have questions about the financial aid package and how much of the “Cost of Attendance” it will cover. In addition, many are starting to realize that their Visa process may take some time, and would like some clarity on how the process works. We have scheduled a session with the experts at the US Consulate’s Office in Dar Es Salaam who will provide a webinar for us on 29 February to walk students, and parents, through the US F-1 Student Visa process. We invite you to join, and bring your questions so that the experts can provide you with the information you need to proceed.

Still seeking professionals for our Careers Symposium in March

Speaking of experts, we are still seeking members of our community who are willing to be part of our Careers Symposium in March. Our M5 and D1 students are excited to learn more about a variety of careers from the experts currently in the professional world. If you, or someone you know, is interested in being a part of this important annual event, please complete the form below, and we will follow up with you soon.

Form to complete if interested in participating in the 2024 UWCEA Careers Symposium:

Don’t forget to check out the UWCEA Careers website calendar for other upcoming events including…

UPCOMING College and University Events

  • 18 February: 8PM-1AM EAT NACAC virtual international Fair (first major virtual fair of this year)
  • 20 February: 2:00-4:00 PM EAT Solid Education #19 Universities Education Fair (Australia, Canada, Germany, Poland, UAE, UK, & US reps) Mount Meru Hotel
  • 29 February: 4:00-5:00 PM EAT US Consulate in Tanzania will present an overview of the US F-1 Student Visa process (virtual)
  • 13 March: 7:30 PM EAT Class of 2025 Parent/Guardian meeting: Preparing for the pursuit of post-secondary opportunities (Part I)
  • 21 March: 7:45-10 AM M5/D1 Careers Symposium and D2 Post-Secondary Planning Fair
  • 26 March: 1-4PM CIS University Exploration Fair (Africa) – virtual (advance registration required) Link: